BEAUTY: Mini Reviews 01.

This has swiftly become my new favourite eye makeup remover, which has already made itself into my repurchase pile. Previously I used one from the Body Shop, but as my local store closed I decided to look for an alternative. It is extremely gentle on my eyes and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras. Shake it up, pop some on a cotton pad, hold on the eye for a few seconds and wipe away. Simple! My only bug bear is that you can only buy it in the 125ml bottles. It would be great to have it available in a larger bottle like the Misceller water. But for now I will just take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer. I mean at £3.9 its not exactly breaking the bank is it!

I only have one gripe with this cleanser, & that is that it is Lavender scented. I am really not a fan of lavender! Apart from that though, I really do like it. It cleanses my skin well, leaving it feeling very fresh, soft and supple. It melts my base makeup away with ease & without irritation which of course is a plus! Retailing at £10 (unless on offer) makes it really affordable and a good alternative to some of the higher end brands out there. I don’t think I will repurchase purely based on the fact I really dislike the scent of it, so I find myself holding my breath as I cleanse! Not one for those who have a dislike to lavender scented products!

This mask is predominantly meant to help purify and refine oily skin. Now I don’t have the worst skin but I can get slightly oily in my TZone so I was happy to give it a try.  I’ve been using it on a weekly basis and I have to say I feel as though my TZone oiliness has reduced slightly. After use my skin looks visibly clearer and a lot more plumped than usual. It’s also helped to reduce my pores which is bonus too. It is on the pricey side however I feel it’s quite justified purely for the fact I don’t need to use too much with each application, therefore it lasts a long time…and it works!  

Have you tried any of these products at all? 

Much love. 


My most used app on my phone is probably Instagram. I'm sure I am not alone here when I say I check it constantly throughout the day, scrolling on and on liking many images from various different accounts! Whether its perfectly set up photos from our fave fashion bloggers, to candid ones from a celebrity we all just love having a little nose into other peoples lives! Now I may not be the most regular poster on there (I'm working on it!) but I definitley make up for it with the amount of accounts I follow. Today I thought I would share a few from my list just in case you werent already aware of them! 


So do you like Pugs? You do? Well you need to get your butt following Heidi's instagram account then! A recent find of mine, although Pugs would not fall into my favourite breed of dog you cant deny that they are bloody cute... especially in pairs.  Just look at that face being pulled at the tub of icecream. What is not to love! Heidi also shares snippets of her home which is beautifully decorated along with some other additions like beauty bits and bobs. Well worth a look/follow. Especially if you love pugs. PUGS! 


I would love to just raid Stacies wardrobe please! As a personal shopper you know she's got style! Whether its a special designer piece or something off the highstreet, she will incorporate it into her wardrobe and create some brilliant looks. Be warned, you will get a case of serious Wardrobe envy when you scroll through her snaps. She sometimes tags the brands she wears, however if not chances are that you can find out where things are from in the comments! 


Having discovered Chloe on Youtube I swiftly checked out all her other social media channels. Her make up skills are on point, I wish I could do my eye makeup as well as her! Since following her I have discovered many new products to try! If you see a look on her instagram, chances are that there is a video on her channel which replicates the look (or similar) Definitely one to look out for! When she isnt posting selfies you'll find really relateable quotes or pictures of new makeup releases she very fortunately gets sent by brands.

I'm not sure if I will make this a series but I thought it would be nice to feature some instagrammers that you may also enjoy looking through the feeds of. I know a lot of people are trying to grow their instagram following, so its nice to share the love!  
Can you recommend anyone on Instagram to follow? Let me know in the comments. 

Much love 

BLOGGER BOOKCLUB : The Good Girl by Fiona Neill

The Book : The Good Girl
The Author : Fiona Neill
Where to buy: Waterstones | Amazon | Tesco
Rating 2/5

Scratch the surface of any family hard enough and you'll draw blood...No one can believe it when straight A student Romy Field finds herself at the centre of a scandal, least of all her mother Ailsa - who is also the head of her new school. Ailsa is quick to hold Romy's new boyfriend and his parents responsible for what has happened. But as mother and daughter reveal their very different version of events, a much darker truth emerges. It soon becomes apparent that Romy isn't the only member of her family harbouring secrets and her disgrace becomes the catalyst for the unravelling of all those around her. It takes a split second to make a decision that can alter the course of your life. And a lifetime to undo the consequences

When I read the blurb of this book I was looking forward to getting stuck in and reading it for book club. The promise of darker truths emerging throughout the story got me excited as I do love a book with a bit of drama and scandal! We find out fairly early on about the situation Romy has got herself into, although to be honest the question of ‘who is it’ is pretty pointless if you’ve read the back of the book. Just put 2 and 2 together! So I found that a bit frustrating! With the promise of things getting a little darker and exciting further into the book I continued reading hoping to get to the nitty gritty of the story.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The story travels back to 3 months prior to Romy’s ‘scandal’, which I appreciate as it’s nice to know the reasoning behind someones actions (and makes up the bulk of the story!). However the little twists Fiona Neill has thrown in while leading up to the big finale I felt were a bit unnecessary rather than gripping like the blurb suggests. The book covers other topics like Infidelity, addiction & Paternity issues. Telling a story of two families; one slightly more dysfunctional than the other and how they intertwine with one another during this time period. We flip between hearing the story from Romy’s point of view and her mothers which I admit is a good way to of going about things which a topic as sensitive as sex + the internet but I found Ailsa really annoying by the end of the book, at points at had to force myself to continue reading.

 I know reviews for this book have been a bit mixed overall from having a look online, but I have to say I am firmly set in the ‘not a fan’ camp.  I was glad to finish it, and felt that it could have been more of a short story rather than a full on novel as some chapters were quite long winded with events within them that I felt weren’t really needed.  It would probably be a good read for someone in their teens to help them understand the importance of the internet and the events you may get involved in if you are in a relationship with someone. But as a 27 year old woman It wasn’t really for me.

If you would like to know what the other girls thought of this book then head over to their blogs ; Lizzie | Lorna | Charli.

For October we are reading ‘The Letter’ by Kathryn Hughes. So if you would like to join in with us let us know by commenting or tweeting me!

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