Review: Scrub Up Naked Mineral Salt Body Scrub.

Friday, 1 July 2011

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I had bought a few products from the Naked range with my groupon voucher. I asked you guys what you would like reviewed and this scrub was the most requested. This is also part of my Project Bathroom stash to use up, I've used it a few times now so I thought I would jump ahead with reviewing it for you.


First up this tub is massive. I dont know if anyone else is like me but I never really look at the actual measurements of how big products are, I just jump in and buy them! I was expecting this tub to be about the same size as Flake Away from Soap and Glory. When it arrived I was shocked to see it was much bigger, there is 450ml of product in there! Now for £6.99 I think that it pretty bargainous! The product itself is 97% natural made up of Dead Sea Salt, seaweed extract and Almond oil. It has a very fresh 'sea like' scent to it! - Im sorry I am rubbish at describing scents! - This is an online exclusive so you can only get it from their website,


Its really compact into the tub, so at first It was a bit tough to get some product out - But i think this was due to the fact I was so used to a runnier consistancey from previous scrubs. When you massage the scrub all over you the salt dissolves which then leaves a moisturising oily mixture on your skin, dont fret though, if you arent a fan of oily products on your skin, once you are out of the shower or bath this texture seems to fade and your skin is left really soft!  The good thing about it is that a little goes a long way, I really didnt need to use that much to cover my entire body. I love this because it means this is going to last me a long time, I hate it when you get some scrubs and within a couple of weeks its all gone! This one will last me at least a month!

My skin definitley felt a lot more smoother and fresher after using the scrub. Its not too abrasive on your skin like some scrubs can be, which I like, because its the worst feeling when you use a scrub like this, and then come out of the shower or bath feeling like your skin has been scrubbed raw!

I will be repurchasing this scrub once I run out. It's really done a good job, and has lasted a long time. It's cheaper than my other fave scrub by soap and glory (Breakfast Scrub reviewed here ) So I wont feel so guilty making another purchase!

What Naked Bodycare product should I review next?

Much Love


  1. Emily Charlotte1 July 2011 at 17:40

    I need something like this to use ready to get in the sun on holiday next month, sounds like a bargain for all that product! Also, check you out being all organised with the scheduled posts!! (Unless you're blogging from your sunbed!) Hope you're having a fab time xxx

  2. Great review; Naked have just discontinued this though! x

  3. I was going to review this next week! It's a shame they're discontinuing it :( I know some of their discontinued products are on Direct Cosmetics but I'm going to try and find somewhere that stocks this and link it in my review.
    All I can say about the scrub though is that I like it because it's very 'scrubby' haha, my review will be short! x

  4. I'm loving the body scrub I got in my June Glossy Box actually, it's amazing. This looks great too, was thinking of trying it but I see from previous comments that it's being discontinued, wah :( hope you're enjoying the holidaaaay x

  5. I'm definitely going to try this, I'm using S&G Flake Away at the moment, but if this is cheaper and possibly better I'll give it a go! It's a really good size as well, bargain!



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