Review: Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hiya Girls.

So up for review we have the Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo. Now if you are like me and love to use all kinds of products in your hair on a day to day basis then this shampoo is a must! 


When you are continuously using different products on your hair, whether it be mousse, hairspray, Serums or something else, you may think you are getting rid of those products everytime you wash your hair with your standard shampoo, but you would be wrong. Even though you could be someone who religiously does the two washes then condition routine when you shower, you will still have some product build up in your hair. This can cause your hair to go flat, greasy, & generally feel like poop! Therefore you need to invest in a cleansing shampoo to get rid of your day to day build up and make your hair fresh and extra extra clean again! 

This retails in boots at £2.99, which is a really great price compared to some shampoos. I use this product once a week as I use mouse and hairspray daily. It's really great and after the first wash I could see a big difference. My hair was brought back to life! It lathers well, and has a nice generic shampoo smell. Not over powering at all. I just use a small amount of the build up removal shampoo, then rinse, Use my usual Aussie shampoo for a second shampoo then rinse and finally condition and rinse! Bobs your Uncle, Jobs done! 

Has anyone else tried this shampoo, or one similar? What were your thoughts? 

Much love. 

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