Body Shop Makeup Brushes.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

So today Ive decided to have a little rave about my brushes i use to apply my makeup. 
The brushes I use are from The Body Shop. Now I don't have all of the range (yet) but these are so good that I am seriously considering holding a Body Shop party at my house so I can possibly purchase some more! hehe. 

The Face & Body Brush £14.00

'Large and fluffy to give you even coverage with just a few strokes. Perfect for the Face neck and decolletage'

I use this brush for my face powder every day (and bronzer in the summer months) It's made of synethic  material which is amazing as it is so soft on your skin. I have had mine a while now and it's still as soft as the day i took it out of its packet. Theres no shedding either which is such a plus. (I have a Ruby and Milly Kabuki brush that sheds all over when I use it which is tres annoying!) Some people have said that they find it hard to use as a powder brush due to it's shape but I have found it works for me, I just use the bit by bit method. Start of with a little powder, then just add more to build up the coverage. At £14.00 its a snip if you compare it to other brushes like the Mac 134 powder brush which retails at £35.50. 

Blusher Brush £11.50

'Unsurpassed for sweeping on colour and defining cheeks'

I use this brush for my contouring, blush and highlighting my cheekbones. This is the perfect sized brush for me. Some blush brushes i find are a bit too small and I find my makeup doesnt turn out how I want. Like the Face and Body brush this one is soooo soft! Trust me, get to Body Shop and feel these brushes, it's like a brush form. Retailing for £11.50, i think this is a pretty decent price. Its clear these are good quality brushes and will last for a long time. 


Eyeshadow Brush £8.50

'A must-have for creating everything from a sultry, smokey look to bright-eyed innocence.'

Again a great brush!! Again really soft! This is the perfect shaped and size brush for your eyeshadows. I find it works really well to apply the colour and also as a blending brush.I can pick up just the right amount of product and it distributes evenly on my eyelid. Some eyeshadow brushes are scratchy and can irritate my eyes, but I have had no problems with this one. 

 Lipstick / Concealer Brush £8.50

'A fine tapered brush for Precise application of lipcolor or concealers.'

I admit I dont really use this brush much but it came with the set I purchased. When I do use it, I use it when applying lipstick rather than as a concealer brush. As the brush is so small its great for ensuring you have a nice clean line of colour on your lips. You can really define the shape of your lips nicely using this brush. I do think that it could be used as a gel liner brush if you like a thicker line or even to shade in your eyebrows. 

Slanted Brush £8.50

'Use the pointed side to blend colour near the lash line, then use the flat side to sweep colour onto to lid'

I personally do not use this brush on my eyes as per the comment from TBS website. I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows. I can create very clear lines with this brush and I have great control with it. Okay so it is a bit on the bigger side for an eyebrow brush but at the moment  I dont have any alternative! Like all the brushes before, this is very soft and does not scratch or irritate my skin at all. I have in the past attempted to use it with a gel eyeliner but this was a big epic fail! I'll be sticking to using it for my brows! :)
So that it, my raves on the Body Shop makeup brushes that I own. I dont have any Mac brushes as I personally think they are overpriced for what they are.. If I makeup artist then I would consider purchasing them but I think I'll stick with the ones I have. I have heard that Elf Studio brushes are pretty good though, has anyone tried these? Any suggestions for any brushes I should try next?
Also apologies for not taking my own pictures for this post. My camera battery is flat and i cant find my charger! :( 

Much Love.


  1. I use ELF brushes and would recommend them. They're so soft and easy to use.

  2. Thankyou for your comment, I've entered you!
    Thats strange, that is exactly what my cakes were made for. Wear it pink day ..and it's today! :D have a good weekend love xxx


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