Review : Mac Reflects Glitter : 'Reflects Blue'

Monday, 13 February 2012


I have always lusted over Mac's 'Reflex Pearl' from afar but I never seem to be able to find it, maybe its discountinued or a Pro product? (Let me know if you know I'm not that clued up on Mac tbh!) Tanya Burr uses it a lot in her 'Night out' Make up tutorials and I just think its looks so pretty! I am extremely jealous of anyone that owns it! When browsing what there was to offer in the Mac section of my local CCO (I say local but it isnt really, I go to the one in Swindon as thats the closest one to me!) I cam across Mac 'Reflects Blue' Not one ot shy away from from sparkle for a night out I decided to pick it up.


Now I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of pigments as they can get so messy and I hate fall out, its just a big pain the bum! And yes because this pigment is so finely milled it does fall out a bit, but I'll live with that because the effect it gives is just so pretty! I know some people can be a bit wary of the Mac Glitters because you may worry about going too overboard on the glitter (when I say people I mean me, but I'm sure there are others out there that thought/think the same!) Thankfully with Mac Relects Blue it isnt a chunky glitter at all it looks stunning on, it gives you more of a shimmery effect and then (heres where the name comes from) in certain lights you catch a glimpse of bluey/purple shimmer which looks gorgeous over the top of a smokey eye! It's quite similar to Illamasqua's Static pigment so if you cant get hold of this I suggest picking that up instead.You only need the tiniest amount to make a big impact so its a dead cert that this will last me absolutely ages! I'm still lusting after Reflects Pearl even though I've found this gem!

Do you have any of the Mac Glitters? Maybe you own Reflects Blue, if you say you own Reflects Pearl I will be very jealous of you!

Much Love


  1. Reminds me of Illamasqua glitters. I saw one of the bloggers with beautiful make up using these and I adored the look! Can't wait to see your FOTD! X

  2. This looks lovely! I love a bit of glitter for a night out x

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  4. Please update my button on your sidebar as my Photobucket has ran out of bandwidth. The new one is on my sidebar.. its still the same design :)

    Thank you xx 

  5. Oh wow, that glitter is STUNNING :o Never thought about trying it before but it might get added to my 'list'!

    Devon xx


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