Possible Payday treats : Nice & Neutral!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Woo its Friday, the best day of the week! I also got paid today and you know me... as soon as I get paid, I start window shopping online, jotting down items that I may want to purchase throughout the month! Seems I have an eye for Nude/Neutral items at the moment! I think its because they are so versitile and go with pretty much everything!


Are you like me and as soon as you get paid you purposely look for new items to buy? I think we are all guilty of it! I am going to try to resist though until I go to Cardiff next week as I may go on a bit of a spree with Charli! We shall see. I dont think I will be purchasing any makeup though.. I do really need to start finishing some products. I keep setting myself 'hit pan' challenges and just..well I keep failing them! Time to get serious and do something about it! No more makeup items can be purchased! Remember that Charli when we go shopping! DO NOT ENABLE ME! Also I apologies in advance if my posting is a bit sporodic in the next couple of weeks, as I mentioned in last weeks ins and outs, Tom and I are moving out and its all a bit hectic trying to organise everything. But hopefully I'll be back on schedule with my 3/4 posts a week soon! :-)

Much Love