So if you follow me on twitter, you will know that on saturday I broke my makeup ban! :-( I was doing so well! I dont know what came over me! I had managed 27 days of not purchasing any makeup! I totally blame these two posts that Lily did. Here & Here and any posts that anyone has done on the blush 'Head over heels'!! :-)

You see, where I live there isnt a Topshop, and I go through phases of ordering things online. I like to break it up a bit because otherwise people think I am made of money with the amount of things I get delivered to work! :-) When in Basingstoke last Saturday I decided to take advantage of the selection of shops and 'pop into topshop' to just LOOK at the thing I knew I was handing over my card at the till for the above items! Then I was greated by Tom outside...the words 'Well you've failed' were said to me....I'm not going to lie....

To justify this little blimp in my makeup ban... I am not actually going to use these items till September (as I only had 5 days till the end of the ban) And I definitley will not be buying anymore makeup in August. If Im honest, It hasnt been too hard being on this makeup ban, and from now on I think I am only going to buy makeup items if I do really need it, not just for the sake of it... (ok I didnt really need these purchases but we'll ignore that fact) I do want to downside the amount of makeup I have, Like Sarah put in this post, I only have one face, why do I need all the slap!

Much Love


Project Bathroom Update #2

Friday, 26 August 2011

So it’s that time again, a Project Bathroom update. Like my previous update, I am not religiously making sure I use items up. I'm just using the products I need to as and when.  It's then just a bonus if I finish it and can feature it in this monthly post!  


Ooh La La Naked Coco Der Mer body wash.
I bought this ages ago in my Naked haul when they had a groupon deal and I've only just used it up! Woops. Seriously this is a definite repurchase for me. It smells delicious, it's so creamy and lathers so well. My skin felt very moisturised after using it. I might try out the other scents they have! Will have to look next time I pop into boots.

Jergens Naturals Coca Butter 200ml
I LOVE THIS COCA BUTTER! I am quite sad that it has run out! It smells amazing! The scent lingers on your skin all day  - I had people at work coming into my office saying it smelt of holidays! ha - A little goes a long way and it sinks in relatively quickly! It currently retails in Boots at £3.70 which is a bargain! If I didnt have other body lotions I needed to use up I would be down to boots and snatching some up!

VO5 Revive Daily Shampoo. 250ml
This was my bargain shampoo I picked up in poundland a while ago. If I am honest I didnt think it really made much difference to my hair, I admit my hair looked a lot shiner than normal, But as I really wanted to replenish the moisture in my hair this wasnt the shampoo to do it! I would re purchase because it smelt really nice, but i do want to give the other shampoos in the Vo5 range a try.


Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover.
This is my HG remover! I think this was my second or even third bottle of this stuff! It works really well for me and at a bargainous price of £3.05 I can’t really say no. I could reach out and start trying makeup removers from other ranges but I know this works well for me, so as the saying goes “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it!”

Clairol Nice & Easy Colour Seal Conditioning Gloss 
This is one of the conditioners that come with the home dyes. I always seem to have a unlimited stock of these because everytime I dye my hair I use two boxes! After using these my hair is sooo soft! They smell amazing too. My colour doesnt fade as much when I use these once a week, you just need to use the amount shown on the tube. It's also a great conditioner for your hair extensions when you wash them. Leaves them nice and soft! You can now buy these seperately in boots and superdrug rather than having to buy a dye to get hold of a tube

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night cream.
I've spoken about this range from Body Shop before. I still really rate it. The night cream is so moisturising and lasts ages! My skin always feels in top condition when I've used it. I will repurchase...and infact if Im honest I did before it had finished...cant refuse a good sale bundle from The Body Shop!


So there you go! There are my products I have used up. I am really enjoying project bathroom. I dont feel like I am missing out by not constantly buying the new beauty product. It feels great to actually finish some stuff that I have had for ages! Is anyone else taking part in Project bathroom as well yet? 

