Morning Girls.

This morning I was woken up by a phonecall from my boyfriend telling me to look outside, well I did and I was faced with this...


Now we were with hit with a little bit of snow the other week, but this is the most amount we have got where I live yet, so its a bit exciting! 

Unfortunately I was supposed to be going on a night out tonight but I think that may not be happening due to the weather now! (waiting for people to text back!) In which case as I had said in my previous post I was going to do an OOTN post I figured I would bite the bullet and do an OOTD post.. 
Now I have not done one of these before and I know my photos arent the best, any tips on how to get the 'perfect' OOTD picture, please let me know in the comments! :-) 


Yeah.. so there are much better OOTD pictures out there, I did feel quite strange taking photos of myself outside. My mum was in the kitchen watching me and told me I looked really silly doing it! :-/ Thanks Mum. 

Also I am a walking advert for Primark here....

What I am wearing..

Snood - Primark - £4
Cardigan - Primark - £12
Shell Print Playsuit - Primark - £13
120 Denier Tights - Primark - £3
Bear Paw boots - TK Maxx - £39.99

See what I mean! :-) 

Much Love.


Review: Avon Matte Nail Polishes

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hi Girls

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have been promising this review for over a week now! Finally I have got around to actually writting it!

I first saw these polishes on Fleur's blog and I instantly fell in love! These are not avaliable to buy in the UK until the 23rd December, however I am lucky as my Mum is an Avon Rep so she got 3 of them for me to try out! 


 The three polishes I got were "Violetta', 'Black as Night' and 'Inky Blue' There is another colour which is Grey and a reddish toned one too but I didnt get those! I would like to try those out though just to see what they look like! 

Firstly I love the matte look to nail varnish, its something different and may not be to everyones taste but each to their own. These polishes are really easy to apply, the brush is quite long and the lid isnt a awkward shape, therefore makes it easier to hold.
The consistancy of the nail polish is just right, It isnt too thin so you have to put lots of coats on, but not too thick that it takes ages to dry. Infact these polishes dry really quickly! And  like Barry M Nail Effects you can actually see the nail polish working as it drys and turns matte! 

This is such a gorgeous colour, this photograph really doesnt do it justice! (silly camera) If you want a better look at the colour check out Fleurs blog as she has a great pic of it painted on her fingernails.


Black as Night
All I can think of when I see this colour is a blackboard! I love it though, It's great as it makes a change from your usual glossy black nail. I will definately try out some nail art on top of this in the future. :-)

Inky Blue
You can see reflects of red in the bottle but once you paint your nails you cant really see these. The polish comes out as a really nice navy colour! its gorgeous. One point though, make sure you wear a base coat under this polish - My nails looked like they had a blue rinse when i took the polish off! 

Unfortunately these polishes all chip really quickly! I would definately suggest wearing a base coat and a top coat when you use these. Obviously you will have to get a Matte top coat to put on top because if you used a normal one it would turn glossy and then you lose the effect!

These polishes retail at £6 each which some people may think are too steep or others may think its an okay price, personally knowing now how quickly and badly they chip without a top coat I cannot justify spending £6 on one nail polish, but that's just me! 

Has anyone else managed to try these polishes? What did you think, let me know in the comments! 

Much love. 

Hi Ladies.

As promised here is a post for you!

Up for review we have the Vitamin E skincare range from The Body Shop. 
I really really rate this range! There are a fair few products within the range, I have the Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Moisturising Cream  and Night cream. 

First up we have the  Cream cleanser and  Hydrating Toner.


Cream Cleanser.

The cleanser retails at  £7.00 for a 200ml bottle, You can get a smaller travel sized 60ml bottle for £2.50, which is handy if you dont want to carry the larger one when you go away. (I love it when you can get travel sized things dont you!)  The bottle states that this "Effectively removes make-up & impurities, Leaves your skin clean, soft and supple".. Well I have to say I agree! My skin really feels a lot fresher after using this and it definatley removes your makeup for you.  It contains Wheat Germ Oil, which really moisturises and conditions your skin, which is great, especially in the winter months when your skin needs a bit more TLC.
The consistancy of the cleanser I feel is just right, it isnt too thick so it feels more like a moisturiser but isnt too watery so it doesnt feel like its doing its job! It also has a really pleasant floral scent but it isnt too over powering at all. I think its really nice to be honest!

