5 ways to spring clean your blog.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I've noticed recently that people seem to be doing a lot of spring cleaning. Blog posts are popping up here and there about cleaning out your makeup bags, wardrobes, our homes.. but did you stop and have a think about spring cleaning your blog?
It's always a good idea to have a bit of a refresh every now and again when it comes to your blog. While everyone seems to have the bug for it at the moment, I thought I would put together a quick post sharing some of the things you could do to have a good blog spring clean.
1. Have a design revamp. - This is probably one of the most obvious changes you can do if you want to have a bit of a refresh. Either by using google to work out the HTML coding yourself or paying someone else to create a new design for you. Personally I have always found that after a little design revamp I feel really inspired and motivated to blog.
2. Clean up your side bar - Something that can be sorted fairly quickly & makes a big difference. Take a look at your sidebar, remove widgets and buttons that aren't really necessary. Make sure your navigation links are all correct.
3. Label your posts - If you keep the labels on each blog post simple, it will be easier for your readers to search for a specific post. Perhaps you review a lot of hair tools. Rather than using labels like Hair straighteners/curlers/tongs.. just simply label the post 'Hair tools'. They are then all in one place and your readers can browse through the various posts you have composed throughout your time blogging.
4. Update your social Media Pages -  Okay, so this isnt quite your blog but everything is linked! It's nice to keep things uniformed, so go through your social media pages, check the bios are the same or similar, likewise with any image headers (and profile pictures if you want to go that far) Make sure everything is up to date, check the links etc.
5. Check for broken links - If you've never checked your blog for broken links before, this may take you some time. Use a website like this one to check every link you have ever put on your blog. By fixing these broken links the search engine 'spiders' can find their way around your blog with ease and index it properly which in the long run will help with your page views. Your SEO is improved, even though its a fairly tedious task it really is worth it in the end.  
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Current Beauty Favourites - April

Thursday, 17 April 2014

I haven't done a 'favourites' style post in a while. So I figured it was probably a good idea to share with you some of the products & items that I have been using on a regular basis over the past month or so. I like to keep things on rotation but there are a few items that stick around a little longer and without realising I will have nearly finished the product because I've used it so much!

  Firstly we have a selection of blending brushes that you may recognise from this post. They are from a very affordable set from Ebay, which despite being cheap, they have lasted really well and do a fantastic job of blending out my eyeshadows. The three above are the ones I use most often. I use the 2 larger brushes to blend out my eyeshadow and then the smaller brush to add shadow into my crease. They are really soft and don't scratch my eyes at all, which would usually be a concern when an item is so cheap! I highly recommend them. You can buy the set I have here.

Next we have the Percy & Read Wonder balm* This effectively  is like a primer for your hair. You apply it when your hair is damp, I tend to put through my mid lengths and ends. The balm seals your hair cuticle, adds gloss along with it's main aim to help your styling products reach their full potential. It has that classic Percy & Reed scent, which to me smells a little bit like babies - I know that sounds strange but if you know the scent you will know what I mean! For me personally is does improve the shine of my hair -so much so, I don't really bother reaching for a shine spray. It also helps with those pesky flyaways I usually get when I style my hair. So even though it sounds like a bit of a bizarre product, it does help the overall appearance of my hairstyle!

The Mac MSF in Lightscapade is one I picked up at my local CCO. It sat in the back of my drawer unloved for a while, but now it's my absolute favourite hightighter of the moment. It's a very light, subtle highlighter. Compared to Soft & Gentle which I find is a lot more glittery, Lightscapade comes across on my skin as much more of a natural glow leaving my skin looking really radiant. I would say it's a good one for girls who are new to highlighters as it isn't too in-your-face shimmer.

Another favourite of mine, which I think will forever be a favourite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray, There was a period where I didn't have this in my stash and boy, did my face thank me for it once I repurchased. It keeps my makeup in place and just does what it says on the tin really. I reviewed it a while ago which you can read here if you are interested.

