Primark Winter Warmers.

Friday, 9 December 2011


At the weekend Tom and I took a trip to Basingstoke to Primark. We dont have a Primark in our town so its always a bit of a treat/lets spend a lot of money moment when we do go to one.  I have wanted a furry hat for ages. It is getting colder now, and I do go with my Dad to watch football and that gets cold in the evenings so I knew I would get wear out of one! This one was reduced in Primark to £5.90 - Altho the signs on the shelf said £5 but I never said anything to the cashier woops! -  I couldnt say no really, & I love it - I'm even wearing it now as I type! - Please ignore my slightly odd face in the photo! You dont know how hard it is to take a decent photo of yourself while the light is slowly fading! - yes this is a scheduled post and I am writting it on Sunday evening, organised blogging! lol


I decided to pick up these mittens too which were only £3! They are fleece lined and I love the pattern on them! I know it will be a pain wearing these as I like to be on my phone a lot, and it will mean taking them off to text/tweet! I usually get my gloves from accessorize and I had my eyes one these ones but I do feel they are pricey and as I always loose gloves I didnt want to pay too much for some! Which leads me onto another thing about these mittens, they have the strings so I can thread them through the arms of my coat so I dont lose them if I do take them off! Love it!

Where do you get your winter essentials from?

Much Love