The Black Studded Duffle bag

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hi Ladies.

If you have been reading my blog for the past month or so, you will know that I was one of the many bloggers to purchase a black studded duffle from Ebay after seeing Victoria's blog post on hers back in February. Since receiving the bag I have had a fair few requests to do a post about it. I figured I would provide you with all the information I would personally want to know, if I was searching to find out about this particular bag.

So first up Here is the bag in all its glory...


As you can see it is a big bag. When it first arrived I was a bit shocked, I thought it would be a little bit  bit smaller which meant at first I wasn't even sure if I liked it! But after constantly picking it up and looking in the mirror I finally came to the conclusion that I carry so much rubbish around with me that it is actually the perfect size for me, and i learnt to love it.
The measurements are: 
Height (without handles) approx 31cm
Height (with handles) approx 45cm
Width approx 36cm
Depth approx 23cm

Where did I get it?

This bag is from Ebay. The seller I bought it from no longer sells it however you can try to get one from this seller instead

Due to security/customs in Hong Kong being adjusted at the time of my order, the  bag took a bit longer to arrive than expected. Victoria stated that it took hers a couple of weeks to arrive. I got mine about a month after I ordered. I was a bit annoyed but then it was worth it in the end. The seller did message me and informed me that the customs situation was now sorted and any future orders will not take so long to arrive. So do not let that put you off. It £30 including postage from the seller I bought mine from. You cant go wrong there can you, its a good imitation and MUCH cheaper than a real one! Since purchasing I have noticed you can get these bags for cheaper, you just need to look on Ebay for Studded handbag. 

When it did arrive, it did have a fishy smell to it on the inside. I found out this was the glue. To solve this problem I turned the bag inside out and then sprayed a perfume all over the bag (obvs one that I didnt min using a lot of) It now smells lovely and coconutty! A minor problem that can easily be sorted. 

Some people said theirs arrived with a dustbag.. mine didnt.. but then my sister was the one that opened the package and knowing her she probably threw mine away in the bin! So I cant tell you if it does or doesnt, you'll just have to see if you order one! 


The bag is PU Leather (I think) As you can see it has the textured effect to it just like the real designer bag. The zips are quite chunky and work well. 

You can fit so much in this bag! It is fully lined with a dark brown cotton fabric. Inside there is a zipped compartment, like all bags have these days. On the other side there are two pockets, one clearly for your mobile phone the other is a bit wider I'm not sure what you would put in there.

For those of you that like to know measurements before you buy...
Zip pocket.. approx 16cm
Small inside pocket.. approx 9cm wide, 10.5cm deep
Larger inside pocket.. approx 12.5cm wide, 10.5cm deep.

It isnt as slouchy as I would have liked it to be, but I think over time it will become a little bit less structured and 'hard'. I dont like my bags to have a particular shape I do love a bit of slouch! haha. 


On one end of the bag there is a zipped compartment. This has zips on either side so it doesn't matter which way around you are holding the bag you can still get into this part. This is where I store my phone, its easy to get to and as this is such a deep bag which I will easily fill with so much rubbish it saves time and rummaging about when I am in a rush!

I think I have covered everything? If you can think of something you would like to know and I havent mentioned please leave me a comment and I will try my best to answer for you! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, i know you were patiently waiting for it! :-)

To shop for a studded duffle bag on Ebay, just click here.

Much Love


  1. Eek it's gorgeous! I've been trying so hard to not spend money but I might have to splash out on this! Thanks for the info :)
    Melanie x

  2. I absolutely love this! I will be buying a stone one when it comes in stock xo

  3. Gorgeous! I'm still in two minds whether to order one though.
    Can I be nosey and ask what you sprayed inside it? Long story short - I am on a mission to find a coconutty smelling perfume and you say you sprayed it and now it smells of coconut!! x

  4. Eeep, it's beautiful! I'm holding out for the grey version before I make a purchase, it'll look lovely for the Summer and Autumn for when it arrives then (: xxx

  5. ha I actually just got a little overwhelmed at a bag!
    *sillyness* but it is gorge.

    Lovely blog by the way, deffs following

    - should stop shortening words


  6. Gorgeous bag and not a bad price either.

  7. What a lovely bag! Its gorgeous, might treat myself to a grey one if I have any money left at the end of the month! Already have too many black bags!

  8. @Melanie. Dont think about it, just buy one! :) x

    @Jessica French I really want to get the other colour too! x

    @Welshbeautyblog Get one! And spray the perfume i recommended on twitter in it! :-) x

    @Michelle. I am just going to have them both. for £30ish you cant really say no! x

    @Daisychain. Buy one! :-p x

    @Eloise. Thanks hun! You should get it, so worth the pennies! x

    @Cherry Pullinger It is a great price for a replica! x

    @sophie The grey one does look lovely! But you can never have too many black bags x

    @Jazzy E. It is gorgeous! x

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  10. Gorgeous! I'm still in two minds whether to order one though.
    Can I be nosey and ask what you sprayed inside it? Long story short - I am on a mission to find a coconutty smelling perfume and you say you sprayed it and now it smells of coconut!! x

  11. I actually love these bags. I saw alex gerrard once with one and i wanted it ever since. Thanks for the tip. May have to purchase mine on Payday !! wwoohoo :) xx

  12. Thanks for this! Have been looking for a good replica for the longest time ever! Just wondering, would you think this would make a good school bag? Think it would fit a textbook and/or a notebook or two and is sturdy enough to carry that plus some extra supplies? Thanks!

  13. Hi, It would fit a text book in it along with other bits and bobs, Not a A4 folder though - unless you want it sticking out the top! x

  14. this doesn't have a strap does it?

  15. They don't sell it anymore. I want the real one so bad. I never thought of looking for a replica. How do I do an eBay search for another seller of a bag like this?

  16. No it doesnt. But if you search 'Celeb Studd Bag' on ebay there are some sellers that sell it with a strap x


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