Lush Big Shampoo Review.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hi Lovelies.

I hope everyone is well and is having a great weekend... even though it is raining!! 

Now for the past few weeks I have been trying out the Lush Big Shampoo. This was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase. I was going through a phase of wanting big massive hair! I thought this shampoo would be the answer to my prayers! 


The shampoo comes in a typical black Lush style pot with a screw top lid. If you collect & return any 5 black tubs from lush products and return them; regardless of the product/price you bought, then they will provide you with a free fresh face mask! The tub itself holds 330g. 

The main ingredients for this shampoo are Sea Salt, Seaweed and Lime. All these combined with the essential oils included provide a very nice fresh scent. It really reminds me of the seaside (Its probably the seaweed in it!)  Lush claim that this product is made up of 50% Sea Salt. Which I was a bit hasty about at first as I thought it would be all scratchy on my scalp! Due to the amount of salt in it i was curious as to how this would even lather up in my hair, all i could imagine was covering my head in salt and nothing really happening apart from my hair smelling nice! How wrong i was! 

You do not need a lot of this product to create a lot of lather. Literally I a take a 2 finger scoop from the tub and evenly apply it over my hair and massage... Straight away I achieve a great lather. (You may need to add a bit more water to get more of a lather if you wish) You can feel the bits of salt on your hair, but rather than feeling scratchy.. combined with gently massaging my head it actually feels pretty good! I could tell that my hair was getting a real deep clean.. This was clear when i rinsed out the shampoo and found my hair 'squeaky clean'. The only problem I found was that it made my hair a little tangled so using a wide toothed comb before conditioning. Ususally I shampoo twice before conditioning but with this product i dont find i need to. I get the fresh clean feeling after one wash (which this does state briefly on the tub) 

Once I dry my hair on a low heat after using Lush Big Shampoo I do see a difference in my hair. For a start it definately feels lighter (I think this shampoo helps to get rid of product build up which is a bonus) My hair feels a lot softer and has more shine. As for giving it more volume (which is what this shampoo says it does) I would say that it gives a bit more voloume but not as much as i anticipated.

The RRP for this shampoo is £9.60 which I personaly feel is an okay price as this shampoo is something I dont use everyday so it lasts a long time. I will be re purchasing this shampoo when i run out of my current tub. As a volumiser shampoo I personally dont think it makes much difference, but as a Shampoo to clear up product buildup and give you that 'squeaky clean' feeling this is perfect! :) 

Much Love

Leanne. xoxo