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Friday, 27 May 2011

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Hi Girlies,

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Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Miso Zip Front Dress. Republic
Waterfall Jacket. Miss Selfridge
Tan Moccasins. New Look
Aldo Tan Wedges. ASOS
Cream Clutch Bag. Dorothy Perkins
Plait Bracelet. H&M

I love love love this camel coloured dress from Republic. Its such a lovely shape, and the colour is gorgeous. I think its the perfect dress that can be dressed up or down, very versatile! I want to get my hands on it!! Roll on payday!

I am a big fan of waterfall style items. I have a fair few cardigans and would like to get a jacket too. This one from miss selfridge is a lovely colour and looks like it is quite a nice fitted shape too, which I love. I am currently searching for a nice cream blazer or even a cream version of this particular jacket. Anyone know where I could get one?

These Moccasins look soooo comfy. I Admit, when the trend first surfaced I didn't think much of them but now looking at them every time I go into new look I really want a pair! I always struggle getting shoes in NL now though as the majority of the time they NEVER have size 3. It's really frustrating!!  - An update.. I actually bought these!!! Scheduling post backfires!

Im a sucker for wedges and I have always wanted a chunky tan pair, so when i spotted these on ASOS I knew I needed to put them on my wish list. I love all the detailing and they look like they could be okay to walk in. If only I could afford them. A bit out of my price range at the moment to be honest!

Ive got so many black going out bags, that its about time I invest in a different colour. This clutch is a very simple style and i love the colour. Its quite big too so will definitely hold all your essentials. Is it me though or are DP prices creeping up a abit. The same can be said for ASOS actually a lot of their own brand stuff is a lot more expensive than it used to be. I used to buy something from them every month but now I find myself struggling to find bits to get as I think a lot of it is overpriced!

Finally this simple plait bracelet from H&M. I really like this, the double strap is lovely as is the clasp. Its a bargain too! Love it! I am selling some bracelets a bit similar to this actually. This is what they look like here. I only have limited stock so if you would like one please let me know in the comments. They are £5.00 including p+p.

Much Love.


This is my first Models Own nail varnish purchase, and I am in love!
I have been after a nice glittery varnish for a while now and I did have my eye on some of the Barry M ones, but they were never in store so it would have meant buying them online... which was dangerous because I know I would have ended up purchasing more items which I most probably wouldnt need!
I saw this when I was in River Island at the weekend and straight away I knew I had to have it. This is it applied over Nails inc 'Cromwell Road' it took two coats to get this coverage. I was only going to paint one nail but then decided to just go with it and paint all my nails!

Have you got any Models Own varnishes, are there any you would recommend?

Much Love.


The Ombre Nail Trend...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hi Ladies.

We've had Ombre hair and now its time for the newest craze, Ombre Nails. This trend has recently seen on lots of celebrities in LA, But most recongnisable is Lauren Conrad. There are two types of Ombre nails, depending on how patient you are! The first one is where you paint your nails dark to light, starting with the darkest on your thumb, gradually getting lighter to your little finger. The second is where you create the gradient effect on each nail using the ombre technique of dark to light.

I bought some new Nails Inc polishes from ASOS and when they arrived I realised they would actually be perfect for the Ombre trend, so this morning while catching up on the Apprentice I decided to give it a go.


From L-R: 'Hyde Park Mews', 'Jermyn Street', 'London', 'Cromwell Road' & 'Fulham Palace Road'

Jermyn Street and London were polishes I got free and the other three were from the set I bought from ASOS. I do think that is it probably easier to re-create this look if you use polishes from the same brand rather than searching through all your polishes trying to find some that match from different companies. By using all nails inc polishes I could get 5 colours relatively similar to one another so theres not a really big difference in shades for each nail.

If you dont have all the colours you need, you could always take a dark and light shade of a particular colour and mix them in a seperate container to custom make your own polish. Of course this is time consuming you would probably have to have the patience of a saint to do this! I think I would get too stressed trying to get the colours to match!

Here is how my nails turned out.


I'm pretty pleased with how they have turned out to be honest. It isnt really that time consuming to do, the only bit that takes the time is to actually find the colours you want to use. Other than that, its no different to painting your nails normally, you just use a few more polishes! :-)

I may give the second style a go at somepoint as I think it would be quite fun to try and achieve but I know that really will be time consuming so I will have to do it one day when I literally have nothing to do!
Has anyone else given Ombre Nails a go, or are you going to? I think its really fun and its a simple form of nail art! Love it.

