Review: Spanx Super Power Panties - Aka.. Bridget Jones Pants.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hi Ladies,

Today I've got a review for you, however this time around it isnt a beauty product!
Tights please contacted me and asked if I would be interested in giving some shapewear a try & review it on my blog. Of course I said yes. My problem area is my stomach. I hate it. As I have mentioned many times before (especially in the last few weeks) I would like a flatter tum. Sometimes you just need that extra bit of help and that's where SPANX come in handy. The Style I have to review are the SPANX Super Power Panties in Black. They retail at £28.00 & come in Black or a more versitle shade; Fleshtone.


Firstly I'll start of with stating how easy it is to work out your size. I always thought they came in generic sizes. Small, Medium and Large. But I was wrong. If you go onto the Tightsplease website and look on their size guide you can find how to work out which size you need to get. All you need to know is your height and weight. Then Depending on where you meet in the middle is the size you need! So simple & easy!

When I first took the shapewear out of the packet and looked at them properly, my first thoughts were "Oh my god, how am I going to fit in these" I am not exaggerating when I say the waistband was the width of my thigh! Fear not though girls, you may have a moment of panic but dont worry these babies stretch! So I carefully put the panties on. (I'm sorry but when I say panties all I can think of is Cheryl in Miss Congeniality!) I was really surprised at how easy they were to get on. Having never delved into the wonderful world that is magic knickers/control pants.. whatever you like to call them, I was under the illusion you required a shoe horn to get them on, but this was not the case. They went on with ease and so far I was impressed!


This particular style has the longer leg lengths which help shape your upper thighs as well, which is a big bonus. The last thing you want  is to  have the support for your stomach and then your thighs let you down! They are very comfortable and didnt feel tight at all. The only con of using these means there are certain outfits that you could not wear them with, I tried them out with a playsuit I own and the leg bits were visible as my playsuit was shorter!  However longer length body con dresses, skirts and trousers would be fine to wear with them underneath. The are very streamlined so dont show through your clothes either so know one needs to know you're having a bit of extra help!

Does it create the illusion of a flat stomach I hear you cry? Well it really does! I admit I was a bit sceptical about it and part of me didnt think they would work, but thanks to the tummy taming panel it really does hold in that extra bit of 'podge' as I like to call it! lol I was a bit worried about them being a bit tight and suffocating me a bit but they really dont, they are surprisingly very comfortable. Okay so they arent the most attractive of undergarments but they do their job that's for sure and if you have an item of clothing that you avoid wearing because you dont feel so confident in because you've got a little bit of extra weight around your middle, these could be the answer you are looking for!

Here are two pictures of me in a dresse which I always feel very self concious wearing due to the tightness around the middle! You can see the difference the SPANX shapewear makes.

Without the spanx
(This photo is also a perfect example of why I am doing the 30 day shred!)

With the Spanx.
A much flatter stomach and my overall shape is a lot smoother

So if like me, you hate your tum and want a simple but effective way to rectify the problem for special occassions  these control pants are a good investment in my opinion! So pop over to Tights please and have a look at what they have to offer. They also stock an amazing range of tights including Henry Holland...Suspender tights anyone? You can also pay with paypal on there, which is always a bonus! Especially for us girlies that use Ebay and are filling up our paypal accounts!  :-)

I hope this review was helpful for you and if you have any questions just ask me in the comments!

Much Love


  1. Wow they look amazing I need to seriously look in to these :) x

  2. I need these i have the same problem with my belly! xx

  3. that's a pretty impressive before and after! I'm tempted, but not sure they'd work on someone with us many lumps and bumps as me!

  4. I hate my belly but i reckon these might make me feel a bit claustrophobic. My friend swears by them though


  5. I love stuff like this haha! Never heard of Spanx before though. Impressive though!xx

  6. I still need to do my review...

    actually, my Mum has run off with the Spanx to review for me!

  7. Look forward to reading your review on them! Did you get the same style as me? x

  8. Kim Kardashian wears them all the time, therefore I am happy to wear them! x

  9. They really ares constricting at all. they feel very comfortable! And look what they did to me! :-) x

  10. Thanks. :-) x

  11. I think they will help any shape! Just maybe more of an obvious difference on different body shapes maybe? x

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