Another new purse...

Friday, 22 April 2011


Yes I know, I only just got my Ted Baker purse!

However, this was an opportunity I was not going to miss! I don't know if you are aware of The Outnet. It is a website that sells designer pieces at a discounted price, basically its past season stock, hence why they can deduct some money off the cost. Last week they had a special 2nd birthday sale.
It was no ordinary sale though, You had to apply to get a ticket as only 2000 people were allowed to enter it. You just had to fill in the application form in order to be in with a chance of winning a ticket. When doing so, it said that the top 200 sharers would get a place.
To increase my chance of possibly getting a look into this sale I sent emails about it to my friends, and by doing so I ended up being one of the top 200 sharers, therefore guaranteeing me a ticket.

Now the best part... as this was their 2nd birthday sale... everything was £2! That's right, £2! Now you see why I was so keen to get a ticket for it?! There were rules though, you could only buy 1 item and once you have bought that item you were 'kicked out' of the sale, meaning you couldn't get back in.

Unfortunately, by the time I got to work and realised the sale was actually live I had missed a chance on a handbag as they were all sold out! They included  Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Lavin to name a few. So my next thought was to go to accessories and pick up something there. In the end I got this Sara Berman purse. Full price it would have been £112 but in this sale.. £2. I snapped it up and eagerly awaited its arrival

I ordered it on the Friday and it arrived on the Monday. Happy days.
Its sheepskin leather and has the studded detail on one flap. I love it but I have one problem. I don't know how I am going to use it without losing something. There are no card slots, just the zipped section for coins. As its leather it is so floopy that I would be scared to carry any cash or cards with me in case they fell out!
I am a bit undecided about what to do to it, do I keep it and use it as I should; as a purse. Use it as a small makeup bag maybe? or just sell it on ebay? I cant decide! It is gorgeous though and I do love it, just a little impractical!

I hope everyone is having a good start to their Easter break. It feels so much like a Saturday even though its Friday morning. Ive been awake since 7am too so it currently feels  a lot later than it really is! I am now off to get ingredients to make chicken tikka tonight. YUM!

Much love.