Dubai Hauling : Bath & Bodyworks #1

Monday, 16 January 2012

So on to my second batch of goodies that I picked up while in Dubai. Just like Victoria's Secret, I had heard a lot about Bath & Bodyworks, and when I saw the name in the map of the mall (Yes you need a map to shop there because its so bloody huge!) I made a mental note to go there and have a look!

I didnt go crazy, but in all honesty I really could have! I'm a sucker for novelty scents! Now, I am a big big fan of the Yankee Candles in 'Clean Cotton' they have such a fresh and..well...clean scent. Bath & bodyworks do two different ranges that are of the cotton/linen variety. Firstly they have the 'Fresh Linen' Range, from Slatkin & Co, which I was quite tempted to make a couple of purchases from. But then on the opposite side of the store I came across the 'Sea Island Cotton' range. And I knew instantly that I would be making some purchases!


So I only picked up two things...well three as one thing was a back up (Yes a back up, because I loved it so much!)  Firstly I grabbed the Triple Moisture body cream. I tried the tester and I was hooked... so I picked up two! With the current exchange rate these worked out about £8 each. Its not too bad as the tubes hold 8oz of product, compared to the Body Shop Body Butters which only hold approx 7oz of product and retail for £12.50 I think I did well there! The second Item from the range was a handcream. I love handcreams. I have so many on the go at the moment, I dont seem to ever finish a tube, anyone else do that or is it just me? Anyway.. I picked this up (the last one on the shelf may I add!) its basically exactly the same as the body cream but smaller! It cost me about £4 for 2.5oz.. Soap & Glory's hand food is about 4oz and costs a little over £4, so S&G kinda win here, but not really beacause....


At the time, Bath & Bodyworks were holding a lot of offers, their Christmas stock were all BOGOF, but none of those items interested me. When I got to the till the girl at the till informed me that the handcreams were BOGOF, So i went back over the to the stand and picked up another handcream - but as I picked up the last Cotton one I chose one from a different range. I got one from the 'Warm Vanilla Sugar' Range and OH MY GOD WHY DIDNT I SEE THIS RANGE BEFORE. IT SMELLS DELISH!!! Quite literally kicking myself for not picking up some body creams! So as I got this hand cream for free I got 5oz of hand cream for £4 in two different scents therefore I 'won' again this time around! haha.

So they were my purchases of the cream variety! (lol) I do have some more items that I bought to share with you, but I like to keep you all in suspense, so look out for those posts soon! (No one likes to read a crazy long blog post do they?!)  I have to say I will be pretty gutted when these products run out and will definitely be looking to do a international swap with someone so I can pick up some more goodies! Has anyone done one of those before? Any tips? How do you find someone to even do a swap with you!?!

Much Love