Review: Avon Matte Nail Polishes

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hi Girls

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have been promising this review for over a week now! Finally I have got around to actually writting it!

I first saw these polishes on Fleur's blog and I instantly fell in love! These are not avaliable to buy in the UK until the 23rd December, however I am lucky as my Mum is an Avon Rep so she got 3 of them for me to try out! 


 The three polishes I got were "Violetta', 'Black as Night' and 'Inky Blue' There is another colour which is Grey and a reddish toned one too but I didnt get those! I would like to try those out though just to see what they look like! 

Firstly I love the matte look to nail varnish, its something different and may not be to everyones taste but each to their own. These polishes are really easy to apply, the brush is quite long and the lid isnt a awkward shape, therefore makes it easier to hold.
The consistancy of the nail polish is just right, It isnt too thin so you have to put lots of coats on, but not too thick that it takes ages to dry. Infact these polishes dry really quickly! And  like Barry M Nail Effects you can actually see the nail polish working as it drys and turns matte! 

This is such a gorgeous colour, this photograph really doesnt do it justice! (silly camera) If you want a better look at the colour check out Fleurs blog as she has a great pic of it painted on her fingernails.


Black as Night
All I can think of when I see this colour is a blackboard! I love it though, It's great as it makes a change from your usual glossy black nail. I will definately try out some nail art on top of this in the future. :-)

Inky Blue
You can see reflects of red in the bottle but once you paint your nails you cant really see these. The polish comes out as a really nice navy colour! its gorgeous. One point though, make sure you wear a base coat under this polish - My nails looked like they had a blue rinse when i took the polish off! 

Unfortunately these polishes all chip really quickly! I would definately suggest wearing a base coat and a top coat when you use these. Obviously you will have to get a Matte top coat to put on top because if you used a normal one it would turn glossy and then you lose the effect!

These polishes retail at £6 each which some people may think are too steep or others may think its an okay price, personally knowing now how quickly and badly they chip without a top coat I cannot justify spending £6 on one nail polish, but that's just me! 

Has anyone else managed to try these polishes? What did you think, let me know in the comments! 

Much love. 


  1. Ooo these look like great colours I will have to keep my eye out for these when they come out because I love avon nail varnishes :)

  2. These polishes are a NIGHTMARE!!! They chipped within 6 hours and within 3 days all of my nails were only about half polished. When I tried to remove it with polish remover, it smeared the color around my whole nail & stained the nail. I worked on removing it for well over a half hour and I still have purple edges! Buyer beware!!!

    1. Yes, They do chip as I stated in the post which is unfortunate. Try it with a base coat and then a matte top coat and they should be fine. They work for me that way. :-) x


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