Sorry for the lack of beauty related posts at the moment girls, Im trying to get everything settled after moving and then I can get back on track with regular blogging. These kinda posts are great gap fillers, I dont  like the idea of having a massive gap of not posting anything on here for a while. 
 I asked on twitter if anyone would like to see the items I am watching at the moment and a few of you said yes, so below are literally just a few of the bags I am watching at the moment. I am always on ebay, I love using it when I have a specific item in mind and want to get it at a bargain price, its also great to find items that you cant get on the highstreet or are not available in the UK. My watchlist is always a good few pages long, browsing through it last night I realised I had a fair few bags saved on there! Enjoy! ebay-handbags-blog-post-blogger

Black Zip Shopper
I've seen a lot of bags like these in Zara and on the Romwe website but all are a bit on the pricey side! This one is under £20 which is an ABSOLUTE bargain! It's got zip detailing on the sides which I think is really cute too, come in a range of colours not just black, They all look lovely.

Tan padlock bag.
Originally I was looking at birkin inspired bags, but then came across this one. I like the shape and slouch look of it. Im also quite picky when it comes to the colour tan.. and this is the perfect tan shade for me. You know when it can sometimes be too orangey or too dark? Well this one isnt either, its perfect. It's not as cheap as the shopper but at under £40 its still not a bad price in my opinion.

Slouch 'Pippa-esque' Leather bag.
When I first saw this bag it reminded me of my Modalu Pippa handbag. When I saw it came in other colours (love the light grey one) I new I had to bookmark/watch it. Now it is on the pricey side as it is real leather. But still much cheaper than the pippa. Obviously its not as sturdy as the Modalu one and doesnt have the multiple pockets, however it still looks like you could fit a lot of stuff into it, so if youre anything like me and like to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with you it could be a little investment!


Marc Jacobs-esque purse/clutch
When i saw this I knew exactly which purse it reminded me of, the Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet The one I have wanted ever since watching Laura (Lollipop26)'s first Whats in my bag video - Which has now been deleted :-( The price isnt too bad, it depends on how much you usually spend on a purse or wallet really. However I dislike how it is described as an across the body bag...its really too small to be that!

Leopard Slouchy Clutch
I am partial to a bit of leopardprint. I dont go on nights out often but when I do, I prefer to take a bigger clutch bag, I cant be dealing with those tiny ones some girls cart around! I love this clutch, its also apparently big enough for a 11"/13" macbook or your ipad.. As I have neither of those I will have to settle with filling it with receipts, loose change and makeup.


Coral Oversized Envelope Clutch
I love this clutch, its not too oversized, I've seen some really huge ones while browsing! I think this would be great for the spring and summer where you dont want to carry much around with you. I've always wanted to pull off using a clutch during the day and picking up on of these beauts may spur me on, just under £12 too! Bargain.

Pastel Satchel
Pastels are everywhere at the moment, so I couldnt resist 'watching' these cute satchels I love the pale pink and mint shades (waiting for it to come back in stock), I think they are gorgeous! Perfect for summer.

Studded Clutch
Now admitedly like the pippaesque bag this one is a bit on the pricey side and not totally 'bargainous' but I still love it. Like I previously said, I would love to use oversized clutches in the daytime and this lilac number would be great (and again on trend)

So there you go, some bags I'm currently eyeing up and debating about making a cheeky purchase! Yes theres a lot and yes I really do have all these listings saved on my account.. I'm sorry but I just like handbags! :-)
Have you had any good ebay finds recently, or maybe got a fab bargain?

Much love

Woo its Friday, the best day of the week! I also got paid today and you know me... as soon as I get paid, I start window shopping online, jotting down items that I may want to purchase throughout the month! Seems I have an eye for Nude/Neutral items at the moment! I think its because they are so versitile and go with pretty much everything!


