September Glossybox : MyThoughts.

Friday, 16 September 2011


I dont normally blog about the Glossybox, even though I have been subscribed from the very beginning. My dashboard is usually full of posts about them so I always feel theres enough information on that particular months box, that I dont really need to add my two cents. However after noticing there is a lot of variation in regards to whats included in the boxes this month, I thought I would share what I got in my box and my my thoughts on each item & this months box overall. 

I had seen a few posts about the boxes before mine actually arrived, and I had already seen a certain box which I really wanted to recieve as I knew I would definately use all the products. The box I did recieve .. is not the box that I hoped for.. and the more I thought about it, it dawned on me that without the 'main product' the box wasn't the best compared to the others that people got.


HD Brows, Eye & Brow palette in 'Foxy' 
This was a product that was in everyones box, however I have noticed there is a variation in what shades people got. I got the 'Foxy' palette, At first glance I dont know if I will use it for my brows, but as it doubles up as an eyeshadow palette I know I will use it for that purpose. It has a good mix of colours to create a neutral daytime look, or a smokey night time look. These retail for about £20 I think, so with this alone I got my moneys worth this month.


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry oil
I am not the biggest fan of any oil products if I am honest, and at first when I saw this in the box I thought it may have been a larger perfume sample! It is a multi-puropse dry oil, so you can use it on your body or hair.. I will try this out on my hair as I recently ran out of my Vo5 miracle concentrate so maybe this will do a similar job. We shall see.


Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm
My thoughts when I opened this.." Another Cleanser?!" I honestly still have the cleanser from the first box and then the one from the August box.. I DONT NEED ANOTHER ONE!  I am using my usual Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser at the moment hence why I havent used the others. I wasnt really happy getting this, especially after I got one in the last box.

Plum by Mary Greenwell Perfume sample. 
Well... we all know how I feel about perfume samples in these kind of boxes... The scent isnt too bad, but its really not to my tastes, so I wont be using this. I'll pass it on to someone else no doubt.


Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner Sachets x2
I'm all for trying new shampoos and conditioners as I want lovely looking hair of course, but what am I going to gain using these two sachets which I will get 1 or 2 washes from? Admittedly they would be handy if I was going away on a break and didnt want to lug bottles around but still,if you want to give out shampoo and conditioner, it should be of a reasonable size so you can see the full benefits of it, over a few washes, not just 1 or 2.

My main reason for being unhappy with this box is because I have seen what were in others boxes and I feel the contents of this box arent up to the same standard.
I have seen blog posts where people have recieved Full sized hair products from Neal & Wolf as well as the HD Brow palette.  And other's, where they got full sized Mythic hair oil as well as the palette.This means that  we have all paid the same amount of just over £12, yet I only get one full sized product and someone else gets two. It isnt fair really is it.

It annoys me that Glossybox think this is a good box?! I was really excited when the bloggers that got their boxes early were claiming it was the best box so far... yes it was.. for them as they got the better of all the varitations of the September box.  For me however, it has to be down there with one of the worst.  Surely when they were putting together the boxes they would see that my box compared to ones like Emma's or Lily's was pretty dire, and those that recieved it would be pretty miffed they didnt get a better selection of products? Seriously.. look at the photos and imagine the boxes side by side.. you wouldnt pick the box with only 1 full sized product would you, when there are better options avaliable.

I wouldnt be as dissapointed if we all got something from the same brand but just different products - like in the past where you either got a illamasqua lipgloss /pigment or powder metal. But that hasnt happened here, I have items in my box that some of the other boxes dont have in at all and vice versa. I really wanted to try out the Neal & Wolf products and I think thats the thing I am most gutted about, especially as some people got full sized products from them and I got some sachets from a different brand...

Anyway, I'll leave it there, before I rant anymore! I understand Glossybox is all about trying new things and full sized products arent promised in every box, but I just (clearly) wasnt happy with the box I got this month. Did anyone else get this box? What are your thoughts? Maybe youre one of the lucky one that (in my eyes) got a good box, would you have been happy with this box? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Much Love