Review: ELF Blush / Bronzer Duo.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


So first things first, this product is very similar to the Blush & Bronze duo that you can buy from NARS, however the ELF version is a lot more purse friendly, which personally is the reason why I bought it. I really like compacts which include two or more products as it then means they take up less room in my makeup bag and are easier to use for touch-ups throughout the day, as you dont have to rummage for lots of different products in your bag! 

It retails for £3.50 from ELF's studio line, fortunately for me, I got mine when they had their first 50% off sale, follow them on twitter or become a fan of their facebook page - Then you can be in the know when these sales are happening. They also dish out discount/free delivery codes every so often too so you can make decent savings if you want to bulk order a few items!  I was really shocked by the size of this compact when I first opened it, I actually thought it would have been a lot smaller, so even paying full price for it would be well worth it as you get a lot of product! 


Both the blush & Bronzer are very pigmented, so you do have to apply these with a light hand. The blush is a nice coral/peach shade which does have shimmer too it, but because of this it kind of doubles up as a blush and highlighter in one. It looks very pretty on your cheeks. The bronzer is VERY pigmented, this is definatley one to add a little bit and then just keep adding till you get your desired look. Like a lot of other people have said in their reviews, if you just whack a lot of this on at once you look like you've slathered your face with mud. Not a good look! So just build up the colour gradually rather than diving straight in! It is a great shade for contouring, which is what I use it for... It has currently replaced my Bourjois bronzing powder as my go to bronzer!  It does have some shimmer to it, but like I said, use a light hand and it will look fine!

Do you have this duo, what do you think of it? Leave a comment!

Much Love.