Much Love



Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Vest top - New Look.
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Matalan
Bag - Matalan

This is the outfit I wore to my Grans surprise 65th get together the other day. The majority of my outfit was purchased on my shopping trip at the weekend! I love this skirt, it is sooo comfortable! I really do need to get it in some other colours! Also how volumised does my hair look here! Crazy!

Much Love.


Hi Ladies.
I hope that everyone is okay! I took this opportunity to go on a bit of a shopping trip this weekend. Now If you follow me on twitter you will already have an idea of the items I purchased as I tweeted a photo. But now I am going to go into a bit more detail about what I got. Pre Warning, a bit of a long/ picture heavy post! - But everyone loves pictures, right?

So technically, I started said shopping trip in Sainsburys! Tom & I went there to look for bits and pieces for our flat. We picked up a few few things..well I say a fair few, we spent about £124! We got cushions, lamps, towels, bed covers, bathroom bits, washing bits! Also threw in 2 magazines for Tom.. Where were mine?! lol Its official that the colour scheme - Yes I know we are renting but we still want it to look matchy matchy! - is Duck egg blue, black and cream for the living room/dining area/kitchen. Then the bedroom is browns/creams/teal and then the bathroom will be brown - or mocha as it sounds a bit nicer! No pictures of the items as there was too much to arrange and look pretty for a photo! haha.

Moving on to more exciting purchases.... my main mission of the day was to get my bum to H&M to try and find this skirt that my sister and I had seen someone wearing where we lived.. luckily for us, Kate at Gh0stparties had recently posted a OOTD wearing the exact skirt so I knew exactly where to go to get it! I picked it up in two colours (the peachy colour and mint green, although in the photo it looks white?!?!), however after getting home and physically trying it on, I want it in every colour! For £6.99 per skirt it would be rude not to! I may wait till later into May and then make a cheeky purchase online! :-) I also picked up a lint roller for 99p (They are always handy.. i did have to explain to Tom what it was though my definition "It's like sellotape to pick up the crap off your clothes but you can easily roll it". And finally I picked up a little bangle set for £3.99.


Next up Primark. Who can say they can go shopping in a town where there is a primark and not go and have a cheeky look. I know I have to always go in! I picked up a few things here. Id seen these flip flops appear on quite a few blogs recently, they are really cute and for £6.00 you cant say no. They were the only ones left on the shelve and in my size.. FATE! I picked up this straw bag. It was only £7.00 & I thought it would be a good 'holiday bag' Next I popped up to the mens section to grab a couple of £3.00 t-shirts to customise. Ive seen a fair few people do this so I thought I may give it a go turning them into vest tops...however I do kinda like them as they are, so I am a bit undecided about what to do with them now! Lastly I got some simple bangles for £1.50 and a pair of £2 sunglasses.


After seeing Vivanna's post  I knew I had to pick up Topshops Lipstick in 'Coy' for £7.00. There was only one left, so again.. must have been Fate! I do really like it and it is similar to Barry M's 147 and another lippy from ELF, but right now I cant remember which one! I may do a comparison post on it. Also after the hype of the wedding I wanted to pickup a nude polish for the perfect manicure! (as I am back to growing my nails again!) Bourjois Rose Lounge and Essie Allure were the nail polished used on Kate for her wedding day. Instead of completely replicating it I chose to pick up this manicure set from Bourjois for £9.99 which includes Rose Lounge! Individually these polishes are £5.99 so buying the set was a bit of a money saver, even though they do have the 3 for 2 offer on at the moment in boots!


Finally I headed to Matalan.. I wasn't even going to go there but Tom ended up wanting to go to argos and Matalan is right next to it, so naturally I had to go and have a browse! Admittedly there were quite a few pairs of flip flops in there which I really wanted to get, but I stopped myself as I had already bought a pair..however I didn't hold back when I saw the satchel! It's so nice and at £10.00 it was in my hand before you could say 'handbag addict'. Tom just laughed.. I tried to justify it by comparing it to buying xbox games but my argument was a big fat fail! Matalan also have a lot of their jewellery reduced at the moment so I picked up two necklaces - I love the black cord one, the gold one with the charms is actually really annoying as it gets tangled very easily! Both of these were reduced to £2.00 from £6.00. I also picked up this plaited headband/wristlet for £2.00 I had seen some in topshop that were about £7.00, but i decided to pick this one up just to see what it was like for only £2 you cant really worry if its gonna be rubbish!

So that's it for my little collection! Sorry its a bit long and theres a fair few photos! Usually when I go out shopping on a trip like this I tend to buy a lot of random unnecessary items but I think this time I have been pretty sensible and got a nice range of things! Oh and I assume you are wondering how Tom coped with me dragging him around all the shops? Well he bought himself this.. or in his words he 'bought a present for the flat....'


Much Love