Depotting NYX Jumbo Pencils.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

You may have noticed a while ago I was attempting to sell my Jumbo pencils to de-clutter. In the end I had a change of heart and decided to keep them, and by doing so I was going to make sure I used them more often. As much as I liked them in pencil form, they were taking up a lot of room in my makeup drawers. I had heard that they were relatively easy to 'de pot' so I thought why not give that a go. I dont know what it is but I knew the product being in pot form would mean I would use them more often! So I thought I would show you guys how I did it incase you too have some pencils you want to de pot.


So firstly you need to find some pots to put the product in. In most youtube videos I watched, people used old sample pots from Mac /The Body Shop. Unfortunatly I didnt have any of these so I had to go on a abit of a mission to find something more suitable! In the end I picked up 6 stackable pots from Ebay. They only cost about £3 with postage, which wasnt too bad! I really liked the fact they were stackable, meaning they will take up less room in my makeup collection!


Once you have found your pots, the only other equipment you need is a hairdryer and a pair of pliers! It's so easy to do, but as a prewarning your arms really ache afterwards, so if you do have some sort of clamp to hold the pliers up instead of you doing it yourself, I reccomend it! (Think.. using Bunsen Burners at school and having to hold a beaker above it using those weird plier things!)

You need to remove the end from the pencil. They come off relatively easy, if you struggle a bit though, use your pliers to remove it. Now you should be able to see down into the pencil and see all the product inside. Next all you need to do it take the pliers and hold the pencil at the end over your pot facing downwards. Finally take your hairdryer and put it on a low speed setting at medium heat moving it up and down as you go.... You then literally wait..

As you heat up the pencils the product inside melts, therefore runs out of the end into your pot. Be careful, sometimes it can run out quickly and unexpectedly! So it is a bit of a messy process. My hands got pretty covered! It can take anything between 3 to 10 mins to remove all the product. Some of my pencils took a short amount of time but two took ages! My arms were killing! I definitely advise to take a bit of a break between them if you have a lot to do!


These are the final results! As you can see, my pots were a bit larger than sample sized pots meaning theres still quite a bit of space left in them. But I am happy it worked well and Love how it looks when they are all stacked up together! :-)
Will you be de potting any jumbo pencils you have? I would assume this technique would work for most makeup pencils, like the Barry M ones you can get!

Much Love