Review: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman : Core Collection

Thursday, 15 March 2012


After hearing so much hype about the Real Techniques brushes I finally caved and bought the core collection to try out. You can buy the brushes individually or in sets. There are 3 different sets to choose from ; Starter Set (Perfect for your eye makeup) Travel Essentials (self explanatory) and the Core collection (the one I have). The brushes are colour coded, so Purple handles are for eyes, Orange for base and pink for finishing. I love this idea, its great for someone just gettting into makeup and isnt sure what brush to use with what product. So handy! 

Buffing Brush : So many people have been raving about this brush saying how great it is for applying your foundation. I'll be honest, Im not going to rave about it as much. It is a great brush for your foundation..if you can make it work. I tried using it with a few different foundations I have on the go at the moment (Bourjois Healthy mix / Jemma Kid Light as Air / Ilamasqua skin base / Estee Lauder DW - Excessive? I think so) The only one I found it worked for me was the EL DW! With the others I just didnt get the finish I desired/everyone else seems to get which was a shame! I think I will stick with my Sigma F80 for applying liquid foundation & then use the buffing brush for my powder on top for the majority of the time!

Detailer Brush : If Im honest, I havent really used this brush much. I never really use a lip brush to apply lipstick and this is what the detailer brush would be good for. I would imagine you could maybe use it for concealer too but it is still rather small. So this is a great little brush for you if you always apply you lippy this way, but in my case unfortunately it's getting neglected until I can find an alternative use for it. Suggestions welcome!

Pointed Foundation Brush : Again I havent used this brush that much! There have been the odd occassion where I have used it to apply liquid foundation, and when I have its done its job! I've also used it to blend in concealer from time to time when I'm going for a heavier coverage. Other than that I just reach for my sigma brush to apply foundation! 

Contour Brush : Now this brush i have been using. It's great for contouring (well there's a surprise!) I've been using it with my bourjois chocolate bronzer (review here) I am hoping to pick up the Soleil Tan De Chanel sometime soon and I'm thinking it may be a good brush to use with that. Have any of you tried it with the Chanel? Any good?

All the brushes are really soft and dont shed which is a bonus, theres nothing worse than purchasing brushes that lose their softeness after a few washes! The case that they come in is very handy for travelling. I do like how you can alter it so it can be used as a stand!  Overall I am pleased that I caved in and bought the Real Techniques Core Collection. Yes I only really use 2 out of the 4 provided in the set. But I knew there was a possibility that would happen when I bought it, so Im not too fussed. I would say this is a great set to own, especially if you are just building up your brush collection as its got 4 staple brushes that most people use (apart from me! ha)

Do you own any of the Real Techniques brushes? I do want to try the stippling and blush brush, however if I am being realistic... I dont actually need them! ha

Much Love