Are you like me and as soon as you get paid you purposely look for new items to buy? I think we are all guilty of it! I am going to try to resist though until I go to Cardiff next week as I may go on a bit of a spree with Charli! We shall see. I dont think I will be purchasing any makeup though.. I do really need to start finishing some products. I keep setting myself 'hit pan' challenges and just..well I keep failing them! Time to get serious and do something about it! No more makeup items can be purchased! Remember that Charli when we go shopping! DO NOT ENABLE ME! Also I apologies in advance if my posting is a bit sporodic in the next couple of weeks, as I mentioned in last weeks ins and outs, Tom and I are moving out and its all a bit hectic trying to organise everything. But hopefully I'll be back on schedule with my 3/4 posts a week soon! :-)

Much Love


If you remember reading my Lush Lust list, then you will notice that this was one of the products on the list. I happened to be strolling past a Lush store when I was up in Scotland, I decided to pop in and treat myself to one of the items from my lush list! Like I said the post before this will be my second tub as I lost the other one which was still basically completely full. (So annoying when this happens!)

Lemony Flutter is a fab little product that only costs £5.50 for 50g of product which I think is pretty good! As you may have guessed by the name is smells very strongly of lemon, which I love! However it could be a bit overpowering for some people so I really do suggest going in store and having a whiff before deciding to purchase! You dont want to buy it online, get it and then realise you cant stand the strong scent!

If you're like me and suffer with dry cuticles, dry elbows and heels then this little pot of Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter is a godsend! I use this on my cuticles pretty much everyday when sat at my desk at work, my elbows every other day and my heels most nights. At first it feels pretty greasy, which is something I had to get used to if I am honest. I didnt really like it, and it did put me off a bit, but I carried on using it to give it a chance. Fortunately after a few minutes, it sinks into your skin and the greasiness dissapears and you're left with lovely hydrated cuticles/skin! I really have seen an improvement with my dry areas since using this little wonder pot! Like I said its a great little product at an affordable price! If you want to improve your cuticles so you can post more 'Nails of the day' posts, I highly recommend making a cheeky purchase!

Much Love


After hearing so much hype about the Real Techniques brushes I finally caved and bought the core collection to try out. You can buy the brushes individually or in sets. There are 3 different sets to choose from ; Starter Set (Perfect for your eye makeup) Travel Essentials (self explanatory) and the Core collection (the one I have). The brushes are colour coded, so Purple handles are for eyes, Orange for base and pink for finishing. I love this idea, its great for someone just gettting into makeup and isnt sure what brush to use with what product. So handy! 

Buffing Brush : So many people have been raving about this brush saying how great it is for applying your foundation. I'll be honest, Im not going to rave about it as much. It is a great brush for your foundation..if you can make it work. I tried using it with a few different foundations I have on the go at the moment (Bourjois Healthy mix / Jemma Kid Light as Air / Ilamasqua skin base / Estee Lauder DW - Excessive? I think so) The only one I found it worked for me was the EL DW! With the others I just didnt get the finish I desired/everyone else seems to get which was a shame! I think I will stick with my Sigma F80 for applying liquid foundation & then use the buffing brush for my powder on top for the majority of the time!

Detailer Brush : If Im honest, I havent really used this brush much. I never really use a lip brush to apply lipstick and this is what the detailer brush would be good for. I would imagine you could maybe use it for concealer too but it is still rather small. So this is a great little brush for you if you always apply you lippy this way, but in my case unfortunately it's getting neglected until I can find an alternative use for it. Suggestions welcome!

Pointed Foundation Brush : Again I havent used this brush that much! There have been the odd occassion where I have used it to apply liquid foundation, and when I have its done its job! I've also used it to blend in concealer from time to time when I'm going for a heavier coverage. Other than that I just reach for my sigma brush to apply foundation! 

Contour Brush : Now this brush i have been using. It's great for contouring (well there's a surprise!) I've been using it with my bourjois chocolate bronzer (review here) I am hoping to pick up the Soleil Tan De Chanel sometime soon and I'm thinking it may be a good brush to use with that. Have any of you tried it with the Chanel? Any good?

