Items I want to use up/ Hit pan #1

Monday, 23 January 2012


If you remember my 'Current Makeup' post, I made a point about how I rarely finish any makeup products anymore so I have set myself this task. I have looked through my collection and picked 6 products that I would like to completely finish.  As you can see, I havent completely changed my daily products so I will still keep some items the same and possibly switch them around but when it comes to mascara, highlighting, face/eye primers these will be the only products I will reach for.

Stila Eye & Cheek Palette.

I used to use this palette everyday untill I added Urban Decay and Nars palettes to my collection. It now just gets neglected at the back of my palette stack. I've decided I want to at least hit pan on the blush and maybe one of the shadows, so I am going to use this palette more often.

Eyeko Highlight Cream
I bought this a while ago, so I hope its still okay to use!? I have about half of this tub left. Again it was something I used to use quite often and then other products came along and it got neglected! It is a really nice highlighter for your cheeks so it will be 'bye bye high beam, hello Eyeko!' lol

Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex.
I'm sure quite a lot of you also have or had this lip conditioner as it came in a Glossy box (I cant remember which month) I've used it once, and as its a small sample I know I will use it up in next to no time!  I basically chose it, as it's an easy product to finish! (possibly a bit of a cop out!)

This face base also came in a glossybox (Decembers) I actually have two of these samples as I got one through the post a week before my GB from MeMeMe's Facebook page! Again its quite a small sample so shouldnt take me long to use up (I will actually use up both samples) I have already used it a couple of times and I do like it. There could be a possible full sized purchase in the future!

Bourjous Volumizer Mascara.
I have a lot of mascara's and I need to make my way through them. Even after chucking out the ones that have dried out I still have a fair few to get through! I'm not actually a huge fan of this mascara, it does make my lashes really clumpy but I want to use it up so I am using it in my every day routine!

Vital Radiance Smoothing Eye Primer.
As you can see I have actually hit pan on this eye shadow primer, which has spurred me on to completely finish it up. Since Mac Paint pots made an appearance in my collection this primer just got shoved in the back of a drawer. As much as I love the paint pots I want to use this up. So this will be my go to eye primer from now on.

So they are the first lot of products I want to use up! I know some will take a little longer than others but that doesnt bother me too much, It just means I may get through more items a bit quicker! So have any of you had a look at your collections recently and realised you need to start using up more of your products? I hope I stick with this as it will be a great achievement to finally use up some make up items rather than hoarding it all!

Much Love