Twenty Twelve.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hello Girlies! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and lots of fun saying goodbye to 2011 & hello to 2012! I've finally managed to get through the back log of blog posts in my google reader! I really enjoyed seeing what you all got for Christmas and how you decided to celebrate new year!

I had a great time in Muscat and Dubai! We crammed so much stuff in that it felt like we were away for much longer than we actually were! We chilled on a beach. Went and stayed over night in the desert, in a camp literally in the middle of nowhere, then went out in 4x4's over the sand dunes which was lots of fun! Tom and I also went out on a dune buggy over the smaller dunes which was equally as exciting!


When in Dubai I took advantage of two shops that we dont have here in the UK; Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. I picked up a few goodies from both and will blog about them soon! I didnt go crazy but I am happy with what I bought.  We also went to a handbag shop recommended by family members to get a good replica designer bag. I did pick one up and I will also be posting about that too! We did spend most of the time in the Dubai Mall (which is huge!) outside we were total tourists taking photos of the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world and watched the beautiful fountain display later on in the evening. Away from the hustle and bustle inside the mall, we took a boat ride along the Dubai creek which was nice and relaxing.. but also windy and cold! 


Back in Muscat I made a couple of purchases in Forever21 as I got a voucher to spend from Toms sister & Andy for Christmas.. Again i will do a blog post on this also (so many posts to do!) I also had my first ever Manicure and Pedicure! (Shock horror) I never really had long nails before so I never went for manicures and to put it bluntly I hate my feet, so why would I let someone else be so close to them to give me a pedicure? I have to say it was an okay experience, apart from when the woman cut my finger when getting rid of my cuticles! Who knew your fingers would bleed so much! The polish didnt last very long either, I had Orly's 'Rage' on my fingers and toes, My toes are still okay ish but unfortunaly the polish was removed after 2 days from my nails! Tbh I dont know if it did my nails any good because right now they are all short and stubby because they broke off! :-( 

My New years was fab, I did get a bit drunk, but once I realised that I was embarassing myself infront of Tom's family I quickly sobered up! We were at the Intercontinental hotel in Muscat. The whole event was outside, which I wasnt expecting at all but it looked amazing. There was a big stage with performances all night, including a Michel Buble tribute act - He sounded just like him it was strange! Food and all alcoholic drinks were free all night (Which you would expect considering how much a ticket was!) So you can see why I got a bit tipsy! Most of my drinks tasted of pure vodka, the coke had vanished! I didnt actually take a full length picture of what I wore (silly me!) But I did wear the h&m dress that Tom bought me and the Republic Miso T bar heels! Which were really really comfy!


Overall I had a great time with Tom's family and I definitley want to go back to Dubai (to shop) and Oman ( to see Jacs, Andy and Adam) I know if we go to Dubai I will be saving up pennies like a mad woman so I can go crazy buying lots of things! ;-)

So I'll just finish off this post with a little roundup of my new years resolutions/ plans for the blog etc...

As you may or may not know (Im pretty sure I have mentioned this before) I dont eat any fruit at all. This needs to change, so I am going to ease myself in by introducing smoothies into my life! I'm on a look out for a affordable smoothie maker so if you have any recs please let me know in the comments!
Like many others say at the begining of the year. I am going to exercise more/be more active. I hate the gym because I dont like to exercise infront of people plus I pay for membership and then not go! I am going to get back into the shred and Tom and I have thought about getting a wii, and I know you work up a sweat playing those dancing that may be an option.
Again like Im sure most of you have also said in your post, I am going to be more money savvy. This weekend I am going to have a clear out and list things on ebay if I have time. I have so much stuff that I dont even use so I may aswell get some money for it all! When it comes to purchasing things I am going to be sensible and actually think about whether I really need what I am contemplating buying. No more impulse buys!

Blog wise, I am hoping to start doing outfit posts, however this may have to be put on hold until it gets a little lighter, otherwise my photos are going to be so dark! Damn leaving for work when its dark and returning when its dark! There will be a post each week dedicated to my 'few to follow' rather than having links at the bottom of the ins and outs posts on Sundays, Look out for the first post this Friday! :-)

Much Love