Cheeky Purchases : Topshop Nail Polish 'Adrenaline' & 'Hidden Treasure'

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Two cheeky purchases I made in Topshop when I headed to London for #ldnlunch on Saturday! I had seen these two colours circulating the blogsphere and I felt I needed to have them in my life! Bloggers are such enablers!

Adrenaline (unfortunately sold out online atm)  is a beautiful sparkley polish with large and small flecks of  holographic glitter in it. I am a bit gutted they arent as opaque as Models Own glitter polishes (Hello Pink Fizz) . Looking at the bottle you would think it would come out quite pink but it doesnt which a little dissapointing nevertheless it is still a very pretty polish that provides that right amount of sparkle! Expect it used in a NOTD soon!

Hidden Treasure nail polish has been talked about a lot recently as its a VERY good dupe for the famous Chanel Peridot polish but at a fraction of the price! I dont often wear green on my nails, unless its a pastel shade so I completely admit this was a hyped up related purchase. You know when everyones talking about something and you feel you need it.. Yep thats me right there. No control! Hopefully I can pull this daring look off!

These Topshop polishes retail for £6.00 which is a little bit more than I would like to pay for something I can pick up on the highstreet - Usually my limit is £5.00! (cheapskate) But I feel they are worth it because of the beautiful shades, longtivity & fast drying time! (Always a winner in my books, I hate waiting for nails to dry! I always paint them and then find I need to do something Eat/go to the loo/phone someone. Nightmare!)

Do you have these polishes or reccomend any of the other shades from their range? (Link me to NOTD's if you've done them so I can see them!)

Much love