FASHION: Holiday Wardrobe Essentials.

For once after being a bit of a Moaning Murtle year after year regarding the fact I have no appropriate clothes for warmer weather, I am finally taking action and beginning to purchase some bits and pieces! SHOCK . I’ve come to the realisation that I cannot get away with living in jeans or jeggings all through summer because sometimes, the UK is good to us and provides with a little bit of sunshine!  With that being said I have found myself doing  A LOT of browsing online on various websites, booking marking a lot of different items I’d like to get to update my summer wardrobe! The following are just a few bits and pieces I have picked out that I feel would make good additions & would work well here in the UK when the sun is shining & also when I go away on holiday later in the year! 

I am quite short so I do struggle to find maxi dresses to suit me. I always have to head to the petite section! I’m lucky that petite ranges are becoming more of thing, so I have more of variety of styles to choose from!  Despite the struggle to find them,I do like maxi dresses as you can literally throw them on, whack on a pair of sandals, slap on some Factor 30 & you are good to go. Perfect for evenings on holibobs! Denim shorts are a summer staple. I don’t actually have any pairs that fit me anymore *sob* so a new pair is definitely needed, sticking to my comfort zone of denim but without the leg suffocation skinny jeans bring in the warmer months! I think the floral shorts make a nice addition for when it’s warm & you have something a bit fancier to go to, pair with a nice cami top and you are ready to go. The lightweight fabric makes them ideal to take away on holiday too.

Playsuits are a summer essential for me, more so when I go away on holiday, but there are some really nice ones available that would also be UK Summer appropriate. This one from Lipsy is so pretty. I love the detailing! This year I’ve become a bit of a fan of the ol’ espadrille shoe too! I did have a black pair but they fell apart, so instead I’m eyeing up these pretty lace ones! I think they make a nice change from wearing my converse in the summer, which can get a bit hot!

There are probably a lot more holiday bits I’ll end up purchasing before we go away/during the summer months but these are a couple of items I will be sure to make sure I have in my suitcase this year! 

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials? 

FASHION: Butterfly Twist Windsor Wellies


Yes, we are in a heatwave, Yes it appears summer has arrived, however we saw the rain at Download. We saw the rain at Glastonbury. With many other festivals still to take place throughout the summer months, & the UK's weather is known to be unpredictable the last thing you want to do is be caught out with inappropriate footwear. You need the festival essential that is a pair of wellies.

When Butterfly twists asked if I wanted to feature another style of shoe from their brand I of course said yes. You may remember the Gabriella dalmatian fold up flats I blogged about a few months ago, that I was a huge fan of. Well Butterfly Twist offer other styles, and of course the most fitting for festival season are their wellies that have the flexibility to fold up! There are 3 different styles to choose from in multiple colour ways. The Carlise - a mock croc boot available in 3 classic colours. The Eton - a shorter ankle boot style available in 5 different colourways. Finally The Windsor - A taller version of the Eton but available in 9 different colours. I decided to pick the latter in a simple grey and black combination. I figured as most of my clothing is black it would be be wrong to shy away from my favourite colours ;-)

If you aren't wearing your wellies to your destination, I think you will agree that they do take up a bit of space. They are a bit bulky to lug around. The wellies from Butterfly twists are lightweight and flexible making them really easy to fold over and store in the little drawstring bag that gets sent with them. Thus  making them more compact & take up a lot less room. Also handy for after the festival if there is mud.... keep that mud contained and don't ruin the inside of your car! 

Unlike other brands that offer stylish wellies, the ones from Butterfly Twist are really affordable, with the most expensive pair being £60. For a pair of boots that will keep my feet warm in the rain and snow (I realise its July and talking about snow sounds ridiculous, but you know I've got to express my thoughts and opinions all all aspects of welly wearing! haha) The fabric band at the top of the Windsors are a god send, especially if you are wearing the boots to a festival with a cute summer dress or some cut off jeans. I really hate it when the tops of the wellies rub your legs! It's so frustrating. With these I dont even need to worry about getting wellie socks to protect myself. Win Win!

Will you be taking a pair of fold up wellies to your next festival? When the weather is so unpredicable its worth making sure you have something like this on standby, not worth getting your converse caked in mud and ruined! I'm going to Reading Festival this year and these will definitely be on my feet if it's chucking down with rain!

Much Love,

BEAUTY : Healthy beauty tips for women.


What makes a woman beautiful is the healthy practices that she follows and not just the mere color of her skin. Whether you want use a few creams or take better care of your health by adopting the right lifestyle is entirely upto you. Either way, here are a few tips that can really help you in the long run;

1) Drink plenty of water: This one of the most effective beauty tips you could follow on a daily basis. By consuming enough water, you can forget all about your skin and complexion problems. Water helps hydrate your skin, relaxes your mind, keeps away those wrinkles and fine lines and has many other benefits.

