The Advantage on top of an Advantage card.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm pretty sure nearly everyone (especially in the beauty community) has an Boots Advantage card tucked away in their purse. Am I right? 
We all know how they work, you build up points over time and then get to spend them on something we've lusted over for ages or  at the end of the month when youre short of cash to buy your lunch with!

Each month we get a little leaflet through the post informing you of the latest offers, how many points you have and a page of coupons for various items or double points etc to use. You can also use the machines in store to see what coupons you are entitled to and print them out ahead of your little spree.

So why am I telling you this? This is old news, you all know what benefits you get from and Advantage card! Well girls, the reason why I am telling you all this, is because you can extend your money saving and points collecting even further with the Boots Health & Beauty Magazine!! 


For advantage card holders this magazine is completely free! Yes FREE! (If you dont have a card you can pay £1 for it - still a bargain I say) Obviously everything in it is boots related. There are interviews, tutorials for your hair and make up and beauty tips. It is a magazine that caters for everyone!

To be honest Ive always forget that I am entitled to this magazine as an advantage card holder, and I would imagine there may be some of you that didnt even realise you got this free because you had a card! (Well now you do!) But I picked it up the other day as I figured I could get my 'make up' fix without actually buying any makeup by reading it.. So I got home and started to flick through the pages... Then I reached the final page....


More money off /offer/ advantage card points coupons, there for me to use!
Obviously they will very within each magazine per month and there may be some in there that you would never use.  But for those that you would use its a great little money saver /points builder! For example, out of the coupons given in this July/August 2011 issue I think I will use maybe 3 or 4 of them. Which isnt bad really! 

So next time youre in boots, have a look around for the magazine. In my local store they are stacked at the tills or along the shelf where you que up!  If you continue to use the machines in store, the leaflet you get in the post and some coupons from the magazine, you'll soon have enough points on your card to splash out on that high end foundation youve been wanting for ages! :-)

Much Love