It is really simple to use, I just squeeze out a £2 coin sized blob on my hand and then dot the cleanser all over my face so that the 'blobs' are evenly spaced and cover my face and neck area. Then all I do is grab some cotton wool and in small circular motions I move around my face and neck area making sure Im using all the cleanser. Then your done and can move onto the next step! 


Hydrating Toner.

After the cleanser you should use the hydrating toner again this retails at the same price as the Cream Cleanser. You use this to remove any traces of toner you may have not got off previously, its also an added extra just to make sure all makeup and dirt has been removed. The good thing though about using a toner is that it will not dry your skin out. It helps with the process of leaving your skin soft and supple and I definately feel like my skin has had a new lease of life after these two steps.  Very refreshing!

Like before the toner is really simple to use, You just need to get some cotton wool, pour a bit of the toner onto the cotton wool, then like before, in circular motions you just need to apply the toner all over your face and neck. 


Moisturising Cream

This Moisturiser is brilliant! It retails at £9.00 for 50ml, but I have just double checked on The Body Shop website and it is now reduced down to £4.50. This moisturiser is lovely, its not thick at all, it is more like a body lotion, however does the job as a moisturiser. It sinks into your skin really quickly! It has the same scent as the cleanser which is scrummy! You dont need to use a lot of this each day, a little goes a long way, therefore it lasts you a long time. I had mine for months and Im only just coming to the end, I will need to repurchase soon!


Nourishing Night Cream.

This is pretty self explanitory! You use the night cream after you have cleansed and toned your face in the evenings. This retails full price at £10, but like the moisturising cream, it is currently at a discounted price on the body shop website at £5.00. Bargin! This cream is thicker in consistancy than the daily one, therefore takes a little longer to soak into the skin but I feel that it means that it will really work during the night while im sleeping. I have to say when I wake up in the morning after using this my skin does look a lot brighter and fresh compared to the nights when i forget (woopsie) to use it. 

Overall I love this range, and I would definately re purchase them all. If you were thinking of giving any of these a try I would suggest purchasing this little set that The Body Shop have to offer with miniture versions of the four products I have mentioned here.

 It contains:
Cream Cleanser 60ml
Hydrating Toner 60ml
Moisturing Cream 15ml
Nourishing Night Cream 15ml

I would like to try some other products within the range, do you have any recommendations at all? Or if you have used this range before what did you think? Did you rate it as highly as I have?

Much Love.



Sunday, 21 November 2010

tHi Girls, 

Just a quick post as I am off to the cinema to watch Harry Potter tonight. 
But I thought I would let you know I am actually going to use my twitter account so follow me if you like! :) 


I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, and a big Hello to my new followers! (This makes me very happy)

Much love.


So up for review today we have Umberto Giannini's back comb in a bottle.


I'm going to just get straight to the point and say that I LOVE this product!! I am much more impressed with this product from the range compared to the mousse. This retails at £5.49 for 200ml. 
This is great to use if you want that extra added ooomph to your hair. Now as you all know by now I like to try and achieve volume in my hair, and this helps me do just that!
Now the instructions on the bottle arent very clear as to what you really have to do to make the most of this product. Just that you should spray on your hair and 'jujj' into place.

I use this when my hair is dry, others have tried when wet.. I dont even know how that would work as it a hairspray like consistancy so spraying on wet hair surely wouldnt achieve anything! Anyway. I take smallish sections of the top layers of my hair approx 2inches worth, lift the hair up high so its pretty much vertical on my head and then spray a quick spray of the backcomb in a bottle on my roots. I keep my hair help upright while the spray sort of dries on my roots, then I let go and let the hair fall back into place. I do this all over the top section of my head. Then once I have done it all, i just take my hands and just rough up my hair a bit.. This (for me) is where the volume appears. 

I have seen some negative reviews online saying how this product did not work for them or it didnt create very much volume. Each to their own, but I cant imagine how this could not work AT ALL on someones hair. I dont know if people have high expectations of it and assume your'e going to instantly acheive some amazing beehive by a couple of sprays, thats not the case. This product helps create more volume to help you along to achieve those looks without over dooing the back combing. I admit I have used this and then been naughty and back combed a little. But honestly it does cut down the amount you backcomb if you are looking for big hair. 
For an everyday look I just spray the spray, rough it up and leave it.. thats enough volume for me. But for nights out thats when i add the little bit of backcombing to help it out a bit. 