All the brushes are really soft and dont shed which is a bonus, theres nothing worse than purchasing brushes that lose their softeness after a few washes! The case that they come in is very handy for travelling. I do like how you can alter it so it can be used as a stand!  Overall I am pleased that I caved in and bought the Real Techniques Core Collection. Yes I only really use 2 out of the 4 provided in the set. But I knew there was a possibility that would happen when I bought it, so Im not too fussed. I would say this is a great set to own, especially if you are just building up your brush collection as its got 4 staple brushes that most people use (apart from me! ha)

Do you own any of the Real Techniques brushes? I do want to try the stippling and blush brush, however if I am being realistic... I dont actually need them! ha

Much Love


Two cheeky purchases I made in Topshop when I headed to London for #ldnlunch on Saturday! I had seen these two colours circulating the blogsphere and I felt I needed to have them in my life! Bloggers are such enablers!

Adrenaline (unfortunately sold out online atm)  is a beautiful sparkley polish with large and small flecks of  holographic glitter in it. I am a bit gutted they arent as opaque as Models Own glitter polishes (Hello Pink Fizz) . Looking at the bottle you would think it would come out quite pink but it doesnt which a little dissapointing nevertheless it is still a very pretty polish that provides that right amount of sparkle! Expect it used in a NOTD soon!

Hidden Treasure nail polish has been talked about a lot recently as its a VERY good dupe for the famous Chanel Peridot polish but at a fraction of the price! I dont often wear green on my nails, unless its a pastel shade so I completely admit this was a hyped up related purchase. You know when everyones talking about something and you feel you need it.. Yep thats me right there. No control! Hopefully I can pull this daring look off!

These Topshop polishes retail for £6.00 which is a little bit more than I would like to pay for something I can pick up on the highstreet - Usually my limit is £5.00! (cheapskate) But I feel they are worth it because of the beautiful shades, longtivity & fast drying time! (Always a winner in my books, I hate waiting for nails to dry! I always paint them and then find I need to do something Eat/go to the loo/phone someone. Nightmare!)

Do you have these polishes or reccomend any of the other shades from their range? (Link me to NOTD's if you've done them so I can see them!)

Much love
I am all about my hair at the moment. I want to keep it in tip top condtion between now and my wedding.. Yes it isnt until next year but theres no time like the present to try and rectify things! I was kindly sent the GHD Style & Protect gift set to try out. My usual go to style on a day to day basis is to just wear my hair down and straight, its easy and quick for the mornings meaning I get to have a little bit of a lie in! The set I was sent has everything I need to..well.. style and protect my hair! So I swapped around my current products for a bit and gave them a test run.


The large Paddle Brush is a must for anyone with long hair. It's gentle on your hair, and is a great brush for detangling, it doesn't really pull your hair that much (I have misplaced my tangle teezer and this was a good alternative). These type of brushes are well known to be the best brush for a sleek and straight blow dry! It definitely ensured I didn't have to run my hair straighteners through my hair after drying.  The sectioning clips provided are a welcome addition, I always use them when doing my hair as it makes styling so much easier.. I also regularly lose my clips so I was happy to see these in the kit to replace the ones I had lost!

 Whenever I use heat on my hair I always make sure I use a heat protectant. The straight and smooth spray not only helps with keeping my hair nice and frizz free after styling, it contains the GHD Heat protect system, so effectively you are getting two products in one! The scent is lovely and lasts all day in my hair, the only niggle I do have is the way it distributes out of the spray nozzle. Unfortunately it seems to squirt the product out rather than spray evenly, meaning some sections of my hair get a bit more damp than others. It doesn't effect the performance, its just slightly annoying for me personally. Out of the two products available in the Style and Protect gift set, I do prefer the Final Shine Spray. It sprays evenly and smells lovely! I always like to use a shine spray to finish off a look, and this one doesn't disappoint. It leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy, I nice quick fix while I'm in the process of getting my barnet in better condition! Even after using the two different sprays on my hair, it doesn't feel weighed down at all which is always a bonus! I would say this set is a perfect gift for someone who always wears their hair down and straight, it's got all the tools and sprays you need to create a polished look. If you suffer with frizzy hair it would also be a good investment as the straight and smooth spray will really help combat any unwanted frizz.

You can buy the GHD Style and Protect gift set from the GHD website for £39.00 or if you wanted to purchase the items individually you can do so by clicking the links in the paragraphs above.

Much love