See you in 2012!

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Hello girlies... theres a poser pic for you above! Ha! I liked my makeup so I thought I would snap a picture! Please excuse my frizzy hair! Pass me the serum! I think I had about 20+ photos of my face and this was the only decent one, always the way hey!

Anyways this is just a lil' message to say that I hope you all have a fab Christmas and New Year. Later on this evening I am leaving on a jet plane to Oman to stay with Toms family over Christmas/NY. I'm not quite in holiday mode as I feel its kinda crept up on me (even though I've known since the beginning of the year!) that last min exercise regimen that everyone does before going away to a hot country didn't happen, so I'm feeling a bit 'meh' about sunbathing and such (altho i don't think I would be doing too much as you have to be quite covered up in Oman I think, its only in hotel pools you can be like 'hello heres me in a bikini'. Beaches are a more 'heres me sunbathing in long shorts and a tshirt' but we shall see..) but this is why fake tan was invented so i may be slapping some of that on when I return!  I was hoping to make some duty free purchases at the airport but I dont have any money! Hopefully I can pick something up on the way back though - but I dont know what sort of selection duty free will offer over in Oman!

I'm looking forward to New Year as I now have my outfit sorted and Republic have come up trumps with these Glitter heels that will be worn to see in 2012! I'm also going to try my best not to use any appliances on my hair while I'm away to give it a bit of a break! (apart from NYE of course)

So I'll stop rambling on now as I still have a lot of packing and tidying up to do! So I hope you all have a very happy Christmas, I hope Santa brings you lots of lovely things! I'll look forward to reading all your posts when I am back! (I'm so nosey so post what you get) Dread to think how many blogposts will be in my google reader when i return!! 

Much Love

Just like many others I am sure, I am signed up to more than one Beauty Box. I currently recieve Feel Unique and Glossybox. This month will be when I make the big decision on who to drop and who to keep. As much as I like both boxes I cant afford to keep paying out for more than one (I do have a wedding to save for ya' know!) I know a lot more people are signed up to GB than Feel Unique (Nearly abbreviated that but....well no I cant do that, oh dear!) & I theres always blogposts on GB but not that many on Feel unique so I thought I'd share with you what I got in this months box! (Can I just say I hate the winter, trying to take photographs becomes so difficult!)

The theme for the December box is 'Finishing Touches; Add something magic to your Christmas'. I'll be honest, when I see the word Magic I expect Sparkle... however there isn't anything sparkly in the box, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good one.  The samples we have received have been provided with the intention to help us get ready for the party season. Those last little things we need to do here and there. So What did I get I hear you cry?!

First up, you need to ensure your skin is well prepared for the winter months and in tip top condition ready for all that makeup its going to have to endure over the Christmas party season. So Feel Unique have provided a 30ml Clarisonic Cleanser. I received the 'Refreshing Gel' cleanser for Normal/oily skin. I think there may be some variation with what one you get in your box. It can be used with or without a Clarisonic brush (Thankfully as I don't own one) It retails at £21 for a full sized tube which (I think - Maths isn't my strong point) means this sample is about £3 ish. I will use this sample but I have other cleansers to use up first. (Seriously I don't think I've bought a new cleanser in months thanks to all these samples in Beauty Boxes!) 

Staying with the idea of keeping our skin looking gorgeous, we have the Figs & Rougue Sweet Geranlum 100% Organic balm. I love that we got this as I missed out on the all purpose balm in the Boudoir Prive box as I unsubbed from them. Its a full sized product at retails at £3.49. It can be used on your lips as a lip balm or any dry patches on your skin ensuring that they stay nice and soft. This is something that will definitely come in handy, You always want perfect kissable lips for the kisses under the mistletoe and for the countdown at New Year! Use on elbows and knees to avoid patch fake tan! I think this will be an item I pop into my handbag so I always have it with me, considering its such a multi tasking product. 

I am a big fan of Nails inc Polishes so when I saw this mini version on my box I was pretty happy. I don't own any other baby pink nail polishes from the brand so this is a welcome addition to my collection! The full sized version on the website retails for £11 and comes in two other shades. Did anyone get one of the other shades? With the miniature versions of polishes I usually use them to do an alternative manicure tip or for some kind of  polka dots on my nails! So I'll use it when I next change my nails and do a little Nails of the day feature for you all!

With the next item I was a little bit disappointed about. Tigi's Candy FixationsSugar Dust; A micro texture root powder. It's a full sized product which is fab however its so similar to the Osis Mattifying powder we received in a previous box which I still have lots of left. However it will be nice to try a different brand though as I didn't feel that the Osis one worked that well with my hair. Like I said this is a full sized product and retails for £9.35, we all want big voluminous hair for the party season so hopefully this will help me achieve it!

Finally a perfume sample that actually looks like a perfume! Yes I do have a bit of a problem with perfume samples in beauty boxes however as this one actually looks like a proper bottle I don't mind it! Feel unique usually throw in the samples as extras but this time round its classed as one of the main products. Its the Annick Goutal Mandragore Eau De Toilette which retails at £62.05 for 100ml. I think its about 25ml which is a very generous sample (hence it not being an extra). It came in a dark purple organza pouch to match the deep colour of the bottle. I'm not very good at describing scents, but it smells a bit musky but then also a bit citrusy to me! I don't really like it though which is a shame because I love the packaging of it! :-( Not sure what I will do with the bottle really!

