Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hi Girls.

So first up.. my no heat challenge is proving very difficult.. In fact I am rubbish and I have been using the hairdryer on the cold setting to quickly blast my fringe and roots in the mornings. I know! FAIL!! I really want to just not use my hairdryer at all but i just cant! My hair looks like it is stuck to my head if i dont volumise it a bit with a smidge of hot air!! Anyways.... I havent used my hair straighteners so that is a plus as they can wreck havock on your hair. So I am partly sticking to the challenge... sort of...I will try my best to rectify this little problem I am having, Promise.

Moving on.... 


Boots have their 3 for 2 offer going on at the moment on numerous products (Buy 3 items but get the cheapest item free).. As soon as spotted the sign I headed straight to the Lee Stafford Stand to pick up some tubs of the infamous hair growth treatment. 
The 'Hair that never grows past a certain length' treatment retails at £6.99 a pot.. Therefore I suggest you jump on the chance to purchase a few pots while this offer is on.  I am going to be using this treatment from now on and hopefully there will be some improvement on the length of my hair. I will ensure I take photos before and after so we can all see the results. 

So watch this space ladies for long lusious locks! :)

Much Love

Leanne. xoxo