2) Eat the right food: Food also plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin. Eat as much legumes, fruits, vegetables, eggs and lean meat as possible which helps keeps you healthy and strong.

3) Relax: There is no point in stressing. Try to find ways in which you can keep the stress under control and keep yourself engaged in fun activities online. GameVillage Bingo is an online gaming site that provides for a rich selection of games and keeps you entertained almost every minute. 

4) Adopt a new exercise: Exercising is not all about dropping the weight. Regular exercise gives you a healthy, glowing look; helps you to be more positive; keeps your mind busy and helps you to concentrate better on whatever it is you are doing.

5) Sufficient sleep: What many women fail to realize is that sleeping also plays a major part in maintaining healthy skin. Good amount of sleep is a must to a healthy skin. Make sure you get sound sleep and relax your mind fully. Try to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep everyday.

Hope these tips have helped you in more ways than one. Now, there is nothing that can stop from being the most beautiful girl you know!

Much love

BEAUTY: Yes to Carrots rich moisturising day cream Review

Yes to Carrots rich moisturising day cream review

Long time readers will know that I tend to keep my skincare routine pretty simple. I stick to what I know and don't tend to experiment too much. Why try to fix something that isn't broken? However when I a package popped through my door with a selection of products from Yes to in it, I thought i'd break the rules a little and try a few new bits. You would have read my thoughts on the Yes to Cucumber cleansing gel in my Cleansers on trial blog post. If you haven't read that then, you can do that here, but another stand out product from the brand has to be the Yest to Carrots rich moisturising day cream. The Yes to Carrots range was the original of the Yes to family, over time they have grown and produced a lot of other ranges, leaving us with multiple products to try depending on how our skin behaves. My skin is pretty normal, with the odd dry patch here and there so the Yes to Carrots is perfect for me. Yes to Cucumber products are suitable for Sensitive Skin. Yes to Grapefruit is suitable for uneven skin. Yes to Tomatoes products are for those with Combination skin. Yes to Coconut is a range for those wanting to hydrate and restore their skin and finally Yes to Blueberries is for those who have fine lines and wrinkles. So as you can see they have everyone covered! Don't you just love it when a brand does that!
So onto the Rich Moisturising day cream* from the Carrot range. For those of you who like mostly natural products and those that are cruelty free, this is a brand for you. All the ranges include at least 95% natural ingredients. The following in particular can be found in this moisturiser... Carrots which are a natural antioxidant which will protect your skin. Shea Butter, which restores your skins suppleness and improves the appearance of dry skin. Sweet Almond Oil which acts as a brilliant natural moisturiser and Avacado which provides a natural source of Amino acides, vitamins A, D & E and finally potassium. All ingredients known to help protect and nourish the skin. Knowing that this is what goes into the moisturiser, there's no wonder that my skin feels amazing after using it. The product itself comes out in a medium consistency, which sinks in to your skin relatively quickly. I sometimes suffer with dry patches around my nose, since using this moisturiser daily, those patches have not made an appearance which is nice!

I really like the packaging of the product, the see through plastic enables me to see when I am running low. The pump dispenser makes it hygienic to use, and gives me control on how much I would like to dispense (Lets just think to what it's like using products without a pump...Estee Lauder doublewear anyone - yep lots of wastage) No wastage here! It retails for £9.99 I believe (Unless on offer) Which for a day cream I feel is pretty reasonable, especially as it works so well on my skin in particular. It's definitely one I will be repurchasing and recommending to my friends. In fact I had a few work colleagues over and ended up recommending it to them, what did they do? Go and have a little Yes To shopping session in boots that weekend!

Had you heard of any of these Yes To ranges before? Perhaps you've tried them. Let me know down in the comments! 

Much love, 

BLOGGING: 100 blog post ideas for every blogger.


Writers block, it happens to the best of us. Maybe you've had a bit of a break and are getting back into blogging. Perhaps you've been on an absolute mission blog post wise and you've hit a brick wall when it comes to ideas. Maybe you just need a back up list of post titles to keep you going when the motivation isnt there.. if you find yourself agreeing to any of these points then this is the blog post for you.. Lets get stuck in shall we?

1. A day in the life - Give an insight to your daily routine.
2. What I ate in a day. - Self explanitory!
3. Share your Top 5 _____  for _____
4. Discuss things to do in ______
5.  Link to the music artists you are currently listening to.
6. Compile a list of books you would like to read. 
7. A desk tour / Where I blog tour. 
8. Discuss why you started blogging. 
9. Share 25 facts about yourself that people may not know. 
10. Give us an insight to your bucket list if you have one. 

11. Create a makeup wishlist - beauty bloggers there must be products you are lusting after.  
12. A week in outfits - One for the fashion bloggers.  
13. Share some no heat hair styles if you know any for those trying to be kinder to their hair 
14. Talk about visiting _______ on a budget 
15. Share your blogging goals for the month - A good one for the start of the month
16. Link to the instagram accounts you're enjoying
17. Brand Focus posts - This could relate to any niche depending what you want to talk about.
18.  Explore where you live and share the things  you can do in your town/city for free.
19. Discuss who inspires you in blogging/life/career
20. Travel destinations you would like to visit. 

