Forgive me for I have sinned... Topshop is to blame.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


So if you follow me on twitter, you will know that on saturday I broke my makeup ban! :-( I was doing so well! I dont know what came over me! I had managed 27 days of not purchasing any makeup! I totally blame these two posts that Lily did. Here & Here and any posts that anyone has done on the blush 'Head over heels'!! :-)

You see, where I live there isnt a Topshop, and I go through phases of ordering things online. I like to break it up a bit because otherwise people think I am made of money with the amount of things I get delivered to work! :-) When in Basingstoke last Saturday I decided to take advantage of the selection of shops and 'pop into topshop' to just LOOK at the thing I knew I was handing over my card at the till for the above items! Then I was greated by Tom outside...the words 'Well you've failed' were said to me....I'm not going to lie....

To justify this little blimp in my makeup ban... I am not actually going to use these items till September (as I only had 5 days till the end of the ban) And I definitley will not be buying anymore makeup in August. If Im honest, It hasnt been too hard being on this makeup ban, and from now on I think I am only going to buy makeup items if I do really need it, not just for the sake of it... (ok I didnt really need these purchases but we'll ignore that fact) I do want to downside the amount of makeup I have, Like Sarah put in this post, I only have one face, why do I need all the slap!

Much Love