Much Love

I'm pretty sure nearly everyone (especially in the beauty community) has an Boots Advantage card tucked away in their purse. Am I right? 
We all know how they work, you build up points over time and then get to spend them on something we've lusted over for ages or  at the end of the month when youre short of cash to buy your lunch with!

Each month we get a little leaflet through the post informing you of the latest offers, how many points you have and a page of coupons for various items or double points etc to use. You can also use the machines in store to see what coupons you are entitled to and print them out ahead of your little spree.

So why am I telling you this? This is old news, you all know what benefits you get from and Advantage card! Well girls, the reason why I am telling you all this, is because you can extend your money saving and points collecting even further with the Boots Health & Beauty Magazine!! 


For advantage card holders this magazine is completely free! Yes FREE! (If you dont have a card you can pay £1 for it - still a bargain I say) Obviously everything in it is boots related. There are interviews, tutorials for your hair and make up and beauty tips. It is a magazine that caters for everyone!

To be honest Ive always forget that I am entitled to this magazine as an advantage card holder, and I would imagine there may be some of you that didnt even realise you got this free because you had a card! (Well now you do!) But I picked it up the other day as I figured I could get my 'make up' fix without actually buying any makeup by reading it.. So I got home and started to flick through the pages... Then I reached the final page....


More money off /offer/ advantage card points coupons, there for me to use!
Obviously they will very within each magazine per month and there may be some in there that you would never use.  But for those that you would use its a great little money saver /points builder! For example, out of the coupons given in this July/August 2011 issue I think I will use maybe 3 or 4 of them. Which isnt bad really! 

So next time youre in boots, have a look around for the magazine. In my local store they are stacked at the tills or along the shelf where you que up!  If you continue to use the machines in store, the leaflet you get in the post and some coupons from the magazine, you'll soon have enough points on your card to splash out on that high end foundation youve been wanting for ages! :-)

Much Love

Review: ELF Matte Lip color.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I along with (I imagine) a lot of other girls, I took full advantage of the recent 50% off code ELF released. I picked up a selection of items, some I am slightly dissapointed with (due to the swatches on the site being completely different to what the product is like in reality - Sort it out ELF!) However these Matte Lip Color (it pains me to write colour that way!) were the two products I was most excited to try out when they arrive. 

 The box states that these are Jumbo Sized lip pencils, which is a perfect way to describe them! They are so easy to work with and small enough to just chuck into your handbag! You just twist the bottom to get more product out. Simples! 

 Left - Coral. Right - Natural.

Even though these lip pencils are a matte formla, the are in no way at all drying. They are actually very moisturising, I was so surprised! The colour lasts a long time too, I only re-applied maybe twice during the entire day, which is really good for me! 

I've already been scoping out the other shades that are avaliable on the ELF website. At only £3.50 (or £1.75 with a good discount code) it would be rude not to!

Did anyone else pick these up in their ELF hauls, what do you think of them? 

Much Love
L-R Mojito, Headliner, Big Yellow Taxi, Speedail, Cupcake Queen, Mistress

This is a prime example of Glossy Box doing something right. In the July box I recieved the Ciate Nail varnish in 'speedail' At first I wasnt convinced, (but I put that down to pretty much painting my nails in the dark! When i woke the next morning I was in love with the colour!) 

I had a cheeky look on the ciate website and saw this gift set that retails for £35.00. It instantly caught my eye - even though i already owned one of the shades - And I new I HAD to have it. I ummed and ahhed a bit about whether to get them, but finally took the plunge when I saw a £10 off code in Marie Claire magazine, I was sold! 

So I got this set for £25 instead of £35, and free delivery as the order was £25 or more! If I had bought all these individually it would have cost me £54, so Ive made a bit of a saving! I do have a spare 'speed dial' though so Im not too sure what to do about that, keep it? Sell it? Swap it?

Expect some NOTD's soon as I think these are my new 'go to' nail varnishes! 

Much Love.