The Ombre Nail Trend...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hi Ladies.

We've had Ombre hair and now its time for the newest craze, Ombre Nails. This trend has recently seen on lots of celebrities in LA, But most recongnisable is Lauren Conrad. There are two types of Ombre nails, depending on how patient you are! The first one is where you paint your nails dark to light, starting with the darkest on your thumb, gradually getting lighter to your little finger. The second is where you create the gradient effect on each nail using the ombre technique of dark to light.

I bought some new Nails Inc polishes from ASOS and when they arrived I realised they would actually be perfect for the Ombre trend, so this morning while catching up on the Apprentice I decided to give it a go.


From L-R: 'Hyde Park Mews', 'Jermyn Street', 'London', 'Cromwell Road' & 'Fulham Palace Road'

Jermyn Street and London were polishes I got free and the other three were from the set I bought from ASOS. I do think that is it probably easier to re-create this look if you use polishes from the same brand rather than searching through all your polishes trying to find some that match from different companies. By using all nails inc polishes I could get 5 colours relatively similar to one another so theres not a really big difference in shades for each nail.

If you dont have all the colours you need, you could always take a dark and light shade of a particular colour and mix them in a seperate container to custom make your own polish. Of course this is time consuming you would probably have to have the patience of a saint to do this! I think I would get too stressed trying to get the colours to match!

Here is how my nails turned out.


I'm pretty pleased with how they have turned out to be honest. It isnt really that time consuming to do, the only bit that takes the time is to actually find the colours you want to use. Other than that, its no different to painting your nails normally, you just use a few more polishes! :-)

I may give the second style a go at somepoint as I think it would be quite fun to try and achieve but I know that really will be time consuming so I will have to do it one day when I literally have nothing to do!
Has anyone else given Ombre Nails a go, or are you going to? I think its really fun and its a simple form of nail art! Love it.

Much Love