Feel Unique still threw in a little added extra this month (which I always love) in the form of 3 sachets from Living Nature. The Vitalising Cleanser, and two sachets of the nourishing day cream. Looking at the leaflets provided I think I was meant to get the toner but ended up with two day creams instead! Not worried about it though as its just the little extra addition on top of the 5 samples I've paid for. 

So Overall I am pleased with the box, Ill definitely use 4 of the items I received minus the perfume (Maybe ill just keep it to look pretty among my other perfumes!)  I wish it had been a bit more festive though, perhaps a glitter nail polish instead of the baby pink one would have been enough for me! But all in all it was a pretty good box.

 I have to say that when it comes to how much use I get out of the products between GB & Feel Unique I always seem to use the Feel Unique ones rather than GB but we shall see what Decembers Glossy box delivers and then Ill make that all important  descision!

Did you get this months Feel Unique beauty box, what did you think about it. Perhaps you've also got to make the big decision this month on who to stick with?!

Much Love

Primark Winter Warmers.

Friday, 9 December 2011


At the weekend Tom and I took a trip to Basingstoke to Primark. We dont have a Primark in our town so its always a bit of a treat/lets spend a lot of money moment when we do go to one.  I have wanted a furry hat for ages. It is getting colder now, and I do go with my Dad to watch football and that gets cold in the evenings so I knew I would get wear out of one! This one was reduced in Primark to £5.90 - Altho the signs on the shelf said £5 but I never said anything to the cashier woops! -  I couldnt say no really, & I love it - I'm even wearing it now as I type! - Please ignore my slightly odd face in the photo! You dont know how hard it is to take a decent photo of yourself while the light is slowly fading! - yes this is a scheduled post and I am writting it on Sunday evening, organised blogging! lol


I decided to pick up these mittens too which were only £3! They are fleece lined and I love the pattern on them! I know it will be a pain wearing these as I like to be on my phone a lot, and it will mean taking them off to text/tweet! I usually get my gloves from accessorize and I had my eyes one these ones but I do feel they are pricey and as I always loose gloves I didnt want to pay too much for some! Which leads me onto another thing about these mittens, they have the strings so I can thread them through the arms of my coat so I dont lose them if I do take them off! Love it!

Where do you get your winter essentials from?

Much Love

Review : 17 Metalic Eyes 'Wild Nude'

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


After swatching the Chanel illusion d'ombre shadows with Charli, I fell in love....unfortunatley I didnt fall in love with the price tag. But when the word on the street was that these 17 Metallic Eyes shadows were much affordable dupes of the Chanel ones, I had to try them out.

I decided to go for Wild Nude, which is a lovely chamapange/ neutral shade which is perfect for me as I am all for a brown/neutral smokey eye on a day to day basis! There are a selection of other shades which are avaliable and I was tempted to pick up some of the darker shades for a more dramatic smokey eye look for the evenings, but stuck with one that I knew I would get a lot of use out of.


They arent mousse shadows as they are a bit harder than that, but apply really creamy and a little goes a long way. They are perfect to use on their own or paired with other shadows blended on top, depending on how much time you have to do your makeup! If I am in a rush, I just add a swipe of Mac Painterly over my lid and then using my finger I just do a swipe of Wild Nude over the top, some gel liner and mascara and I am ready to go!

Do you have any of these shadows, are there any shades I 'need' to have in my collection as I managed to restrain myself from buying more this time!

Much love

New boots : Allgera Who?

Monday, 5 December 2011


Topshop Allegra's have been the talk of the town on Youtube and on blogs for months, Ever since the lovely Lily blogged about them , everyone seemed to go mad for them. Selling out online and not many stores stocking them means that there are now a fair few listings on Ebay selling them for much more than the RRP. Now I'll be honest, at first I thought they were ugly.. then I saw them on display in store and actually changed my mind, proving that sometimes stock photos online dont always do the product justice. But another thing stood in my way...the price. I couldnt justify throwing £75 at a pair of black boots so I went on the hunt for an alternative. There some good copies/Similar ones on E-bay Which are pretty affordable too, however I came to the descision that I wanted to be different and try and find some other style Black ankle boots instead, so I found these.

I got these from New Look thanks to the heads up from Vicki She also let me know the 25% Discount code she used, meaning I got them for £14.99 instead of £19,.99! Now at full price they arent breaking the bank so I would have happily paid that, but what girl cant turn down a bit of discount! Unfortunately the black are now sold out online but you may still be able to get them in store. They do have the tan version online still, which would make a nice addition to your wardrobe! It also came to my attention (thanks to Siobhan) that they are actually a similar style to the Topshop Ambush boots! So Again if you want to save some pennies pick these up instead.

I've wanted to start wearing heels more in the day as I am a shorty, so these have been a great addition to my wardrobe. Even Tom approves of these boots, as they are heels I can actually walk in and I'm not moaning about my feet hurting! I've worn them everyday since they arrived in the post last Thursday!

Much Love