Review : Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a bottle.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

So up for review today we have Umberto Giannini's back comb in a bottle.


I'm going to just get straight to the point and say that I LOVE this product!! I am much more impressed with this product from the range compared to the mousse. This retails at £5.49 for 200ml. 
This is great to use if you want that extra added ooomph to your hair. Now as you all know by now I like to try and achieve volume in my hair, and this helps me do just that!
Now the instructions on the bottle arent very clear as to what you really have to do to make the most of this product. Just that you should spray on your hair and 'jujj' into place.

I use this when my hair is dry, others have tried when wet.. I dont even know how that would work as it a hairspray like consistancy so spraying on wet hair surely wouldnt achieve anything! Anyway. I take smallish sections of the top layers of my hair approx 2inches worth, lift the hair up high so its pretty much vertical on my head and then spray a quick spray of the backcomb in a bottle on my roots. I keep my hair help upright while the spray sort of dries on my roots, then I let go and let the hair fall back into place. I do this all over the top section of my head. Then once I have done it all, i just take my hands and just rough up my hair a bit.. This (for me) is where the volume appears. 

I have seen some negative reviews online saying how this product did not work for them or it didnt create very much volume. Each to their own, but I cant imagine how this could not work AT ALL on someones hair. I dont know if people have high expectations of it and assume your'e going to instantly acheive some amazing beehive by a couple of sprays, thats not the case. This product helps create more volume to help you along to achieve those looks without over dooing the back combing. I admit I have used this and then been naughty and back combed a little. But honestly it does cut down the amount you backcomb if you are looking for big hair. 
For an everyday look I just spray the spray, rough it up and leave it.. thats enough volume for me. But for nights out thats when i add the little bit of backcombing to help it out a bit. 

I really like this product and if you are looking for a product to make your hair a bit bigger on a day to day basis then this is for you. Dont expect miracles, you've got to p put a bit of effort in to get massive hair. It would be pretty impressive if you had a product which instantly gave you a beehive, but we've got to be realistic and go for something that just helps you along the way. Its fun to experiment anyway! 

Has anyone else tried this product, or any of the others in the range? 

I hope you enjoyed. 

Much Love. 

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