My Lush lust list!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bloggers seem to go crazy for LUSH products. Admittedly I do like them but I really dont purchase any that often. I think in the whole time I've been blogging I've maybe made  2 orders online and never shopped instore. Because we dont have a store where I live I just find it easier to pop into boots or superdrug to pick up something I need rather than placing an online order! (Even if I am missing out on the yummy smelling products!)  I was just browsing their site the other night and had an overwhelming urge to purchase some items, so here is my Lush lust list for the moment!


I have bought this before, and even reviewed it here (I cringe at the post as it was when i was first starting blogging!) As I stated in my review, I felt it was a great shampoo to use for product buildup as it did leave my hair feeling lighter and thoroughly clean!  This isn't a shampoo I would use regularly only every so often so I can justify the price. If I remember correctly it smelt lovely too so that's a bonus!

Another product I have owned.. and you're probably thinking 'How has she managed to get through an entire tub in that amount of time?' Well the answer is, I haven't.. I've lost the tub. Literally no where to be seen. I thought I would find it when I moved but it never surfaced so I have no clue where it is. I really liked this for my cuticles and as my nails are in dire need of some TLC at the moment, I've just this on my lust list and no doubt I'll be purchasing soon!

This isn't something I like to admit, but I suffer with dry skin on my feet terribly. I do try to keep on top of keeping my feet well moisturised and smooth using numerous lotions and potions and foot files but I'm never happy. I hate my feet in fact. Hence why I had never had a pedicure before until the end of last year. After reading reviews on the site of this foot mask I really want to try it. It's had some good reviews. So maybe its the answer to nice feet that I'm not embarrassed of!

Back in 09/10 when Tom and I travelled New Zealand we had a Lush store literally right on our doorstep when we were living in Auckland. Every day there would be a girl outside handing out 'The Lush Times' with a free sample attached. I picked up a sample of this shower gel and remembering totally loving it. I really want to purchase it because I know it will bring back memories of our trip. Tbh that's the only reason I want it, theres nothing else to say!

So that's it! My lush lust list... which will probably all get purchased between the months of February and March I'm guessing! You will notice that there aren't any bath bombs or bubble bars there (which could seem unusual as I think they are their best sellers) To be blunt, I don't like baths... I get bored! Honestly I'd rather have a long hot shower than lie there in a bath surrounded by bubbles! However on the odd occasion I have has baths I've used The Comforter and its AMAZING. So i recommend that!

Much love

Everyone is always in such a rush to post about what they got in their glossyboxes, which I admit is great because you get to see all the different variations that were sent out that month. However, no one can really give a proper review of the products they recieved. So I decided to wait a bit, try out the products and then share my thoughts with you all.

January's box was a Valentines themed box. This did  confuse me a bit as it was January and whenever the Valentines Glossybox was metioned I had to remind myself it was still only Jan not Feb! Just like the December box, they changed the colour to a very bright pink colour to suit the theme, added a heart sticker inside and the zigziag paper was in a pale pink. I really liked this touch and felt it fitted in well with the theme they were going for.

I'll admit this right now, (and some of you may already know this) I actually unsubbed from Glossybox after Decembers box... I couldnt afford it, plus at the time preferred the Feel Unique box.. then their marketing worked on me, and I NEEDED to get my hands on this pink box and give Glossybox a chance to win me back. So after spying a discount code and realising I could actually pay through paypal I signed up back up! I'm glad I did because I was really pleased with the selection of products I recieved in the box.

So what did I get?


Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream | Night Cream.

I was really happy that I got these in my box because I am always on the hunt for a good day/night cream. This couldnt have come at a better time as I had just run out of the products I was currently using.  I know some people seemed to have problems with the amount of products in the tubes, but mine seemed completely full, so I guess I didnt get a dudd pair! The two creams are different in consistancy. The Night cream is slightly thicker than the day cream. They do feel slightly 'wet' when blended into the skin, however both sink in at about the same rate. Scent wise, from what I have seen other people mention, its a bit of a hit and miss, some love the scent, others not so much. I personally love it!  I dont know about firming up my skin (I dont think it needed much firming in the first place) but my face feels a lot more moisturised and my complexion overall is much brighter since adding these to my routine. I really do like these creams but £46 -£48 a pot it would  stretch my purse strings a little so I dont think I will be able to purchase them full sized.

Like everyone else who recieved this particular box I was a bit confused as the card actually stated that we should have got the wash. Glossybox reassured us it was a typo and it was the moisturiser was the correct product to have in our boxes. Now I hadn't tried anything from this brand before and I actually used this straight away after recieving it in the post (usually body lotions from these kind of boxes get chucked in a basket in my bathroom!) It moisturiser is really thick so after the first few squeezes it was quite hard to get the product out of the bottle. It did sink into my skin fairly quickly which I was pleased about as I hate having to wait around for body lotions to sink in before getting dressed. The twos things I wasnt to keen on was the fact it doesnt have a fragrance. To me that was just strange! Im so used to having a scent linger on my skin after using a lotion! I am also not the biggest fan of the packaging. (As I said before, it was a struggle to get the product out of the bottle) Apart from that though it is a nice moisturiser but purely due to the fact there isnt a scent, I dont think I will purchase another bottle of this.


