Review : Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hi Ladies.

As promised here is a post for you!

Up for review we have the Vitamin E skincare range from The Body Shop. 
I really really rate this range! There are a fair few products within the range, I have the Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Moisturising Cream  and Night cream. 

First up we have the  Cream cleanser and  Hydrating Toner.


Cream Cleanser.

The cleanser retails at  £7.00 for a 200ml bottle, You can get a smaller travel sized 60ml bottle for £2.50, which is handy if you dont want to carry the larger one when you go away. (I love it when you can get travel sized things dont you!)  The bottle states that this "Effectively removes make-up & impurities, Leaves your skin clean, soft and supple".. Well I have to say I agree! My skin really feels a lot fresher after using this and it definatley removes your makeup for you.  It contains Wheat Germ Oil, which really moisturises and conditions your skin, which is great, especially in the winter months when your skin needs a bit more TLC.
The consistancy of the cleanser I feel is just right, it isnt too thick so it feels more like a moisturiser but isnt too watery so it doesnt feel like its doing its job! It also has a really pleasant floral scent but it isnt too over powering at all. I think its really nice to be honest!

It is really simple to use, I just squeeze out a £2 coin sized blob on my hand and then dot the cleanser all over my face so that the 'blobs' are evenly spaced and cover my face and neck area. Then all I do is grab some cotton wool and in small circular motions I move around my face and neck area making sure Im using all the cleanser. Then your done and can move onto the next step! 


Hydrating Toner.

After the cleanser you should use the hydrating toner again this retails at the same price as the Cream Cleanser. You use this to remove any traces of toner you may have not got off previously, its also an added extra just to make sure all makeup and dirt has been removed. The good thing though about using a toner is that it will not dry your skin out. It helps with the process of leaving your skin soft and supple and I definately feel like my skin has had a new lease of life after these two steps.  Very refreshing!

Like before the toner is really simple to use, You just need to get some cotton wool, pour a bit of the toner onto the cotton wool, then like before, in circular motions you just need to apply the toner all over your face and neck. 


Moisturising Cream

This Moisturiser is brilliant! It retails at £9.00 for 50ml, but I have just double checked on The Body Shop website and it is now reduced down to £4.50. This moisturiser is lovely, its not thick at all, it is more like a body lotion, however does the job as a moisturiser. It sinks into your skin really quickly! It has the same scent as the cleanser which is scrummy! You dont need to use a lot of this each day, a little goes a long way, therefore it lasts you a long time. I had mine for months and Im only just coming to the end, I will need to repurchase soon!


Nourishing Night Cream.

This is pretty self explanitory! You use the night cream after you have cleansed and toned your face in the evenings. This retails full price at £10, but like the moisturising cream, it is currently at a discounted price on the body shop website at £5.00. Bargin! This cream is thicker in consistancy than the daily one, therefore takes a little longer to soak into the skin but I feel that it means that it will really work during the night while im sleeping. I have to say when I wake up in the morning after using this my skin does look a lot brighter and fresh compared to the nights when i forget (woopsie) to use it. 

Overall I love this range, and I would definately re purchase them all. If you were thinking of giving any of these a try I would suggest purchasing this little set that The Body Shop have to offer with miniture versions of the four products I have mentioned here.

 It contains:
Cream Cleanser 60ml
Hydrating Toner 60ml
Moisturing Cream 15ml
Nourishing Night Cream 15ml

I would like to try some other products within the range, do you have any recommendations at all? Or if you have used this range before what did you think? Did you rate it as highly as I have?

Much Love.


  1. great review! I love the bodyshop, I want that toner :)


  2. Hi there!
    I was thinking about buying the nourishing night cream from this range, but noticed it had cocoa butter in, and I absolutely can't stand the smell of cocoa butter!!
    Can you smell it in the night cream at all?

  3. @Chelsea Lane. You should get the toner hun, it's really nice!

    @Small Old Bean. Ive just smelt it! And If I am honest I cant smell the cocoa butter in it. But the best thing to do would be to go into a store and have a smell if your worried!


  4. This range is the most amazing cheap skincare I have ever used. It is so hydrating my skin feels so soft! A must have for everyone really.


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