The Perfect multi Styler....The Glamouriser.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was sent The Glamouriser by Diva Progressional Styling to review. It couldnt have come at a better time as my Scotland trip was approaching and I wanted to take as little luggage with me as possible. 

How does the Glamouriser tie in with my Scotland trip I hear you cry! Well For those of you that arent aware, this hair styling combines all the hair tools you would need for different styles, it not only curls your hair, it also straightens, flicks, waves, vloumises.. the list is endless! Not wanting to take too much and being one of those people who likes to wear my hair curled one day and then straight the next I knew I would welcome the Glamouriser into my daily hair routine each morning!


Just like other heated tools on the market it comes with a protective glove, the difference being that you can use this on either your left or right hand, I have found in the past that the gloves provided have only been for one hand so straight away this is a bonus! The glove (once you get the hand of using it) is a necessity in my opinion when curling, because it gets very hot! The maximum temperature is 230'C! There is even a special setting as low as 110'C for us girls that dont want to cause too much damage! (sorry theres no picture of the glove, i seem to have misplaced it during the rearranging of our bedroom!)The great thing with the glamouriser is that it remembers what temperature you had it on when you last used it, so it saves time each morning, not having to adjust it to suit your hair.

(Wavy hair for the wedding - looking impressed that Tom's taking photos!)

It is really to change the Glamouriser in order to achieve different looks. Keep the plates locked together to create soft curls, just like a conical wand. Use the wider part for wider curls and the thinner end of the plates for smaller tighter curls. Or wrap your hair down the entire wand in order to create a cascading curl effect. I did find that the plates are a bit shorter in length than my babyliss conical wand, which took some getting used to! (Also suffered a burnt finger tip as I forgot to use the heat protector glove when I first tried! Naughty!)


(Straightened hair for relaxed times around Scotland)

To straighten your hair you simply unlock the two plates and use as you would with a regular straightener. I found they straighten your hair really quickly I only had to go over one piece of hair twice to get it completely straight, which was great! It feels so lightweight too compared to my usual straighteners, so I could straighten my hair a lot quicker! 

The Glamouriser retails at £79.99 which may seem a bit pricey at first, but when you think about all the different things it can do, Its well worth the money, rather than shelling out to purchase mutliple styling tools! You can pick one up from Sally's Beauty Supplies.

If you want to find out more about Diva Professional Styling tools, You can find them on twitter here, or hop over to their facebook page. I am loving the look of the Diva heat wave triple barrel styler!

Much love