Monday, 15 September 2014

Holiday Round up.

For the last two weeks (well it was for 10 nights if you want to be technically correct) I have been away on holiday. I really hope you enjoyed the Blog posts from the guest posters while I was away. Perhaps you even discovered some new bloggers to follow. If you haven't read the posts head, head over to the archives and it will be all the posts for September so far!

For our 'Sunshine Holiday' this year Tom and I went to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt with fellow blogger Charli & her boyfriend Matt. It was just what Tom and I needed, as we had a bit of stress leading up to our departure date with issues arising about our move into our new home and moving out of our flat, but I wont bore you with those details! We stayed at the Reef Oasis Senses Resort in Sharm, which was about a 20 min drive from the airport. Apart from a minor issue with our air con we had a brilliant time. I thought I would do a little round up post and share a few snaps I took on my phone with you. 

 The perks of having short legs. Trousers from here | One of the many pools | Towel Art | Beach! 

 Boat Trip | Legs & Mocktails | Our Resort | Poolside outfit, Dress* from here 

Massive Cacti | Pizza Pringles | Cami from here, Skirt from here | Palm Trees!

More towel art | Giving Snorkling a go | pretty lights | Beautiful Scenery.  

 A Primark outfit | Pizza & Chips, my fave! | More palm Trees | Playsuit* from here

I didn't really take that many photos while we were away, it was definitely a chilled out holiday, where I didn't really want to do too much. A highlight of the holiday would be conquering snorkling as I was adamant that I would not be able to do it. But I faced a fear and managed it, which I am very pleased about. This was also one of the first holidays where I have come back with a tan and didn't get burnt at all. I didn't even go red, I put this down to being sensible with the factors in my suntan lotion plus using the Elemis tan accelerator before we left - Something I will be picking up for future holidays that's for sure.

Technically I am currently homeless so living with my Gran and her partner, so I am not sure how regimented my posting will be for the next couple of months. Hopefully there wont be too much of an affect to my posting, but I thought I would give you the heads up!

Oh and today is my blogs 4th birthday! Happy Birthday blog, and it is also Mine and Toms 8 year anniversary! :-)

Much Love,

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Guest Post : What I wore..

Hi everyone, I'm Tor from That's Peachy... great to meet you!
While Leanne is away on holiday she asked if I would like to write a blog post for you and I couldn't resist, I'm such a fan of this blog already so I'm really excited to be featured.

I thought I would share a recent outfit with you all, which is what I wore for a day in town with friends. I love a simplistic/smart look at the moment.
I spotted this Primark trench on someone's Instagram and knew it had to be mine straight away, I love the lilac/grey colour and the cut of it is really classic yet the slits up the sides and the roll up sleeves give it a modern twist... best of all it was only £18, and who doesn't love a bargain like that?!

Dress: Mango
Coat: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Boots: Topshop

My dress is one I couldn't decide on for ages, but now that I have it, I wear it all the time. It's one of those things that looks so much better on than on the hanger! I like anything that has a bit of contrast in texture or pattern and of course I love anything black so really it's my ideal dress, and the fact that it's oversized means even if I'm having a bad day I can just throw it on and it looks good.

With accessories I always go for something big around the neck and not much else and this necklace is one of the biggest I own, I just love a statement. These boots are pretty much attached to my feet 24/7 at the moment, they're super comfy and go with everything.

Thanks for reading, Tor xx

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Guest Post : 5 products for a manageable Mane.

products for healthy hair

Hello! Tis Eloise here from Frolics and Fashion, Leanne has kindly let me loose on her blog whilst she's off sipping cocktails and getting a tan I'll no doubt be jealous of on her return. Whilst the rest of us gaze out of our windows at the dull English weather I thought I'd put a few products together that have really been helping my hair recently, whether that be battling damage or frizz these five little beauties have really pulled out the stops to give my hair a bit of a treat.

I'd heard both Zoe and Sarah say good things about this stuff so I thought I'd give it a go. I bought it from Allbeauty (rip cheap smells!) for around £20 and for the size of this pot it was a bit of a bargain! It's basically a deep conditioning treatment that you leave on your hair after shampoo-ing. You know the drill, the longer you leave it on the softer your hair feels. I tend to leave this for around 10 minutes whilst I'm faffing around in the shower, it smells like a minty milkshake and leaves your hair all soft and shiny. It can build up a bit though, so I only slather this on once a week.

It's a bit of a mouthful this one, but in a nutshell it's a heat protection spray for damp hair that you can spritz before styling or before venturing out into the sun. Although I don't have curly hair, whatever's fighting the frizz in this little bottle is amazing. I suppose it's because curly haired folk do tend to suffer from more extreme frizz so this is extra powerful.

I was too poor to shell out on the bumble and bumble version of this so I went for the cheaper option instead. At £7.49 it's a pretty good at it's job - making your hair look effortless and un-styled when intact you've coated it in product. A tip for this one though, don't spray it directly onto your hair as it can weigh it down, just spray a load into your hands then run it through your tresses and viola! Beachy hair.

I've been using this ever since my hair all snapped off thanks to way too much bleaching. You apply it to towel dried ends before styling and it claims to stop those pesky bits of hair snapping off when brushing etc. It's not the nicest smelling of products but it contains a massive amount of protein that really has seemed to help my hair with strength and growth.

I actually prefer this to the standard Moroccanoil as it's lighter and contains less silicones. I've done a full product review of this on my blog here but to cut it down into a little paragraph it's heaven for your hair in a bottle. It'll stop your hair from becoming straw-like and really reduces frizz in damp weather. And as with all Moroccanoil products it smells divine.

Have you used any of these products? What have been your hair saviours recently?

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