The money burns a hole in my pocket.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hi ladies.

As you are all fully aware, in the month of January I didnt have much money due to the big spend on a new laptop. Well February is here, I've had pay day and that money is (as the title suggests) burning a hole in my pocket!

I picked up a couple of items in boots when I was shopping for some giveaway prizes. Nothing special really but I thought I would share with you.


Firstly I stocked up on some Shampoo and Conditioner. I've always been a fan of Tresseme products and this particualr range caught my eye. The products are lower in sulphates and silicone free, therefore better for your hair. The text on the bottle claimes "10x stronger hair after just one use' Now the saying goes. Dont believe everything you read.. so until i fully test out the two I cant comment whether that claim is correct!


Currently in boots, Umberto Giannini Glam hair products are on offer for 3 for £10 which is a really good deal considering most products are around the £6 mark so you do get a bit of a saving! Now we all know I am a fan of backcomb in a bottle. You can see my review here I figured, why not give some of the other products a go.
I have already tried the massive mousse from the range and wasnt as impressed but I still am willing to give the others a chance! Ive always liked the messy hair look, It used to be my regular hair style back in the day, until recently where I have been getting the hair straighteners out of hiding and using them on a day to day basis. This grunge glamour tousled salt spray claims to give you that 'lived in look' and 'come to bed' hair. To be honest I just want a messy do that looks half polished and not like ive been dragged through a hedge backwards!


Next I picked up the 'Rock and Roll Extreme Hair Spray' This was a bit of a 'what shall I get as I have batiste dry shampoo at home so dont need anymore and I already have backcomb in a bottle' purchase! I am running low on my current hairspray.. it does its job but doesnt have fantastic hold. According to Umberto Giannini stylists...this hairspray will ensure my 'do' lasts all night and well into the next day.. We shall see about that!

Have any of you tried these products out yet, What did you think if you have?

Much Love.