I really like this product and if you are looking for a product to make your hair a bit bigger on a day to day basis then this is for you. Dont expect miracles, you've got to p put a bit of effort in to get massive hair. It would be pretty impressive if you had a product which instantly gave you a beehive, but we've got to be realistic and go for something that just helps you along the way. Its fun to experiment anyway! 

Has anyone else tried this product, or any of the others in the range? 

I hope you enjoyed. 

Much Love. 


Review: Lush Godmother Soap

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Up for review we have Lush God Mother soap. Now I have tired some Lush soaps before, these being the ever so popular 'Rock Star' and 'Honey i washed the kids' and this particular soap was also proving one of the popular ones so I figured I would give this one a go too. 

This soap is known for its scent. It is pretty much exactly the same as Snow Fairy. - Brought out every christmas. Therefore this is a good alternative for the rest of the year when Snow Fairy isnt avaliable. 
I didnt find this soap as moisturising as the others I have tried, however it is advised to use this soap as a hand soap rather than one in the shower so that may be where I went wrong! It definately makes your bathroom smell really nice after using it thousgh which is a bonus and lathers well! The scent does linger on your body for a little bit but not as long as other Lush products.

This soap retails at £2.65 for 100g which is a pretty decent price. I dont know if I will repurchase this particular soap as I much prefer Rock Star for its moisturisig properties! :-)

I hope this review was helpful for you, sorry its a little short but hopefully sweet! :-)

Much love
Hi Ladies, 

Another review here for you today. This time it's Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Massive Mousse


To be honest i picked this up because of the packaging, I was drawn to it instantly and as it promised big hair! It comes in a 200ml can and retails for £5.49 which i personally feel is a reasonable price. Sometimes there are offers on Umberto Giannini products so if you can keep and eye out for them and you could get yourself a bargin. 
Now I am a big fan of the blow dry spray by Umberto Giannini in the regular line of products that are avaliable in boots so I had high hopes for this mousse.. did it deliver? 

No! I am really dissapointed! I dont achieve the big hair look it promises! I distribute it evenly through my roots and use the remainder on the rest of my hair, Blow dry upside down and there is a slight hint of volume but really not as much as I wanted. I dont know... perhaps I havent got my technique right or maybe I am putting too much in my hair but it's just not working for me! :-(  I do love the smell though, my sister thinks it smells way too strong but i do like it, so i guess the pros of this product is that it makes my hair smell nice but doesnt do the job its meant to. 

I dont think I will be repurchasing this product, it's really let me down. I will continue my search for a hair mousse that provides me with lots of volume! 

Have any of you got any HG hair mousses' that may fill my desire for big hair?

Much love. 

Hiya Girls.

So up for review we have the Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo. Now if you are like me and love to use all kinds of products in your hair on a day to day basis then this shampoo is a must! 


When you are continuously using different products on your hair, whether it be mousse, hairspray, Serums or something else, you may think you are getting rid of those products everytime you wash your hair with your standard shampoo, but you would be wrong. Even though you could be someone who religiously does the two washes then condition routine when you shower, you will still have some product build up in your hair. This can cause your hair to go flat, greasy, & generally feel like poop! Therefore you need to invest in a cleansing shampoo to get rid of your day to day build up and make your hair fresh and extra extra clean again! 

This retails in boots at £2.99, which is a really great price compared to some shampoos. I use this product once a week as I use mouse and hairspray daily. It's really great and after the first wash I could see a big difference. My hair was brought back to life! It lathers well, and has a nice generic shampoo smell. Not over powering at all. I just use a small amount of the build up removal shampoo, then rinse, Use my usual Aussie shampoo for a second shampoo then rinse and finally condition and rinse! Bobs your Uncle, Jobs done! 

Has anyone else tried this shampoo, or one similar? What were your thoughts? 

Much love. 

Body Shop Makeup Brushes.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

So today Ive decided to have a little rave about my brushes i use to apply my makeup. 
The brushes I use are from The Body Shop. Now I don't have all of the range (yet) but these are so good that I am seriously considering holding a Body Shop party at my house so I can possibly purchase some more! hehe. 