I was really excited to see this in the box, to be honest I didnt realise that Murad actually did primers.  I liked that it was a generous sized sample with a pump. This meant I could get a good few uses out of it rather than one or two if it had come in sachet form. The primer itself is tinted which I was a bit wary about, however once blended into the skin it matched perfectly so that was the first plus. It sank in realy quickly and didnt leave a greasy feel to my face which I have found some other primers do in the past. When I started trying this primer I also switched foundations back to healthy mix. I found that my foundation lasted really well with this primer, better than past primers I've used. I would be very tempted to purchase a full size version of this if it wasnt for the price. £29 is a lot of money for a primer!


Eyeko Skinny Pencil Liner.

I don't know how I feel about the whole re branding of Eyeko. I used to love the kawaii inspired packaging and multiple products they had available to buy, since the re release of the mascaras and eyeliners I haven't been to fussed by them - Especially with the major price increase! Anyways.. I originally got the Emerald green liner but I used twitter/Beauty Box Swaps facebook page to track down the pale pink version and managed to swap. It came at a good time as I was looking for a pale eyeliner for my waterline to 'wake up' my eyes a little. This eyeliner is slightly waxy and does need reapplying halfway through the day which is a bit annoying. At first, like many others I couldn't understand the point in the very long pointy handle, Not very makeup bag friendly. However I am now aware that the sole purpose if this is so when you sharpen the pencil you always have a long handle to apply. Which to be honest is a fab idea, but how many of us waste that end bit of pencil due to the fact we cant sharpen it any lower! I don't think I would repurchase this due to the price of it and there are other nude/pale eyeliners on the market that I would rather try instead.

So overall I was happy with this box and actually managed to try out every product sent which never happens no matter what beauty box it is. So that was a big thing for me. I'm going to try to do this every month because otherwise..what is the actual point of me subscribing to these boxes? I actually had enough Glossydots to get a free box, so I have used those for the February box so that's handy! In regards to this box being valentines themed, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post the packaging was brilliant and spot on, however the items provided didn't scream valentines to me... If they had included something pink/red makeup wise, whether it be a nail polish/blush or lip product then maybe I could have looked at it as a box. But with the products that came it didn't seem that way to me. But I liked the majority of the items so I'm not too fussed.

Kudos to you if you have read all this post, as I'm sure some may have seen the title and just skipped reading the post, as they may have thought they had heard it all before. So if you have taken the time to read my ramblings, thank you! Did you get this box, what did you think of your items?

Much Love.

I have always lusted over Mac's 'Reflex Pearl' from afar but I never seem to be able to find it, maybe its discountinued or a Pro product? (Let me know if you know I'm not that clued up on Mac tbh!) Tanya Burr uses it a lot in her 'Night out' Make up tutorials and I just think its looks so pretty! I am extremely jealous of anyone that owns it! When browsing what there was to offer in the Mac section of my local CCO (I say local but it isnt really, I go to the one in Swindon as thats the closest one to me!) I cam across Mac 'Reflects Blue' Not one ot shy away from from sparkle for a night out I decided to pick it up.


Now I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of pigments as they can get so messy and I hate fall out, its just a big pain the bum! And yes because this pigment is so finely milled it does fall out a bit, but I'll live with that because the effect it gives is just so pretty! I know some people can be a bit wary of the Mac Glitters because you may worry about going too overboard on the glitter (when I say people I mean me, but I'm sure there are others out there that thought/think the same!) Thankfully with Mac Relects Blue it isnt a chunky glitter at all it looks stunning on, it gives you more of a shimmery effect and then (heres where the name comes from) in certain lights you catch a glimpse of bluey/purple shimmer which looks gorgeous over the top of a smokey eye! It's quite similar to Illamasqua's Static pigment so if you cant get hold of this I suggest picking that up instead.You only need the tiniest amount to make a big impact so its a dead cert that this will last me absolutely ages! I'm still lusting after Reflects Pearl even though I've found this gem!

Do you have any of the Mac Glitters? Maybe you own Reflects Blue, if you say you own Reflects Pearl I will be very jealous of you!

Much Love
Now this wasnt a planned purchase but a necessary one! I'm the kinda girl that will settle for picking up a pair of cheapo black flats from Primark/Newlook for a few quid...wear them till they fall apart and then repurchase the exact same pair. Its a vicious cycle. For a while I had been contemplating spending a bit more money on some good quality simple black flats so I have a pair that will last me a decent time and in the long run save me a bit of cash.

