Recent Purchases : Nine West Petrie Shoes

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Now this wasnt a planned purchase but a necessary one! I'm the kinda girl that will settle for picking up a pair of cheapo black flats from Primark/Newlook for a few quid...wear them till they fall apart and then repurchase the exact same pair. Its a vicious cycle. For a while I had been contemplating spending a bit more money on some good quality simple black flats so I have a pair that will last me a decent time and in the long run save me a bit of cash.

While browsing Debenhams at the weekend with my mum I strolled over to the shoe section... Those big red SALE signs really do work like magic dont they! Browsing the shelves trying to find the size 3 section I came across numerous pairs of Kurt Geiger shoes.. even the wedges I wanted (They were down to £19! But none in my size!) Then I found the size 3's. Quite literally a small group of shoes perching on the edge of the shelf! There were many ridiculously high brightly coloured designs and then at the back I spotted some flats.. upon inspection i found they were FUR LINED!! You know Like Uggs... but they were a flat pair of shoes! It literally turned to my mum and squealed 'OMG MUM THESE HAVE FUR IN THEM!' My mum (who is a cool Mum) responded with "OMG! They are amazing! You have to get them...ooh they are in your size.. ITS FATE!...Tom's never going to want you to come shopping with me again"


So the shoes in question are from Nine West. I had heard of the brand but never even thought about having a look online to see what sort of shoes they stocked. The only time I'd really ever seen one type of shoe they had was when I sold a pair on Ebay for Tom's mum! Anyways, as you can kinda see from the photos the lining is furry. Now obviously - just like uggs, they arent going to always be super soft and fluffy...once they've had a lot of wear they will reduce in quality a bit. However for the time being I am so happy I found them.. warm feet for winter! Yay.
The best part of this purchase was the discount. These shoes were originally £90, now I dont care if they were lined in pure gold. I would NEVER spend £90 on a pair of simple flat shoes, I just couldnt do it! But.. these were knocked down to £35. Now thats a more reasonable price for me! The good thing is, as they were a lot more pricier to begin with you know you are paying for a good quality shoe. So hopefully these will last me quite some time! The only worry I have is if they stretch a little and then slip off my feet when I walk then I wont be able to wear them!.... Lets just hope that doesnt happen! I've tried to find these online to link to you, Unfortunatley they arent on Debs website anymore but I did find them on the Kurt Geiger site... in limited sizes though! However You never know you may be able to find them instore if you look. They also come in brown!

So it seems you can still pick up some good New Year sale bargains into February! Did you pick up any shoes in the sales this Jan/feb? Let me know!

Much Love