Project Bathrooom.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hi Ladies. 

unpacking I find is the worst part of the whole moving process as I have stated in previous posts. I realised when unpacking all my 'bathroom' stuff, that I actually have a lot..and I mean a lot... I managed to make room for Toms small collection of toiletries but still Mine are literally scattered everywhere. 

I'd seen before on Lauren and Rosalyn's blogs that they have an on going project going on called 'project bathroom and I figured this would be a great thing for me to do, to A) Use up my multiple lotions and potions I have & B) Stop myself from buying anymore bathroom products as I do get sucked into the whole new product/'ooh its on offer I must have it' craze. 

So heres a picture of the collection/mountain/pile/mound of things I hope to get through...


The 'rules' for me are along the lines as the Project 10 pan ones. Try to use up my products that I have neglected. During Project bathroom I am not allowed to purchase products in the same category as those I am trying to use up. ie, I cant go buy a new body moisturiser until I have used up all the ones I currently own.
I may do mini reviews of the products once I have used them up, if I have not reviewed them on the blog before. Would you like that?

I dont know how often I will post an update, maybe monthly, depending on the amount of products that get used up.  It would be an incentive to use a decent amount up each month I guess! :-)

Are any of you participating in a project 10 pan or Project bathroom at the moment?

Much love.