While browsing Debenhams at the weekend with my mum I strolled over to the shoe section... Those big red SALE signs really do work like magic dont they! Browsing the shelves trying to find the size 3 section I came across numerous pairs of Kurt Geiger shoes.. even the wedges I wanted (They were down to £19! But none in my size!) Then I found the size 3's. Quite literally a small group of shoes perching on the edge of the shelf! There were many ridiculously high brightly coloured designs and then at the back I spotted some flats.. upon inspection i found they were FUR LINED!! You know Like Uggs... but they were a flat pair of shoes! It literally turned to my mum and squealed 'OMG MUM THESE HAVE FUR IN THEM!' My mum (who is a cool Mum) responded with "OMG! They are amazing! You have to get them...ooh they are in your size.. ITS FATE!...Tom's never going to want you to come shopping with me again"


So the shoes in question are from Nine West. I had heard of the brand but never even thought about having a look online to see what sort of shoes they stocked. The only time I'd really ever seen one type of shoe they had was when I sold a pair on Ebay for Tom's mum! Anyways, as you can kinda see from the photos the lining is furry. Now obviously - just like uggs, they arent going to always be super soft and fluffy...once they've had a lot of wear they will reduce in quality a bit. However for the time being I am so happy I found them.. warm feet for winter! Yay.
The best part of this purchase was the discount. These shoes were originally £90, now I dont care if they were lined in pure gold. I would NEVER spend £90 on a pair of simple flat shoes, I just couldnt do it! But.. these were knocked down to £35. Now thats a more reasonable price for me! The good thing is, as they were a lot more pricier to begin with you know you are paying for a good quality shoe. So hopefully these will last me quite some time! The only worry I have is if they stretch a little and then slip off my feet when I walk then I wont be able to wear them!.... Lets just hope that doesnt happen! I've tried to find these online to link to you, Unfortunatley they arent on Debs website anymore but I did find them on the Kurt Geiger site... in limited sizes though! However You never know you may be able to find them instore if you look. They also come in brown!

So it seems you can still pick up some good New Year sale bargains into February! Did you pick up any shoes in the sales this Jan/feb? Let me know!

Much Love


"Not another Cleanse & Polish post" is probably what you are thinking right now, and yes I used to think the same before I had actually tried this product. However now, after using it over a long period of time I completely understand why it gets all the hype and why so many people want to say their bit about it on their blogs!

I was kindly sent the starter kit for consideration and wanted to get full use out of it before doing storming ahead and reviewing it. I have to say I am really impressed, for those of you that may not be aware of what this product is exactly, it is an award winning plant based cleanser which you use in two steps. First you apply the product to your dry face in circular motions to start working its magic on removing your makeup. Secondly taking the muslin cloth provided within the kit, you run it under warm water and ring out, then gently remove the cleanser from your face with the cloth, this is the 'polishing; stage. After doing so, you are left with lovely clean and refreshed skin! The starter kit comes with a 100ml pump, 2 muslincloths and a small carry pouch to store it all in. It's such a quick and easy process that it takes next to no time to remove all your makeup thats been on your skin all day.

I know some girls like to use this morning and night but I personally only use it at night before I go to bed. (Hence why it has lasted me such a long time!) At first it felt really strange putting the cream onto my face without getting it damp before hand, but I got used to it! What I do like is that its fine to use on your eyes, being someone who loves their gel eyeliner and dark black mascara I was amazed at how well it removes it! I did wonder if I would have to go over my eye area a second time to remove everything but there was no need. A big plus for me! I dont often get any blemishes so I cant comment on whether it made a difference in that department but from what I have heard from other girls it cleared up their skin a treat! 

There is one thing that I am a bit dissapointed with and thats in regards to the pump packaging. As it isnt transparent packaging, you dont have a clear idea of when you're running low on the product, yes you can sort of guess by the weight of it in your hand, but I'd rather be able to tell just by looking at it if I needed to restock or not. Thankfully I can sort this little niggle out immediately by ordering it in a tube formation rather than the pump style. The tubes start at 200ml rather than the 100ml from the pumps, so they are slightly pricer but you are paying for more product and can easily see when your running out, so you can place a quick online order for a back up!

Since adding this to my skin care routine I am interested in trying out some of the other products (Toner, Moisturiser & Eyebright!) I may invest in the travel sized tubes/bottles before fully commiting to full size! Do you use Liz Earle products, is there anything in particular you would reccomend?

The cleanse and polish 100ml starter kit retails for £13.75 from the Liz Earle website.

Much Love


I got a couple of comments in my last post reviewing the No7 highlighting powder to show the product on my face.. I know its a bit of an annoyance to some if theres a review and no images of it actually in use, I think the same when I read some posts! Sometimes when you've got limited light and time isnt on your side its easier to do  a quick swatch on your arm rather than slapping on a full face of makeup just for one picture! Anyways I did my makeup and then took a nice poserish photograph for you all to see the highlighter in action.

As you can see its really subtle which I love, it just gives you that right amount of 'glow'. I highly suggest you all go buy it now! Ha! In regards to what else I have on my face..
J Kidd Light as Air foundation in shade 02
Topshop Bronzer
HD Brow palette.
Bourjois Volumising mascara
Topshop gel liner.

Much love