Oh hello Nars!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hi Girls, Hope everyone is well! 

For a long time I have always wanted to own some products from NARS. A popular brand in the beauty community hosting cult favourites of many. Famous for their rubberised packaging and logo, I couldnt wait to get my hands on some of their range.
My prayers were answered in the form of the Glossy Box. Where I received the Orgasm Illuminator - Which I have used everyday since. 


If I get a product from a particular brand and like it, I am then itching to try some other items which I was lusting after. After using the illuminator I knew I needed to get my hands on some other products.
Now personally I am not one to spend a lot on makeup. I would say I am a bit like 'Well why spend that much if I can get this cheaper alternative for a fraction of the price' however because it was payday and I saw all this money in my bank account, I had a bit of a splurge.

First up ASOS had 20% off selected items the other week, I decided to pick up the infamous 'Turkish Delight' lip gloss as I have wanted it for sooo long!  Sarah from City Girls Fashion Box managed to convince me to just go for it, adding that I may as well, as I could use the super saver delivery option if I was in no rush to receive the lip gloss, meaning it would cost me £14 in total. The reason why I have wanted this gloss for so long as it is the lip gloss favoured by Kim Kardashian. I love a pale pink lip so this was a must. Unfortunately I don't have Mac Angel lipstick to pair it with (like Kim does) However I do own Lazy Day's which looks even more lovely with a bit of Turkish delight slicked over the top! :-) 


I think I got hit by a bit of a NARS fever because the next thing I knew I was on their website looking at their gift sets. I think gifts sets are great, as you can pick up a couple of items (admittedly some may be a smaller size) for a good price saving you money. As I have always wanted to own a multiple by NARS I went for the Sun Kissed gift set which retails at £34. It came with Copacabana Multiple, Dolce Vita lip gloss and a mini makeup primer. Firstly I love the little box that they came in. I will be incorprating it into my makeup storage for sure! Its too pretty to throw away! I knew I would love the multiple as I have been lusting after it for ages and it did not dissapoint. The lip gloss I am a bit unsure of. Its not my usual colour, but hey I guess i could try it, but for now its staying in my makeup drawer! And I am yet to try out the primer as I am currently using up my GOSH velvet touch one. 


Now I have bought these items I am lusting after more, However my purse cannot handle it so I will just have to look at them from afar! The items I am most lusting after are the Bronzing Trio from the Portrait of Paradise collection and the eyeshadow palette Douceurs de Paris. A girl can dream.... or just put them on her birthday list! :-)
So really that was a post about the NARS products I now own! Do you guys own any Nars items, or is that a stupid question! hehe
Much Love.