Review : Soap & Glory 'The Breakfast Scrub'

Friday, 14 January 2011

Up for review today we have the Soap & Glory 'The Breakfast Scrub'. I received this for Christmas in my Soap & Glory Gift Tote bag. You can see a post of everything that came in the set here.


Now I am being totally honest here. I had not heard of this scrub before. I knew about the Flake Away scrub but had not heard of this scrub at all. Where have I been? Under a rock?! I dont know! Anyway..
Just like the other products this has the iconic pink retro packaging, unlike Flake Away, you can see the product as its contained in a see through container, I really like this as it means you dont have route around in the shop  for a tester to see what it looks like.The tub holds 300mls of product £9.25. I feel that this is a reasonable price. This scrub will last you some time, as you dont use it everytime you shower. Its a scrub you use once a week to exfoliate away the dead skin on your body. 

The thing that most people comment on this scrub is the scent. It is to die for. The phrase 'good enough to eat' springs to mind. I cant put my finger on what is smells just like but a very similar scent is that of the Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee. There is that is smells of but i really cant put my finger on it! If anyone can enlighten me in the comments please do! 


The scrub contains Oats, Shea Butter, sugar, Cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts. The consistancy of the scrub is rather sticky when you first take it out (think making a pizza dough! ha) but once you rub it between your palms ready to distribute it feels much easier to work with. Ensure that your body is damp/wet when you apply this as this helps the exfoliating process. Then all you need to do is evenly spread it out over your body in circular motions.Instantly you feel the effects of this scrub. Its taking away all the dead skin and revealing fresh new glowing skin underneath! It leaves my skin feeling very soft afterwards, Its worked much better than any other scrub I've used (I am yet to try S&G Flake Away) I am really pleased with how this has worked.
You can pick up this scrub from Boots or if you wanted the Soap & Glory Website. I know I will definately be repurchasing this scrub once I have run out of my current pot. Its worth the money, smells delicious and works really well on my skin. Big thumbs up! :-)

Have any of you guys tried this scrub before. What were your thoughts, do you like it as much as I do? 

Much Love 


  1. I got this for Christmas too, and at first I thought the smell was quite odd, but after using it, all I could smell was caramel, it was gorgeous. I love this product.


  2. The smell is maple, like maple syrup, it says it on the packaging! I haven't actually smelled it yet but I bought it today on my work break purely for the alleged scent! x

  3. @Jess It's a new fave for me! Love it. x

    @Milkteef Oh yeah so it does! I should open my eyes more! Once you try it, you will love it! As long as you dont mind really sweet scents! x

  4. Thanks for a great review! I have this too! :D x

  5. Hiya how would u recommend using this scrub? With a body brush or hands? As I have eczema on my hands I'd prefer a brush what do think?

    Aisha xx


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