Wednesday Wishlist #3

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Cath Kidston Bag £25.00  ASOS
Soul Cal Deluxe Lumberjack Shirt £39.99 Republic 
Molly Suede Bow Front Platforms £25.00 Dress Rail  
Tigi Headshots Epic Volume Tween Duo £20.99 Feel Unique 

I know I just got my Rocco and then my Soul Cal bag from Republic, but I cant help but want this beautiful bag from Cath kidston! I have an addiction, but there is reasoning behind it. When I buy shoes.. sometimes they are too high and I cannot walk in them, therefore I have wasted my money on shoes I will never wear. Secondly I find clothes shopping really hard as I have an odd body shape and I differ in size in every shop. So it always leads to dissapointment..However with bags, you dont have that problem. They dont cause pain and they will always fit... so there you go, thats was me justifying why I like to buy handbags. ha! 

I actually LOVE this shirt from Soul Cal, doesn't it just look so comfy! I know we are starting to get a bit warmer weather and I admit I have been shopping for a few summer essentials..hello flip flops. But I dont care, this shirt cant go astray. I love the colours, very Jack Wills-esque but at a more affordable price! I can just pucture chucking this on with a pair of skinnies and plimsoles and having a casual day at the weekend. I am in love. :-)
 How gorgeous are these shoes!!! Okay, I am totally contradicting myself here as I know I wouldnt be able to walk in them but I would still buy them anyway! My sister has some similar from Miss Selfridge but she bought the size bigger than me so I cant borrow them! But dont worry girls, I wont be purchasing these any time soon, I need a 3 & the smallest size there is a 4! Its just not meant to be!...oh crap they have them in a 3 in black........ 

I've used Tigi products before and really liked them, so I definintley want to get some more to try. With moving into our own place this means that I wont have to watch where I leave items so they dont get pinched by my 19 year old sister, therefore I can invest in some nice shampoos /conditioners for myself. I love the idea of having big salon sized bottles in your bathroom. For a start, they are easier to use thanks to the pumps, secondly if you shop around you can get some good deals for these larger sizes therefore saving you money. I really want to give these a try. I will be investing as soon as I can! 

There's my short and sweet wishlist of this week! Anything you girls have your eyes on at the moment?

Much Love