Review: Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder.

Monday, 21 March 2011

So up for review we have the Bourjois Bronzing Powder that I bought on my last Boots excursion! I know this is a well liked product by many and there are other reviews out there but I thought I would put my 2 cents in! :-)


You can get the Bourjois 'Chocolate'  bronzer from Superdrug & Boots. It can retail between £5.99 to £6.99 depending if the stores have offers on or not. When I purchased I got it for £6.99 but Also in a 3 for 2 offer. So there are ways in which you can make a saving if you keep and eye out.  It comes in two shades '51' and '52' I have '52' I haven't seen 51 so I don't know what the difference is, I can only imagine that it may be a shade lighter?

I had heard that this made a good matte bronzer on a budget rather than dishing out the cash on Benefits Hoola. Being one who prefers to find cheaper alternatives I really wanted to give it a try. The other point which had been made was that it smelt really nice! Now part of me didn't believe that this could be possible but.. it really does smell nice! I get a whiff of the scent as soon as you open up the packaging, its not over whelming but it does make a nice change I think. 


Looking at the bourjois bronzer in the packaging you can see a slight gold shimmer to it. My first thoughts were 'oh no but I don't want shimmer!' However once applied you don't actually see the shimmer and it comes out matte. Result!
This is the kind of product where a little goes a long way, so at first you only need one swipe with your brush and you will see the colour on your cheeks once applied. I think this is a good quality to have, as it means it will  work for all sorts of people. Those of you that just want a slight bronzed look or those that love a bit of fake tan and need a bronzer to accompany your needs!


In the above swatch I admit it that it does look a little on the terracotta side but honestly it doesn't look like that on your face! It provides a lovely bronzed look which is what every girl is looking for. I would really recommend this bronzer if you are looking for a new one to try. I've heard that it can last you absolutely ages which is great. I would also love to try out its sister product the Highlighting powder (which doesn't seem to be on boots or superdrug online for some reason!) If any one has this, is it any good, shall I give it a go?

I hope you've enjoyed this review! It feels great to get back into reviewing things again! It's been a while!

Much love.


  1. Sounds amazing, most of my bronzers are shimmery. :(


  2. I tried this but it was just too orange on me :( gutted as I love all bourjois face products!

  3. Ohhhh I didn't even know there was two shades *runs to get mine* I have 52 as well! You will have this for years...mine is like 4/5years old me thinks!! Still not hit pan and I wear it all the time!

  4. I'd love to try this but I have an fcuk brozer that is quite similar and is practically new so I really don't need another! The highlight one looks fab!!

  5. This looks adorable! A very nice tan.

    But I don't think they sell them around here. =(


  6. This look great! I need a good bronzer! Thanks for the review! :) xxx xxx

  7. Hmmm it looks edible! Great review x

  8. I love the stuff!! It smells so good as well which helps! I sometimes get a bit carried away with it and end up having a tantastic face and pale body!

  9. I agree with Gaby, it does look edible!! I will have to go check this out!!

  10. I love this bronzer! not going to lie, the smell makes me want to lick it :O it smelss so gorgeous :P x

  11. @Jess - It is amazing and not shimmery! Get it! x

    @Daisychaindream Oh no! Which shade did you get or did you try both? x

    @charli yeah im glad it last ages as i loooove it! x

    @lauren. Theres no harm in having more than one bronzer! I want to try the highlight soon! x

    @sophie You can buy it online, so have a search! x

    @Hannah. No problem! Glad you like! x

    @Gaby It smells edible!! x

    @Natasha. Yes There have been a couple of times where I too have got a bit carried away!

    @Hannah Michelle. Yes do go check it out its lovely! x

    @kim Neill It does smell lovely! People should buy it for the scent alone! x

  12. This look great! I need a good bronzer! Thanks for the review! :) xxx xxx


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