Christmas 2014 Gift Guide

Yes another gift guide to add to your reading list. They may be a bit repetitive around this time of year in the blogsphere but I do find them really helpful. This year I decided to put one together myself. I know we can all struggle at times to find gifts for our friends & family depending on their interests, I figured it would be pretty helpful to put together a selection of gifts that could help guide you in the right direction  when deciding what to purchase this Christmas for loved ones.

As bloggers I'm 100% certain we all have blogger friends. Whether it be someone you've known for ages or a more recent friendship. We all are pretty clued up on what sort of goodies and treats we like to assist us with maintaining our blogs! Whether it be a quirky notebook, Something to help pretty up our photos or even a particular camera. These are just a few bits that I know I would be happy to receive as a blogger so maybe you will know someone who will like them too. 

For the friend that likes to travel you could go down the practical route or the fun route depending on how serious he or she may take their around the world excursions. What about a smart travel wallet to keep all their documents secure? A travel journal to make note of all their adventures. Or maybe you want to just stick to the travel theme and get gifts you know they will enjoy. 

For the stationery lover you cannot go wrong with a selection of pretty notebooks or some form of novelty writing equipment. Kate Spade offers some lovely stationary - I may of treated myself while in NYC but more on that at a later date. I don't know anyone who doesn't love stationery you can even get cute little stocking stuffers like the Bunny stapler! 

For the Technology and gadget lovers there is a wide range of products out there range from the affordable  phone cases all the way up to the more special gifts like an actual ipad itself! If you have a friend who cant live without their spotify subscription or a co worker constantly glued to their smartphone maybe some of this items would be ideal for them this year. 

For the Inspiring chefs out there, or maybe just the friend who likes to bake on the weekend why not treat them to some new culinary treats! I think the Bourbon biscuit platter would make a great talking point at any dinner party. Christmas isn't complete without some form of cookery book thrown into the mix is it?  

I hope you've found this gift guide helpful. I plan to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done this weekend. I will be organised for once!

Much Love

Beauty : Revisiting Kate Moss 107 Lipstick

With so many blogs out there and Youtube channels to explore, you can see why it's easy to fall for the hype when products are splashed across our news feeds. This was the case with the Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in 107 around this time last year. I bought it.... and unlike many others I hated it. 
I don't really go for a bold dark lip. I've mentioned before I usually go for peachy pinks, so this was way out of my comfort zone. At the time of purchasing I had a different hair colour. Really dark brown... pair that with a dark lip and I felt I looked a bit gothic. Therefore the 107 lipstick got stashed away in a drawer and forgotten about. Fast forward nearly a year and I've dug it out of the depths again to give it a another try.. and the verdict? I love it! 

With my lighter hair colour I am able to wear this lipstick with a little more confidence than before. I also changed the way I apply it, which I feel makes a big difference. This lipstick is quite messy to apply straight from the bullet, so a lip brush is necessary. Instead of packing the colour on so it's quite heavy, I use just enough to ensure I have a good coverage of the berry shade on my lips. Blot with a tissue and then with a light hand, go over it again. This results in the look above. An obvious bold lip without being too striking.  

It just shows that sometimes there are products out there that deserve a second chance. Whether it be a change in hair colour, or perhaps you aren't as religious with your fake tanning regime anymore. Try it again and it may work for you. If it doesnt, pass it on to someone who may appreciate it more or sell in a blog sale.

Are there any products you've revisited & managed to make it work for you?

Much Love, 

Beauty : Introducing Lacquer Labs Winter Collection

It’s around this time of the year that people like to start switching things up a bit. Be it their in their home with the decor, their wardrobe or even their jobs. With this in mind I thought it would be a great time to share with you The Novella Collection from Lacquer lab. Put down your summer shades and say hello to these beautiful A/W hues for the upcoming months.

I was fortunate enough to be sent 3 of the 6 polishes available in the collection.'Lover at the Ritz', an autumnal plum/brown shade, which if I am honest is a standard shade that appears in most A/W collections. However it's always a nice shade to have for this time of year. 'The Wonderous' which has to be my new favourite pinky nude, I love this shade for a simple manicure without the hassle of going French. Finally, 'Pocket full of Jewels' which is a gorgeous gold glitter top coat with a few opalescent flakes thrown in for good measure. This is a great one for when the party season gets into full swing a bit later in the year. 
Other shades in the collection include 'Lady's confession', a deep blood red shade which oozes glamour. 'Cigarillo' which is  classic caramel shade and finally 'Story Teller', a icy blue which just screams winter at me (Or Disneys Frozen!). These Lacquer Lab polishes retail for £9 each which isn't too bad, If you like the look of the whole collection you can order it for £36 making you a bit of a saving. Performance wise, I only had to apply two coats of each shade to get a opaque colour payoff. I add a slick of Sally Hansen Insta Dry on top, however the pollishes do give a nice glossy finish on their own. If you are pressed for time you could always skip the top coat and still be left with a lovley looking manicure. 

The Novella Collection is a great allrounder which provides shades for all occasions. It would be a welcome addition to anyones nail polish collection. You've got the shades perfect for everyday wear like The Wonderous, Cigarillo & Lover at the Ritz. Then  if you need to up your game for a particular event, you can opt for some of the more colourful shades with a top coat of Pocket full of Jewels.  

Have you tried any polishes from Lacquer Lab before? 

Much love.