So that is it, a couple of things that I am loving at the moment. Are there any products that have crept back into your routine that have once again become firm favourites?

Much love,

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Review : Dirty Looks Head Kandy Hair Extensions

Monday, 14 April 2014



Even though my hair is pretty long to begin with, it's always nice to have a little bit of a helping hand when it comes to adding a bit more body and lenght. We can backcomb, use volumising spray etc but nothing beats using a set of extensions to give you that extra oomph!
When I was contacted by Dirty Looks shortly after having my hair dyed a little lighter, I happily accepted their offer to review a set of their Head Kandy full head clip in extensions*. What makes this particular set different than the usual full head sets is that it contains one quad weft. This particular weft includes 4 wefts of hair sewn onto flat mesh. This means you get more hair with less clips. It's something you could even wear on it's own for a little bit of added thickness if you don't feel like wearing the entire set at one go.

Getting matched up for my shade was very easy. I simply sent the girls at Dirty Looks a photograph of my hair and their senior stylist colour matched for me. In this case she suggested 'Butterscotch Blonde' which is a great match! When you have highlighted hair it's a little harder to determine what shade is correct for you as you have so many different shades running through. Luckily Dirty Looks have a good variety of lighter shades as well as dark solid colours, so you are bound to find a shade to suit you.

To follow on with the topic of colour matching, the extensions arrive in a bag with two compartments. One is sealed then the other containing just one weft of hair is not. This is to help you determine if the correct shade and length has been sent to you. So you can check it with the single weft, then if you are happy you can unseal the left hand side and start using your extensions. Once you have opened the left hand side you will not be able to return the extensions for hygiene reasons. So always remember to test out the single weft first!  - There are instructions about this on the reverse of the bag, so you shouldn't miss it!
Like most hair extension sets, they come in a varity of different lengths/grams. I have the 16"-18" set which is 160g of hair. The Dirty Looks hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Hair, so you can use heat tools on them. I always use a heat protectant when styling my hair, be it straightening or curling. You should make sure you do this in particular when you are using extensions as it helps keep them in good condition, so will last longer!

In total you receive 8 large wefts of hair with multiple clips and then 2 single clip pieces. 160g of hair is a lot so you don't necessarily need to wear them all at once if you don't want to. If you look to the left of  the quad weft at the very top you can see the amount of hair you get in that one piece. It's a fair bit! You can actually buy a quad weft on it's own if you are looking to only add a little bit of extra volume and length to your hair.
Each weft is numbered, making it easy to follow the step by step instructions you get in the booklet with your extensions, so you know where to put each piece for a natural look.  If  for whatever reason you don't have the booklet the same instructions can be found online on the Dirty Looks website. Depending on what works for you there are endless combinations  to use for your perfect look. One tip which I think is really handy, is to clip in the top/front wefts in at an angle to create more of a feathered look.
As you can see from the images above, these particular hair extensions add a little bit of length and give me the appearance of thicker locks, and you can see the colour match is perfect. . This is them put in from the packet and then I ran the straighteners through quickly to ensure it all blended. I like how they look like this as they were relatively quick to put in, so would be perfect for the days when I need to rush in the mornings. I know I wont have to worry about having to do anything with them, I can just clip them in and go! I haven't had a chance to try out my curling tongs with them yet, but I'm sure with this amount of thickeness my larger barrel curling tong from babyliss, will give me waves even the Kardashians would be proud of! I will have to do a follow up post with ways I have tried styling them.  

Overall I am really pleased with the Dirty Looks Head Kandy Hair extensions. They are good value for money at £69.99 for a full head set. The service from the brand themselves has been brilliant. They were always quick to respond to any queries I had when it came to the colour match and length of my extensions. As I gradually get blonder throughout the year, I'm confident that they will be able to assist me in getting the perfect shade for my hair!

Have you tried these extensions from Dirty Looks?  Like I said previously, If you would like to see a follow up post showing the different hairstyles I can create with them in let me know in the comments!

Much love, 

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