The Face & Body Brush £14.00

'Large and fluffy to give you even coverage with just a few strokes. Perfect for the Face neck and decolletage'

I use this brush for my face powder every day (and bronzer in the summer months) It's made of synethic  material which is amazing as it is so soft on your skin. I have had mine a while now and it's still as soft as the day i took it out of its packet. Theres no shedding either which is such a plus. (I have a Ruby and Milly Kabuki brush that sheds all over when I use it which is tres annoying!) Some people have said that they find it hard to use as a powder brush due to it's shape but I have found it works for me, I just use the bit by bit method. Start of with a little powder, then just add more to build up the coverage. At £14.00 its a snip if you compare it to other brushes like the Mac 134 powder brush which retails at £35.50. 

Blusher Brush £11.50

'Unsurpassed for sweeping on colour and defining cheeks'

I use this brush for my contouring, blush and highlighting my cheekbones. This is the perfect sized brush for me. Some blush brushes i find are a bit too small and I find my makeup doesnt turn out how I want. Like the Face and Body brush this one is soooo soft! Trust me, get to Body Shop and feel these brushes, it's like a brush form. Retailing for £11.50, i think this is a pretty decent price. Its clear these are good quality brushes and will last for a long time. 


Eyeshadow Brush £8.50

'A must-have for creating everything from a sultry, smokey look to bright-eyed innocence.'

Again a great brush!! Again really soft! This is the perfect shaped and size brush for your eyeshadows. I find it works really well to apply the colour and also as a blending brush.I can pick up just the right amount of product and it distributes evenly on my eyelid. Some eyeshadow brushes are scratchy and can irritate my eyes, but I have had no problems with this one. 

 Lipstick / Concealer Brush £8.50

'A fine tapered brush for Precise application of lipcolor or concealers.'

I admit I dont really use this brush much but it came with the set I purchased. When I do use it, I use it when applying lipstick rather than as a concealer brush. As the brush is so small its great for ensuring you have a nice clean line of colour on your lips. You can really define the shape of your lips nicely using this brush. I do think that it could be used as a gel liner brush if you like a thicker line or even to shade in your eyebrows. 

Slanted Brush £8.50

'Use the pointed side to blend colour near the lash line, then use the flat side to sweep colour onto to lid'

I personally do not use this brush on my eyes as per the comment from TBS website. I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows. I can create very clear lines with this brush and I have great control with it. Okay so it is a bit on the bigger side for an eyebrow brush but at the moment  I dont have any alternative! Like all the brushes before, this is very soft and does not scratch or irritate my skin at all. I have in the past attempted to use it with a gel eyeliner but this was a big epic fail! I'll be sticking to using it for my brows! :)
So that it, my raves on the Body Shop makeup brushes that I own. I dont have any Mac brushes as I personally think they are overpriced for what they are.. If I makeup artist then I would consider purchasing them but I think I'll stick with the ones I have. I have heard that Elf Studio brushes are pretty good though, has anyone tried these? Any suggestions for any brushes I should try next?
Also apologies for not taking my own pictures for this post. My camera battery is flat and i cant find my charger! :( 

Much Love.


Lush : Helping Hands.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Hi girls. 

So up for review today I have Lush Helping Hands hand cream. Now I dont know about you guys but I am a sucker for buying anything that looks cute. Personally i felt this little black pump bottle had to be purchased. This bottle holds 45g of product (£3.95). You can however purchase a larger tub of the handcream which holds 100g of product(£4.70), as I was testing out this hand cream i felt i should start with the smaller bottle then if i like it, repurchase the larger tub. 


On the label it states that it is a 'Healing, Soothing handcream' and works wonders for dry, sore or rough hands.As the we are hitting the colder months and we turn on our air conditioning our skin is going to suffer, so this is the time where we need to make sure we moisturise! The ingredients in this product are ; Softening Linseed oil, Almond oil, shea butter and coca butter.  At first i was not a big fan of the scent of this hand cream (I think i was just so used to my Soap & Glory one!) But over time I have grown to like it. You can definately smell the shea and coca butter in it.

The consistancy of Helping Hands is great. It isnt too thick and isnt too runny. However it is definately the case of less is more with this cream. I made the mistake of completely covering my hands at first with this product.. Not good, it makes your hands really greasy and takes an absolute age to sink into your skin. 
The way i apply this is to do one small pump on the back of one hand and then rub into back of the opposite hand. Once i have done this, i take a teenie tiny amount and add that to my palms, then i can use this to moisturise my fingers. It is different for everyone though, you just need to figure out what suits you best. 

