NYX Glitter Nail Polishes.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I am a magpie. I just love anything that sparkles, especially glitter nail polishes. They instantly freshen up a manicure if you've got a bit of chipping and dont have time to re do all your nails again. They are great for parties and the festive season as you can get such a variety!

I was browsing the Cherry Culture website, where I came across the NYX Girls polishes... now there were a lot of glitters to choose from but I decided on the following three; Super Funk, Carnival & Dreamy Glitter. All very different from one another.


I loved the shade of the Super Funk polish, I liked (from the swatch online - if you can even call it that?) The large glitter particles looked like they came across quite sparce on your nail, therefore it would be a perfect polish just to give your manicure that something extra.


As you can see from the swatch, it does apply quite spaced out which is something I love. Obviously you could build it up with more coats if you wanted more coverage. But I like it how it is after one coat personally! I havent seen another polish like this in this colour purple so this is one I definitley advise you to pick up!

I chose Carnival as it reminded me a lot of 'Happy Birthday' by Deborah Lippmann I have been looking out for a more affordable dupe for this polish as I cant justify spending £16 on it! At $1.99 This was a very affordable alternative (of course you have to take into account exchange rates and shipping costs, but you still pay a lot less) it is also quite similar to the new Rainbow Connection polish by OPI.  This could also be a good alternative which you could build up using more coats for a more opaque look.

It is very easy to apply, You dont need a lot of coats to get a good coverage. If you wanted to go all out for a party you could do a few coats over a white polish to give you that wow factor. But as a general "I want to have a bit of sparkle" one coat will be enough.

Finally I picked up Dreamy Glitter.. as I felt it would look fab over nails painted in a light shade. The flitter is really fine therefore it's one of those polishes that adds that little something extra to a simple look. Its much more understated compared to the other two polishes I picked up. But I still love it!


One coat of this is perfect to achieve a bit of sparkle. As well as the smaller and more chunky bits of glitter throughout the polish theres also the added extra of little star shaped glitter which is really cute!

So like I said all these polishes retailed at $1.99 which is a bargain! Carnival is 10ml , Super Funk & Dreamy Glitter are 12ml. I think they are great value for money, and as they are glitters you arent necessarily going to use them all the time so they will last you ages! If you would like to see any of these polishes over other colours, please let me know in the comments and I will put together a post for you.

Much Love