21. Talk about the beauty products you didn't get on with. 
22.  Voice the Fashion trends you just don't understand 
23. Do you have methods to help you relax/de stress? Share them!
24. Let us know the countries you've visited, would you recommend them?
25. Share the pros and cons you've discovered when it comes to writing a blog.
26. Review the service from an online retailer/store you recently purchased something from. 
27.Are there products that are worth the hype they get? Talk about them. 
28. Do mini reviews of products compiled in one post rather than individually.
29.First impressions posts - This can relate to all kinds of items and activities!
30. Facing your fears - Do you have a fear and want to conquer it? 

31. Do you have a favourite recipe you like to cook? Share it! 
32. Are you into fitness? Share your current routine.
33. Talk about your dreams for the future.
34. Share your favourite apps for blogging.
35. Write about your pet. 
36. Style evolution - Take a trip down memory line and see how much your style has changed.
37. Interview another blogger. 
38. List your favourite inspirational quotes. 
39. Compile a list of beauty dupes. 
40. 5 ways to style __________

41. Fancy trying a new hobby? Pick something to do and document it. 
42. Create a how-to guide for something you are passionate about.
43. Talk about the best bit of advice you've been given.
44. Fashion bloggers, share your style staples for the season.
45. Share your healthy snack ideas. 
46. Recommend TV shows worth the Netflix Binge on the weekend.
47. Seen a tag post you like the look of? Give us your answers. 
48. Try a 30 day challenge & document it. 
49. Do you have a soundcloud/Spotify playlist? Share it! 
50. Share some of your favourite posts by other bloggers.


51. The classic, 'What's in my handbag' post.
52. Talk about an event you recently attended.
53. Review a book you recently read. 
54. Put together a round up of your most popular blog posts
55. Share a list of essentials for blogging/travel/youtube/parenting
56. Take inspo from Buzzfeed and 'live blog' a TV Show
57. Host a giveaway for your readers.
58. Share your tips for saving money.
59. Test out Pinterest DIYs
60. Round up your favourite Snapchat accounts to follow.

61. Write a colour themed blog post
62. Are you proud of your home/bedroom/office - Give us a tour
63. Discuss a pet peeve you may have. 
64. Talk about a tradition you have in your family.
65. Put together outfits inspired by celebrities looks
66. A photo diary for your holiday - Make your readers want to book a trip away!
67. A you the King/Queen of flat lays? - Share some tips. 
68. Share what you think makes a perfect guys/girls day out?
69. Do you love jewellery? Put together a wishlist.
70. Tell us why you love being a blogger.

71. Ask for Q&A questions on one of your social media channels & answer them in a post.
72. Wanderlust - talk about the places you'd like to visit around the world.
73. Share some advice you think your readers would find worthwhile.
74.  Your handbag/jewellery/shoes/sunglasses collection
75. List the things that make you happy.
76. Share your seasonal essentials, this could apply to clothing/products/recipes
77. Watched any good films recently? Review them on your blog.
78. Share your daily/morning/evening routines.
79. Ate somewhere recently that was awesome? Post about it!
80. Had a bad experience somewhere? Rant away..

81. Are you a really tidy and organised person? Share your tips!
82. Do you have some favourite apps on your phone? Let us know.
83. Do you have pets? Introduce them to your readers.
84. A monthly round up of all the posts you've published that month just incase anyone missed them.
85.Have a look online for Tags that are going around, take part in one.
86. Wardrobe wishlist, who doesn't browse online and add items to their saves on Asos?!
87.  Travel a lot? Share how to successfully pack for a trip away
88. Do you like to experiment with makeup? Recreate a celebrities look from an event.
89. Help other bloggers out with words of wisdom you've gained over the years.
90. Share the work of other bloggers in a round up post if you've enjoyed what they wrote.

91. What do you do after you hit publish? Share your promotional strategy for your posts.
92. Talk about your haircare routine, what products do you use.
93. Best and worst wardrobe buys. Which items were worth it.
94. Talk about the beauty products you would repurchase.
95. Feeling grateful? Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.
96. Share ideas on what you can do on a rainy day.
97. Try out a digital Detox and document your experience afterwards.
98. Describe your perfect date (Miss Congeniality ref right there!)
99. Your most worn items in your wardrobe.
100. Put together a list of blog post ideas to help inspire other bloggers! 

I hope these post ideas have been helpful. Don't forget to have a look at my previous post 30 blog post ideas for every blogger for more inspiration! Please feel free to Pin them to Pinterest, share on Facebook, Tweet the post to help others stuck in a bit of a blogging rut! 

Much love,