Personally I think i would re purchase this handcream. It looks cute, smells great (once you get used to it!) and isnt too bad a price. I would reccommend! :)
Much Love

Leanne xoxo

Tangle Teezer Review.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

So a few weeks ago I had a Tangle Teezer on my Wednesday wishlist... Well I ended up purchasing one. I bought mine off ebay for £9.95 which I think was about £2 cheaper than the one i saw in boots! Every penny counts!The delivery for this was very fast which was great as postage was free!  I am very  very pleased with this purchase! 


I got mine in the original pink colour. The other colours avaliable were blue, black and a glittery purple (I was very tempted by this one!) 

The first thing I noticed, was how light this brush was, As it is made of plastic it is not heavy at all, the shape of the brush is great as it fits nicely in the palm of your hand. I tried it out on dry hair first, after a day of having my hair down and not brushing it at all throughout the day. It untangled it and made it nice and smooth in seconds. I was amazed! It does feel weird a bit odd though.. It reminds me a bit of brushing your own hair when you were little with the little brushes that came with your barbies! :) 

The next test was to try it on wet hair.When i wash my hair I shampoo twice then condition. Even though I have conditioned sometimes my hair is a bit tangled and is a right pain to brush through. I did used to use a wide toothed comb as I knew this was better for you than a normal hair brush, but that still took some time and would hurt a bit if i hit a big tangle! I had no problems with this tangle teezer. It glides through my hair and doesnt hurt at all. I am so impressed with it. 

Definately a product all girls should invest in if you want to get your hair in better condition and less damaged! 

Much love

Leanne xoxo
Hi Girls. 

Barry M Nail paints are on offer 2 for £5 in Superdrug at the moment. I decided to go and have a little look as I havent purchased any nail varnishes in a while (My nails all broke after stopping biting them for ages but the habit has come back! :( Trying to rectify this!).
While browsing the different shades avaliable I came across this beut. At first glance you would assume it was just a normal plain black Barry M nail paint, but you would be wrong. On closer inspection i realised this is a Nail Effect nail paint Attatched to the lid is a little cardboard label which shows what effect this nail paint creates. It looked pretty cool and for a total of £2.50 (thanks to the offer) I couldnt resist. 


I decided to pair it with Eyeko's Nail Varnish in 'Vintage Polish for elegant nails' I figured by using a lighter base colour the pattern created would stand out a lot more. 

To create the look all you need to do is paint your base colour on your nails. Once this is dry take the Instant Nail Effects Nail Paint and paint a single coat on your nail. - This is very important. If you paint more than one coat of this then the desired effect will not work, you will just end up with a big black blob on your nail! 
Once you have applied the first coat the nail paint dries almost instantly, as it does so cracks appear to form revealing the base colour you previously applied. This is what creates the pattern. I think its great as no nail will look the same. 
Below is the end result....


I love how they have come out! It looks so professional! Definately something I will be doing often! My sister tried it out over a white base and that looked amazing so I may try that out next time! 

Much Love.

Leanne. xoxo
Hi Girls.

So first up.. my no heat challenge is proving very difficult.. In fact I am rubbish and I have been using the hairdryer on the cold setting to quickly blast my fringe and roots in the mornings. I know! FAIL!! I really want to just not use my hairdryer at all but i just cant! My hair looks like it is stuck to my head if i dont volumise it a bit with a smidge of hot air!! Anyways.... I havent used my hair straighteners so that is a plus as they can wreck havock on your hair. So I am partly sticking to the challenge... sort of...I will try my best to rectify this little problem I am having, Promise.

Moving on.... 


Boots have their 3 for 2 offer going on at the moment on numerous products (Buy 3 items but get the cheapest item free).. As soon as spotted the sign I headed straight to the Lee Stafford Stand to pick up some tubs of the infamous hair growth treatment. 
The 'Hair that never grows past a certain length' treatment retails at £6.99 a pot.. Therefore I suggest you jump on the chance to purchase a few pots while this offer is on.  I am going to be using this treatment from now on and hopefully there will be some improvement on the length of my hair. I will ensure I take photos before and after so we can all see the results. 

So watch this space ladies for long lusious locks! :)

Much Love

Leanne. xoxo

Lush Big Shampoo Review.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hi Lovelies.

I hope everyone is well and is having a great weekend... even though it is raining!! 

Now for the past few weeks I have been trying out the Lush Big Shampoo. This was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase. I was going through a phase of wanting big massive hair! I thought this shampoo would be the answer to my prayers! 


