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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hi Ladies. 

Hope you are all well! Just quickly.. MY FAUX ROCCO ARRIVED TODAY!!! :) I actually cannot wait to get home to see it. My sis sent me a picture message of it and I posted on my twitter if you want a peak!!
 Anyways back to this post...

As I mentioned in my 'ins &outs' I went to a jumble sale at the weekend and got some barginous scarves!

There are bloggers that highly rate carboots and jumble sales for vintage finds but sometimes they make it sound like its really hard to find things when you go. To be honest I think it just comes down to pure luck. Theres no technique, no 'must do's, or knowledge of 'how to' when at a carboot/jumblesale, it just depends if the ones you choose to go to have items which appeal to you. 

I have regularly gone to bootsales seling my own bits and pieces, but before blogging I never thought of looking for 'vintage finds'. They happen more often in spring & summer so when they start up again I think I will start going as a 'buyer' rather than a 'seller'. Jumblesales however, are an all year round thing. So far I have been to two.  The 2nd one was the one I attended on saturday. This is where I picked up 3 vintage scarves for 30p! 


Above is one of the scarves, a vibrant red silk scarf with a intrecate pattern in the centre. I will post pictures of the other 2 i bought soon, but as these were the only two photos that turned out right today I will save the others for another time. But dont worry I will post about them! :-) 

I dont know what happened with the 2nd picture, i hadnt changed any settings on the camera yet it came out in a sort of retro shade! I quite like it!

My advice would be to go to jumblesales over carboots.. At jumblesales.. its usually oaps that go so you are more likely to pick up the more 'fashionable items'  as younger people dont tend to find them appealing. It only costs about 20p to go into a jumblesale which is much cheaper than carboots, they are also more regular than carboots in the non summer months! :-)

Do any of you go to jumblesales or car boots? What's been  your best find?

Much Love


  1. I'm excited for you about the Wang!
    Also love that scarf on you...I'm wondering if I can get a scarf to work with my full fringe? Might have to give it a go.
    I never think to go to jumble sales but next time I se one advertised I'll pop along! xx

  2. I love car boots and jumble sales. I adore all the rummaging and then coming away with some little gems. Now I dont work weekends anymore I am so excited to be going to loads of bootsales! Dying to get down to the one in Battersea, South London as I have heard so much about it!
    I think my best buy was a brand new pair of topshop esperdrilles with the labels still on for only a £!. They were still in the shop for £15!
    I look for things to sell on ebay, makes a nice little earner if you buy the right things!

  3. That's a great scarf and I love those pictures of you!

  4. I also NEED jumper one in my life.

  5. A big YAY to the bag finally arriving! Can't believe the scarves were only 10p each!! Bargain. I never find stuff like this. Next time I'm coming shopping with you!!xxx

  6. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I have a bit of an obsession with scarves at the minute hehe! Love, love, love car boots and jumble sales too - you can find some amazing stuff! xo


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