Save or Splurge : River Island Platform Ankle Boots.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Now I know Victoria is the Queen of finding cheaper alternatives of more expensive items for us thanks to her ebay skillz. If you havent checked out her Ebay -Designer Inspired posts, then you must do! However while searching said auction site looking for the perfect ankle boots I came across a style which I instantly recognised...


You cant deny that these boots are gorgeous, however with the £100 price tag its not the sort of thing I would just snap up without thinking about it. £100 on shoes (personally) is a lot of money! These are a firm fave with Mollie King from the Saturday's, I have seen her sporting these on a few occassions, here & here

Ebay Link

So you can imagine my delight when these popped up on my screen while searching for black ankle boots. As you can see these are very similar to the River Island ones pictured above (ok they arent identical but its close) however at a fraction of the price at £32.95 + postage.  Both are platformed, have the plait strap detail around the back and gold fastening on the side. Admittedly the soles are a different colour on the Ebay ones and the River Island ones do look a bit better, however if you're on a budget these would be a good alternative.

So have you ever managed to find a item of clothing or pair of shoes because you shopped around and found a similar style for a more money savvy price?

Much Love