The shampoo comes in a typical black Lush style pot with a screw top lid. If you collect & return any 5 black tubs from lush products and return them; regardless of the product/price you bought, then they will provide you with a free fresh face mask! The tub itself holds 330g. 

The main ingredients for this shampoo are Sea Salt, Seaweed and Lime. All these combined with the essential oils included provide a very nice fresh scent. It really reminds me of the seaside (Its probably the seaweed in it!)  Lush claim that this product is made up of 50% Sea Salt. Which I was a bit hasty about at first as I thought it would be all scratchy on my scalp! Due to the amount of salt in it i was curious as to how this would even lather up in my hair, all i could imagine was covering my head in salt and nothing really happening apart from my hair smelling nice! How wrong i was! 

You do not need a lot of this product to create a lot of lather. Literally I a take a 2 finger scoop from the tub and evenly apply it over my hair and massage... Straight away I achieve a great lather. (You may need to add a bit more water to get more of a lather if you wish) You can feel the bits of salt on your hair, but rather than feeling scratchy.. combined with gently massaging my head it actually feels pretty good! I could tell that my hair was getting a real deep clean.. This was clear when i rinsed out the shampoo and found my hair 'squeaky clean'. The only problem I found was that it made my hair a little tangled so using a wide toothed comb before conditioning. Ususally I shampoo twice before conditioning but with this product i dont find i need to. I get the fresh clean feeling after one wash (which this does state briefly on the tub) 

Once I dry my hair on a low heat after using Lush Big Shampoo I do see a difference in my hair. For a start it definately feels lighter (I think this shampoo helps to get rid of product build up which is a bonus) My hair feels a lot softer and has more shine. As for giving it more volume (which is what this shampoo says it does) I would say that it gives a bit more voloume but not as much as i anticipated.

The RRP for this shampoo is £9.60 which I personaly feel is an okay price as this shampoo is something I dont use everyday so it lasts a long time. I will be re purchasing this shampoo when i run out of my current tub. As a volumiser shampoo I personally dont think it makes much difference, but as a Shampoo to clear up product buildup and give you that 'squeaky clean' feeling this is perfect! :) 

Much Love

Leanne. xoxo

Lipstick Collection. :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hi Pretties, 

So i thought i would do a little post here on my lipstick collection. Now i know many of you will have probably seen or even own all these lipsticks already therefore ill try to keep it short and sweet for you all. 

The following photograph is my lipstick collection....


Yes thats right all 10 of them! Okay so its not the biggest collection but that amount does me fine! I don't really wear lipstick everyday therefore i dont need a lot. You will notice though that I have stuck to the same sort of shades though!



From L-R. 

17 Mirror shine 'Beehive', Gosh Velvet Touch 'Darling', Mac 'Snob', Mac 'Creme Cup', Mac 'Please Me', Barry M '147', Barry M '100', Barry M '101', Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Pink Blush' & 17 Lasting Fix 'Dreamy'

17 Mirror Shine 'Beehive'
Very moisturising, Lovely glossy finish, perfect for an everyday lippy for work. 

Gosh Velvet Touch 'Darling'.
Most beauty girls HG Nude, Moisturising, lovely colour payoff, Works best for me with lipbalm underneath. 

Mac 'Snob' (Satin)
Very bright colour, lovely for statement lips, Not drying and long lasting.

Mac 'Creme Cup' (Cremesheen)

Subtle colour, moisturising, good for a everyday lipstick. 

Mac 'Please Me' (Matte)
Bold colour payoff, gorgeous shade of pink. Slightly drying, best worn with a lip balm underneath. 

Barry M '147'
Bright coral/pink colour, lovely alternative to red lippy. slightly drying again best worn with lip balm underneath

Barry M '100'
Bit cakey and drying, teaming with lipbalm or gloss gives a better finish. Gorgeous baby pink though!

Barry M '101'
The nude of all nudes, very drying, when wearing this less is more in my opinion. Sometimes can get a hint of 'concealer lip' syndrome!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Pink Blush'
Lovely pink with glossy finish. Long lasting, very pretty.

17 Lasting Fix ' Dreamy'

Bright pink, quite drying, best worn with lip balm. If im honest, my least fave! :(

Thats it girlies, my lipsticks and very tiny reviews on what I think of them! (See told you I'd keep it short and sweet!)

Much Love. xoxo