Wednesday Wishlist.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Everyone is raving about the JK Light as air foundation and this means I feel like I need it in my life! It's had really great reviews and a lot of beauty gurus swear by it. The price varies, but the cheapest I have found it is at I nearly bought it on payday as they also had a 10% off deal on but I didnt. I do have enough foundations at the moment and should wait till one of them runs out! Check me out being sensible!

Another thing I very nearly bought on payday. The NARS Danmari All about cheeks palette. At £45 I decided there were a lot of other things that that money could go towards. As much as I love it and am becoming a bit of a NARS junkie. I just couldnt justify buying it when I have lots of other highlighters/bronzers and blushers in my collection... Saying this though, if the oportunity arose that someone bought it for me for christmas.. I wouldnt ask them to send it back! :-)


I really am into layering this winter. Taking my summer dresses and chucking on some thick tights with knee high socks and boots! While browsing the H&M website, I came across these two dresses that I just need! At £12.99 they are so affordable and look like they would be a really flattering fit!  I love the stripe dress, I wouls so wear it with wedge boots, black tights and a bright coloured cardigan. The leopard print-esque dress I would wear with my new brown boots also from h&m (which I will blog about soon)  thick cream socks, black tights and a chunky knit cardigan! LUSH.

Now if someone would like to donate some funds into my bank account so I can buy these 4 items please, that would be lovely! :-)

Much love