I wish I was a punk rocker, with flowers in my hair..

Friday, 11 March 2011

Hi Ladies,

Okay, so maybe I'm not so much of a punk rocker but I do love wearing flowers in my hair! Some of you may or may not have heard of Crown and Glory, it is a online shop selling beautiful hand made hair accessories. Theres a great range of products from hair clips to the very fashionable turbans that are popular at the moment. There really is something for everyone, all at affordable prices.

I found it diffficult to narrow down what I wanted to purchase as there were so many items i really liked and wanted. In the end I settled for the Cotton Candy bobby pin set I am not someone who usually goes for pink things, but I knew that these would stand out in my brunette hair, which is exactly what I wanted.


This set retails for £6.00 which I think is a complete bargin. Everything on the site is handmade, so you know a lot of effort and care has been taken in the production of the piece. Some sites charge ridiculous amounts for handmade items, but Crown and Glory have got it covered, affordable prices mean we can build up our C&G collections easily without having to break the bank! :-)

Now I am sure you will all like to know how I use said pins in my hair. I sometimes use them to jazz up my hair if im wearing it down, by pinning one side up, another way is when I do a 'bit up bit down' style I use them to secure the hair rather than a boring brown bobby pin. However my favourite way to use them is with messy hair.. when I say messy hair, what I mean is when I put my hair in a messy bun. I feel that the scruffiness of the style combined with the delicate flowers just looks amazing. I managed to get my boyfriend to take some pics of the style with his DSLR so I could show you. (Its very hard to photograph the back of your head!)


As you can see, they really makes the hairstyle. It goes from a scruffy up do to.. well quite a polished looking one I think! I love how they get mixed up with all the hair and you see odd accents of colour within the messy bun!
I definately want to get some of the other colours in the bobby pin range, One day I may even be brave enough to try a crown for that festival chic look! I can see myself spending a fair bit on there.. Sorry bank balance!

Much Love.


  1. I want to buy all of the things from Crown and Glory, they make such lovely things. You can't go wrong with some lovely flowers in your hair! :D I like how you used them in your messy up do, it looks lovely :)

  2. This is how i wear mine the most too! They're so gorgeous and look lovely in your healthy shiny hair!! Love the artsy pictures too! xx

  3. Love that hairstyle, wish my hair would go so I could do that without having to wear my extensions xx

  4. @Gemx You should get some! Theres so many styles to choose from though, its hard to narrow it down! x

    @Hannah I love wearing them this way! I wouldnt say my hair is healthy though! :-s x

    @charli You should buy some anyway charli to wear with your hair extensions! x

    @daisychain Go Order Now! x


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