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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hi Pretties, 

So i thought i would do a little post here on my lipstick collection. Now i know many of you will have probably seen or even own all these lipsticks already therefore ill try to keep it short and sweet for you all. 

The following photograph is my lipstick collection....


Yes thats right all 10 of them! Okay so its not the biggest collection but that amount does me fine! I don't really wear lipstick everyday therefore i dont need a lot. You will notice though that I have stuck to the same sort of shades though!



From L-R. 

17 Mirror shine 'Beehive', Gosh Velvet Touch 'Darling', Mac 'Snob', Mac 'Creme Cup', Mac 'Please Me', Barry M '147', Barry M '100', Barry M '101', Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Pink Blush' & 17 Lasting Fix 'Dreamy'

17 Mirror Shine 'Beehive'
Very moisturising, Lovely glossy finish, perfect for an everyday lippy for work. 

Gosh Velvet Touch 'Darling'.
Most beauty girls HG Nude, Moisturising, lovely colour payoff, Works best for me with lipbalm underneath. 

Mac 'Snob' (Satin)
Very bright colour, lovely for statement lips, Not drying and long lasting.

Mac 'Creme Cup' (Cremesheen)

Subtle colour, moisturising, good for a everyday lipstick. 

Mac 'Please Me' (Matte)
Bold colour payoff, gorgeous shade of pink. Slightly drying, best worn with a lip balm underneath. 

Barry M '147'
Bright coral/pink colour, lovely alternative to red lippy. slightly drying again best worn with lip balm underneath

Barry M '100'
Bit cakey and drying, teaming with lipbalm or gloss gives a better finish. Gorgeous baby pink though!

Barry M '101'
The nude of all nudes, very drying, when wearing this less is more in my opinion. Sometimes can get a hint of 'concealer lip' syndrome!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Pink Blush'
Lovely pink with glossy finish. Long lasting, very pretty.

17 Lasting Fix ' Dreamy'

Bright pink, quite drying, best worn with lip balm. If im honest, my least fave! :(

Thats it girlies, my lipsticks and very tiny reviews on what I think of them! (See told you I'd keep it short and sweet!)

Much Love. xoxo

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