My Lush lust list!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bloggers seem to go crazy for LUSH products. Admittedly I do like them but I really dont purchase any that often. I think in the whole time I've been blogging I've maybe made  2 orders online and never shopped instore. Because we dont have a store where I live I just find it easier to pop into boots or superdrug to pick up something I need rather than placing an online order! (Even if I am missing out on the yummy smelling products!)  I was just browsing their site the other night and had an overwhelming urge to purchase some items, so here is my Lush lust list for the moment!


I have bought this before, and even reviewed it here (I cringe at the post as it was when i was first starting blogging!) As I stated in my review, I felt it was a great shampoo to use for product buildup as it did leave my hair feeling lighter and thoroughly clean!  This isn't a shampoo I would use regularly only every so often so I can justify the price. If I remember correctly it smelt lovely too so that's a bonus!

Another product I have owned.. and you're probably thinking 'How has she managed to get through an entire tub in that amount of time?' Well the answer is, I haven't.. I've lost the tub. Literally no where to be seen. I thought I would find it when I moved but it never surfaced so I have no clue where it is. I really liked this for my cuticles and as my nails are in dire need of some TLC at the moment, I've just this on my lust list and no doubt I'll be purchasing soon!

This isn't something I like to admit, but I suffer with dry skin on my feet terribly. I do try to keep on top of keeping my feet well moisturised and smooth using numerous lotions and potions and foot files but I'm never happy. I hate my feet in fact. Hence why I had never had a pedicure before until the end of last year. After reading reviews on the site of this foot mask I really want to try it. It's had some good reviews. So maybe its the answer to nice feet that I'm not embarrassed of!

Back in 09/10 when Tom and I travelled New Zealand we had a Lush store literally right on our doorstep when we were living in Auckland. Every day there would be a girl outside handing out 'The Lush Times' with a free sample attached. I picked up a sample of this shower gel and remembering totally loving it. I really want to purchase it because I know it will bring back memories of our trip. Tbh that's the only reason I want it, theres nothing else to say!

So that's it! My lush lust list... which will probably all get purchased between the months of February and March I'm guessing! You will notice that there aren't any bath bombs or bubble bars there (which could seem unusual as I think they are their best sellers) To be blunt, I don't like baths... I get bored! Honestly I'd rather have a long hot shower than lie there in a bath surrounded by bubbles! However on the odd occasion I have has baths I've used The Comforter and its AMAZING. So i recommend that!

Much love


  1. Im the same with baths, I get in and after 5 minutes I get bored and want to go in the shower! I use big once a week to cleasne my hair & I really like it too! X

  2. I love Lush but just feel a bit too self indulgent spending so much on their products. Luckily my boyf has picked up on this and have had Lush gift boxes incorporated in my presents for both Christmas and Valentines. I love the Honey I washed the Kids soap, the bubblegum lip scrub, rockstar soap and the massage bars are really lovely too.

  3. I love Lush products! I want to try the lemony flutter :)  Need to get some american cream conditioner too! x

  4. GUESS WHO HAS A LUSH IN HER TOWN!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. I've wanted to try BIG shampoo forever! I always forget about it when I'm in the shop though - I get distracted by the glitter! xx

  6. I love lush products!!! <3 

  7. with you on the bath thing! always seems like a good idea but then i'm bored after 5 minutes! 


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