Review : Lipice Lipbalms & Glosses

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hi Ladies,  

The lovely people at Multibrands asked if I wanted to review some Lip Ice lip balms, like most girls I am always on the hunt for new products to make my lips moisturised and kissable so I said yes. 

I was sent 3 lip balms and 2 moisturising glosses. First up, I chose to check out the lip balms. 


Lipice Suncare. £1.69

This particular lip balm is a great one to have, especially in the summer as it contains SPF 25UV. I think a lot of us forget about protecting our lips against UV in the summer! To be honest, even though the name is 'Lipice Suncare' this balm doesnt need to be restricted to just this time of year, you should protect your skin and lips from UV rays all year around. My first impressions were good, the lip balm itself has a slight citrus scent to it. Rather lemony which personally I love. It's very moisturising and leaves a glossy sheen to the lips which I love as it means you dont have to worry about lipgloss on top.


Lipice Original. £1.29

Now you can never go wrong with an 'original' lipbalm. This one in particular does have the typical 'original' scent but I can also smell a slight hint of Coca Butter in there. Which is yummy! Sometimes I get a bit put off by "plain" lip balms as I feel they can taste a bit soapy! This one though doesnt taste bad at all! It's a perfect balm to wear under lipstick or gloss if you wanted, although like the Suncare balm you do get pretty sheen to your lips after using it so it could be worn on its own. 


Lipice Strawberry Touch. £1.29

This balm is slightly different to the other two balms as it actually gives you a slight pink tinge to your lips. This is great if you want to do a natural look with your makeup and dont want to go OTT on the lips. As the name suggests it has a strawberry scent to it, thankfully it isnt overpowering, unlike other balms I have tried. Again this definately moisturises my lips really well just like the other two, they really feel softer after a few uses. 

Next we have the two moisturising glosses...


Lipice Pink Sheen Gloss £1.69

Just like Strawberry touch, Pink sheen gloss, give your lips... well a pink sheen! There is a slight hint of shimmer too but its really wearable for day or night. You can easily wear this gloss on its own, or on top of a pink/peach lipstick, I think they woudl really compliment one and other. I am always wary of tube glosses as I find they can be quite sticky and thick, this one however has a really nice consistancy and last for a decent amount of time.


Lipice Q10 Anti Wrinkle £1.99

Personally I feel that this gloss is perfect as an over night treatment for your lips, that is what I have been using it as. Its quite a thick consistancy but sinks in relatively quickly. I know at the young age of 22 I dont want to think about wrinkles but if you take better care of yourself now, in the future your body will thank you for it! You can feel that its working wonders for your lips, when i get up in the morning they feel sooo soft!! 

A quick round-up

All balms have SPF15 apart from the Suncare one which has SPF25.
If you are a vegetarian you can still use them as they have been vegetarian approved.
They will be avaliable to buy from Tesco stores.
They are affordable, as you can see from the prices of each shown above. 

If you want to read up on these products then check out the website here

Hope you enjoyed! 

Much Love