Review: Dove Damage Therapy Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner

Saturday, 8 January 2011

I hope everyone is doing well! Ive got another review going on here! This time is for the Dove Therapy Colour Radiance shampoo and conditioner. Now I dont know any girl that isnt on a mission to make their hair in the best condition possible. I know I am always trying to improve my hair after years of colouring and heat damage! 

A few weeks ago my sister gave me a sample size of the Dove Damage Therapy Intense repair conditioner. I used it and I thought it was great. So great that when I was due to buy some more hair care I popped into boots and headed straight for the Dove area in the haircare aisle! 
I decided to pick up the Dove Damage Therapy Colour Radiance shampoo and conditioner. I was going to pick up the Intense Repair set but they were out of stock. I had recently re coloured my hair so I thought buying the colour radiance ones would be just as good and would help my freshly dyed locks! 


At the time (I'm not sure if this is still happening) the Dove shampoos and conditioners were buy one get one free. Therefore I managed to pick up a shampoo and conditioner for a mere £2.71! What a bargin! You get 250ml of shampoo product and 200ml of conditioner. Not bad at all! 

This  Damage therapy colour radiance shampoo is one of the ones where a little goes a long way. You really do not need to use that much when your washing your hair. I only take a 1p sized amount and it lathers up really well! I repeat this twice. You also dont need a lot of conditioner just a 50p sized blob will be enough (obviously depending on your hair length!) and I evenly distribute it through my ends of the hair. (Avoid the roots as this will make your hair greasy) Once dried my hair feels so soft, I am not kidding when I say it feels the softest its ever felt in a long time. I am really impressed! As to the effects on my coloured hair. I would say that it has definately reduced the fading time. My hair usually fades quite quickly but this time around it seems to be a slower process.. Im putting it down to using these products. :-)

I shall end this review by saying I will 100% re purchase the Dove Damage therapy colour radiance shampoo and conditioner combo. I honestly think its worked wonders on my hair (well made it softer and more managable!) And if the offer of Buy one Get one free is a regular occurance..even better! 

Much Love. 


  1. Just read your review and am tempted to go and purchase the set as it's currently on offer in Boots for 2 for £4. I colour my hair and up until recently (before Dove broguht out this updated range) used Dove for Coloured hair and to this day, it was THE best shampoo and conditioner I had. I washed my hair everyday and it was incredibly soft and gorgeous. They've since discontinued my shampoo/conditioner so I'm hoping this is the updated version! xx 

  2. My hair has been nice and soft but very static since using it. Other than that I'm

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