New boots : Allgera Who?

Monday, 5 December 2011


Topshop Allegra's have been the talk of the town on Youtube and on blogs for months, Ever since the lovely Lily blogged about them , everyone seemed to go mad for them. Selling out online and not many stores stocking them means that there are now a fair few listings on Ebay selling them for much more than the RRP. Now I'll be honest, at first I thought they were ugly.. then I saw them on display in store and actually changed my mind, proving that sometimes stock photos online dont always do the product justice. But another thing stood in my way...the price. I couldnt justify throwing £75 at a pair of black boots so I went on the hunt for an alternative. There some good copies/Similar ones on E-bay Which are pretty affordable too, however I came to the descision that I wanted to be different and try and find some other style Black ankle boots instead, so I found these.

I got these from New Look thanks to the heads up from Vicki She also let me know the 25% Discount code she used, meaning I got them for £14.99 instead of £19,.99! Now at full price they arent breaking the bank so I would have happily paid that, but what girl cant turn down a bit of discount! Unfortunately the black are now sold out online but you may still be able to get them in store. They do have the tan version online still, which would make a nice addition to your wardrobe! It also came to my attention (thanks to Siobhan) that they are actually a similar style to the Topshop Ambush boots! So Again if you want to save some pennies pick these up instead.

I've wanted to start wearing heels more in the day as I am a shorty, so these have been a great addition to my wardrobe. Even Tom approves of these boots, as they are heels I can actually walk in and I'm not moaning about my feet hurting! I've worn them everyday since they arrived in the post last Thursday!

Much Love